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Economy, Gun damages, Overall problems with Wild West.

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by CrizonX, Dec 26, 2017.


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  1. CrizonX

    CrizonX Member

    Jul 6, 2016
    I think there are countless people that agree with me on the subjects that I will be listing below. I don't usually post on forums but I feel like this needs some attention. The first problem is the drug update. I wish there was a community vote on deciding how WG would be updated because 5 more gold per piece is nice but 5 more gold for 5 seconds of proc time is just absurd and completely not worth it. VIP and MVP use to mean something because it would make proccing WG 2 seconds to 2.7 for 25 per piece but now VIP's and MVP's have to wait 3.2-4.1 seconds to proc 1 WG which is only 5 gold more. 3.9 seconds was also not that bad for whitenames so making it 5 seconds hurts VIP's, MVP's, and whitenames. Also, the drug update was suppose to balance the economy which really doesn't because now whitenames are forced to proc at the lower end drug bases because either a full blown team takes over WG and Poppy or because it takes over an hour to proc enough drugs to be considered profit. This update completely favors big teams and ELITES. Also, most of the time people die before they sell the drugs either due to sheriffs or just a full blown team so making it so long of time means that people can't leave as soon as they can to sell.
    Next problem are the gun damages. Sawed off, being able to 1 shot a person if they are below 7 hearts I believe, is just way too op. Maybe make the Sawed off 4 hearts of damage but shoots faster than Model? Also, I don't think that the Sheriff Pistol was nerfed yet but that pistol can demolish any player if the person can land all headshots and the pistol is pretty much a machine gun. If the sheriff pistol could have nerfed speed and damage that would be great.
    This probably won't be done but is there a way that potions could be reduced in price. Think about it, whitenames usually get attacked and killed when they are proccing. Most of the time, new kids can afford diamond and guns, but don't have enough to buy enough pots. If pot prices were reduced, this could help the whitenames defend themselves because you can have all the guns and armor in the world but without pots you won't last long.
    Finally, this server lag is killing everyone. I have lost a stack of pots because when a server lag spike hits while your holding that item it has a small chance of dissapearing. I have lost guns during fights during these lag spikes and being able to pot during the lag spikes is almost impossible. Also, this has been a problem for a long time but is there a way to make it that Med pots don't have that glitch where they don't work if you drink too much in too little time because that screws me over so much.
    In conclusion, there was a rumor going around that staff are thinking of increasing proc times because drugs are increased? Honestly don't pull that off because one, most kids die because it takes so much time to proc so they are bound to get attacked by a big team or sheriffs. Two, if we could have a vote to make things the way they were again because these increases in value is not worth 5 second increases in time. Like I said, this update favors ELITE ranks highly. Decrease gun damages. Fix the server lag that has been getting everyone killed and fix the glitch with Med pots not working all the time. In addition, please have votes before you do these big updates because these recent updates have been hurting all the player base except for ELITE's.
  2. Droiid

    Droiid Shutdown

    Jun 21, 2016
    If I'm not mistaken, the staff is already planning on doing this. (Idk how long it will take with chickn's resignation, seeing as he is the ww mod who cared the most), but I do know that the staff team will work on something like this soon.\

    I also agree that the staff should be more open to the community about updates. Considering we have a forum page for ideas, and nothing like drug proc time was mentioned, I think it was surprising to see the staff add something like this out of the blue. (side note, this is definitely harder to implement then a day light cycle, sooooo?)

    Yes, I do believe the economy is a little bit broken. So now is as good a time as any for a RESET, please. If you are gonna do any updates, the community should at least get an idea, or maybe even vote on them; these updates should also be easier to add in ww post update.

    I'm sure I am just stating plans staff has had for a while, considering I haven't stated anything new. That aside, brawl's staff team should be more open to plans for updates. Otherwise the hype is lost because people don't know what to look forward to.
  3. Fadaad8

    Fadaad8 Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    Most of this has been mentioned in other threads many times before, I doubt this would make the change, even though I want changes. I can't really say anything about the proc stuff since I'm sheriff and of course I don't really do the drug stuff. For the gun stats, I'll start with this, bandits get saw offs sheriffs get pistol, now if saw offs would get rebuffed, then our sheriff pistols should too, its kind of like 1 op for another op weapon. I personally don't use the pistol too often, but for saw off, I do agree it should have a nerf, a little less lower damage but the same fire rare. For the pots, I like the prices the way they are, new players don't even use pots knowing what it does, it slightly sounds like you make that reason to cover the rich players wanting cheap pots (no offense). For the lag spikes, YES PLEASE fix it brawl XD I think the lag is going to all the game modes of brawl. For the vote thing, I couldn't agree with you more, but the staff hides some stuff that we don't know about, making our votes not count since we don't know everything. I like the ideas though, keep up the nice ideas!
  4. Hitchens

    Hitchens Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    Poppy was made the new "best drug" to shake up the game a little, and this have been well recieved by everyone I have heard comment on that.

    This is definetly interesting, considering that it blances ranks in terms of gold/s. The only way of which I know to do this while keeping the needed coding work minimal was the way we did. But some parts of what you wrote are just wrong. The update hurts ELITE's way more than VIP's MVP's or even whitenames. At least in terms of g/s. Besides I don't think it is particularly usefull to compare the old "best drug" to the new best.

    We have considered something similar and are still thinking of this.

    The sheriff pistol was nerfed by mario a couple months ago. Bandits have their mauser.

    We have been thinking of the opposite approach, making pots less usefull, and more of a rushing thing. For example if their effects was active for just 10s or so.

    The lagg is a known issue and we are trying to find the source of it. Mario made a fix to the potting glitches in the summer, but it looks like it did not fix everything.

    To me it just seems like you do not know what you are talking about. The best drug is no longer wg hello? So dont compare the past and current wg m8. And also please do your maths dud :V Here is a simple representation of how stuff was changed:

    Wg (before) Normal level 1 = 6.41$/s, Elite level 10 = 25$/s
    Poppy (after) Normal level 1 = 8.474$/s, Elite level 10 = 25$/s

    Poppy (before) Normal level 1 = 4.8275$/s, Elite Level 10 = 28$/s
    Wg (after) Normal level 1 = 6.12$/s, Elite level 10 = 20$/s

    Looking at these numbers, I can hardly see how the basic premise of your message (update hurt all but elites) stands any scrutiny.

    Tho I must say some of your criticism is justfied to say the least. We should indeed be more open, and I'll try my best to. I usually do consult with some players to get a grasp of the general opinion before I suggest something, but yeah.

    Thanks for making the thread m8. We really need commited people lika ya :smile:
  5. Itz_High_Noon

    Itz_High_Noon Active Member

    Mar 22, 2016
    I agree with some of those things that u said but my opinion is that Wild West is not friendly to starters. There's too many "good people", or killers, that discourage starters from playing because starters are killed too many times. There's a good video made by Extra Credits that explains this more thoroughly:

    Although these are for MMO's, I find the ideas similar to how Wild West should be like
    #5 Itz_High_Noon, Dec 29, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
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