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Video Games How do ya like it? PT 1 | Call of Duty WWII

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slimefrog123, Nov 30, 2017.


Do enjoy Call of Duty WWII?

  1. Yes! It finally brings back the memories from old Call of Duty games.

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  2. No! I love the futuristic games and they should of kept going!

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  3. I don't play Call of Duty...

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  1. slimefrog123

    slimefrog123 Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2015
    I'm gonna try to create a series where a new video game comes out and I'll do a thing if you guys like it or not anyway on to the video games. I won't be posting mobile games and stuff but mostly big populated franchises (BF, COD, etc) I also won't be so active on this.. BUT I"LL TRY MY BEST.
    With the release of Call of Duty WWII it's been taking the Call of Duty franchise by storm. People are buying it left and right here and there. It's there 3rd WWII based video game in the franchise as well (Call of Duty WAW, and Call of Duty 2) The game overall is amazing. The multiplayer is smooth with original gamemodes of course like TDM, etc etc. A new mode brought in called War, which is extremely fun, where you either protect your base, protect your tanks, and more! The game also brings back it's old warfare style type of game. Not many COD players enjoyed the video games that were more futuristic ones such as Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and the most hated one of all.. Infinite Warfare. COD WWII got players hyped! Overall the game is awesome, and it runs real smooth.
    With adding a new mode, they've also added a place call the "Headquarters" The Headquarters is a huge place to explore to find different soccer balls to play with your friends. You can go to a shooting range to shoot guns and practice them. You can emote with other players with funny taunts and have a good time. The way to get Supply Drops now is much easier then in the recent games. In COD WWII you get orders from the "Quartermaster" and another guy named "Major Howard" You can easily Supply Drops with these easy contracts/orders. This was a great addition to the game, and I would like to see this implemented in the next Call of Duty games to come.
    Zombies, a famous side mode to Call of Duty has been great over the years. This one is stellar! It is related to WAW (World at War) Zombies having the title "Nazi Zombies" I've tried the Easter Egg with my friends over and over. The steps are pretty simple but the way to beat them is the hard part. The map they've created for the Zombies is also very creative as well. Having a bunker to go into and constructing a "Tesla Gun" is pretty awesome if you ask me. Finding Zombies on the way and trying to beat the big boss at the end the "Panzermorder" a big monster zombie made up of human bodies (yes pretty gross). You'll also have to fight a blimp.. but you can buy the game yourself to find out what to do :smile:
    The game itself is amazing. It finally brought back the spirits of old Call of Duty games and made the sadness go away from the players that haven't been liking the recent games in the past years. I think this game is amazing, and maybe sometimes they needs to fix some things with guns and glitches in multiplayer but overall it's a good game. I will be doing rating for these video games.
    Rating - 9/10
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