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Exaggeration's Guide to Get Rich on Raid

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Exaggeration, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Exaggeration

    Exaggeration Raid | Team Envy

    Feb 10, 2018
    Hey everyone!

    My name is Exaggeration. I am writing this guide today because I really think that the gap in wealth on brawl is too large, essentially there are the rich players, and there are the poor players, and there is very little space in-between. Essentially the middle class is hardly a thing on brawl, and anyway i can help better the economy and people understanding of Brawl i would see as a great thing. Anyway, heres my guide! I would appreciated if you read through all of it, and gave me constructive criticism in the comments! Here we go!

    There are tons of ways to get rich on brawl. Looking at the top teams, there are so many people who have different skill sets in different areas and all still manage to be just as rich as one another, and no strategy on brawl is a surefire way to get wealthier and more known than another. Getting rich on brawl comes with the joy of knowing you were able to make it in a competitive environment. So, lets break it down.

    First steps first, I'm going to talk about the warps you should have to maximize efficiency. Im going to break it down based off ranks, because some warps are less important than others, but still good to have if you have the luxury of a rank. You also can use team warps for these, but sharing these with your team increases the risk of being tracked and could be an issue. I mostly would save the team warps for temporary warps/raids.

    Crucial Warps:
    Bank/ General storage area: This needs to be well hidden, but if you only have one bank for all your general storage then its going to have to be large, So just be very careful when building this and warping in, big bases are not only easy to track (you stay there longer than most bases, looking for items) but also easier to find when they are tracked. It is extremely vital that you sort your things, making it easy to find. After its built, the less unnecessary time you spend here, the better.
    Vault: A common misconception with making vaults is that farther out = better. This is completely untrue, and while it will decrease your chances of getting xrayed, how far out it is is for the most part irrelevant (Unless you're in the nether, then its probably a pretty good idea to make any important warps extremely far and our of the tunneling Y coordinates). A good vault is well hidden, small, and you never spend more than a couple seconds there. Its safest to use as little space as possible for a vault. A 1x1 or 2x2 area to stand in and a chest or 2 is a good starting vault design. Dispensers also are less noticeable for X-rayers.
    XP Farm: An XP farm is in my opinion crucial. This allows you to get mob resources, which can be sold or traded to villagers, and most importantly, XP to create armor. Because no matter how you play, its always good to have a couple sets of P4 laying around.
    AFK: An AFK or less important warp is also extremely important, more important than the XP farm. Having an AFK gives you several advantages, most notably a place to brew potions/cook in furnaces, and having a place to throw off trackers. No matter how you put it, if you plan on leaving spawn, having a less important warp that you wouldn't mind losing much is 100% crucial for success on raid. Or else trackers can clear you out and not worry about hitting less important warps.
    The last warp: This one is completely a wildcard. You can make this a free warp for personal use, make a tracker, a farm, a second bank to split up valuables and less expensive resources, or anything else.

    Have a rank? Here are some things i would consider investing in with your extra warps:
    More trackers
    Resource/Mob dump
    PvP bank
    Farm (Sugar cane, melon, etc)
    Second vault
    Villager farm
    Travel warps (to after use when tracking someone, or when you just need to walk for a new base)

    Now that I've gone over warps, I'm gonna go over the methods of how to become rich.

    There are lots of surefire way to become known and rich on raid, but I'm going to break it down into three which i believe to be the greatest. PvP, tracking, and grinding/farming.

    How to get rich off PvPing:

    Getting rich off PvPing is as easy as it sounds (except for me, i suck at PvP). The first step to fighting is acquiring a p4 set, and making a good load out. You could fight in iron all the time, but iron is pretty much worthless and having tons of iron doesn't make you rich, p4 is the standard for PvP currency on raid for richer players. So unless you want to kill p4 players in iron, id suggest grinding it out, using XP farms and mining. Ive seen a lot of people who don't know what a p4 load out should look like, so let me go over the required items, and optional items.

    Required Items:
    • Full protection 4 unbreaking 3 set, with depth strider added onto the boots.
    • Sharpness 4 or 5 sword (S5 is obviously better, but a good player can win with an s4) with Fire aspect 2.
    • 3 sets of both Speed 2 and Strength 2 pots, With a fire aspect potion.
    • Ample amount of food, Pork and Steak work best because they take less time to fill up your hunger bar and when in a fight, those few seconds could mean more hits for the enemy.
    • Refill materials. Have a stack of bowls, and a stack of something that makes soup, like melons, cactus, coco beans, etc.
    • Ender pearls. I was considering putting these in optional, but they really aren't. Without ender pearls, running away against a player WITH ender pearls is virtually impossible, and vice versa, chasing a player who has enderpearls is impossible as a player without them.

    And for the required items, thats it. Those items are needed, and with those items you are still able to beat a player with any of the optional items, which you can use to mix and match and customize your own load out.

    Optional items:

    • Cobwebs (useful in running away and to trap players)
    • Sponges (boing)
    • Golden apples (Don't worry about these unless ur stacked. You pretty much can't die with a gapple on, but your armor sure can.)
    • Debuffs (Poison, slowness and weakness. Multi-purpose, work in chasing, running away, and just giving you an advantage in the fight. Don't hit yourself or your teammates tho (sorry Sleeq))
    • A pickaxe (If you manage to run far enough, you can tunnel outta there and warp out quickly. Cant catch the pickaxe player)
    • Punch 2 bow (useful for getting players off you. Or, if you're FrostByte, punch someone endlessly into a corner. This one does have its downsides, because even with an infinity bow this will take up 2 slots in your inventory, which could be used for other things)
    • Obsidian (This ones cheeky. Most useful when running into nether or similar tunnels, and walling people off with it. Advanced strat)
    • Fishing rod (Don't use this only @Jum can pull it off)

    So yeah, its pretty straightforward. If you're good at PvP, grind out some p4, make yourself a load out, and just start fighting people. Watch the p4 stack up. Just worry about being tracked, tho


    Now we will get into our second way to get rich, tracking! This is my personal favorite to talk about because its how i made myself known on the server. Once you know how to track, its a blast! But the preparation and work needed to start tracking is really hard. So ill try to break it down for you. Im not going to go into HOW to track too much, because this guide wasn't how to track and its long enough already, so ill just go over strategies.

    The first step to being a rich tracker is building them. Start small, don't worry about getting to crazy yet. Have realistic goals, and work towards them. Start with covering 3-4 thousand blocks around the middle of the map (5k-7k). Build a nice 4 corner tracker that goes 3k-4k in all directions and start cranking. But heres a couple things to note:

    You won't get rich with vanilla "move the diamond block" trackers. If you have a tracker that goes about 4k or so in 4 directions but only has 4 arms, all you're going to track are AFK's, if even that. You won't make anything off AFK's and the tracker will be useless for the most part. Also, you'll be spending too much time there sweating profusely trying to move the diamond block and you'll surely get tracked eventually. So work towards a tracker with a 500 narrow. If you don't know what that is, look it up, but basically you make a tracker with several arms, and each arm is shorter than the next by 500 blocks. This allows you to track someones general location extremely fast, which you can then go there and make a temp tracker.(Don't know what this either, then look that up too). Making a 3k-4k tracker with a 500 narrow is a lot of work mining obby and getting the several gold and diamond blocks to do it, but is exteremly rewarding if you know what you're doing.

    2nd point, you don't need 4 sided trackers! If you plan on grinding out trackers and making a ton, 4 sided trackers arent the best idea. 2 sided trackers that track two directions are extremely efficient because its easy to see the area you're covering and its very easy to start building more trackers off of those and eliminating more and more dead zones. This also will allow you to warp more and make you harder to track.

    And thats it for tracking. Grind it out, make trackers in good places (remember to offset, never build trackers at 6k 6k or something like that because they WILL be found very fast.) and don't track warps people are at for long periods of time, unless you're Exaggeration, the AFK raiding menace.


    Holy crap this is a long post. If you made it this far, i love u and thanks for reading! Now to grinding! Grinding for some people is a chore, and is boring, but i find it pretty fun and i know for a fact others do. A grinder doesn't need as much preparation as a PvPer or tracker, they just need to start grinding. When i say grinding, I'm talking about getting resources in bulk and selling them on the market, or keeping them for yourself to increase your wealth. Grinders are builders, and they have specific warps for their grinding purposes. Here are the best things, in my opinion, to grind and sell.

    • Sugar Cane: Sugar cane has one of the most uses out of any of the farmable items in minecraft, if any. most notably, paper for books, and sugar for speed potions, two of the important things that most players need. Farming and selling sugar cane in bulk with not only allow you to have these two important things for your own needs, but they will always be in demand, and players will always need more sugar cane.
    • Melons: Melon farming seems to be kind of mainstream now, which has lead to the value of melons to go down so much since the supply is so massive. But melons will always still be bought, and have lots of uses too. A cheap and essentially infinite food source, good for refilling in p4 sets, also melon track- oh wait rip
    • Potions: Potions are an amazing thing to farm and sell because not only are they necessary for every player on raid, they are a pretty expensive sale. I have tried on multiple occasions to make an auto brewer and something always screws up BUT if you can make yours work than have at it. Downside is I'm pretty sure @CalledRainer has the market cornered there but I'm sure you'll make some money on it.
    • Mining/Valuable ores: Mining will always be something thats easy to farm because of how little it takes. Just get a pick, and start digging around. Knowing how to mine will make you immensely rich in all needed resources, and its definitely something to learn. I mean, how else could have @MoistMayonnaise gotten so rich? Its not like he's good at PvP or anything (xd)

    Final points, some random helpful tips that every player should know:

    Don't stay at important warps longer than you have to (Fairly obvious)

    Try not to have warping patterns. Warp in and out of AFK's and unimportant warps often, try to throw off anyone who could be tracking you. Even if no good trackers are on (I'm the only good tracker) its still a good habit to get into.

    Cover up all base entrances. When digging down to make a base, make sure you fill it up just how it was, with the stone and andesite/diorite all in the right places. never start mining from your base, walk from an AFK / throwaway warp to a faraway distance and start mining from there.

    Be careful who you trust. This is raid after all. Its isn't personal, understandably, but try to keep your circle small, and don't just give warps around willy nilly. Ive made that mistake one too many time. I used to have lots of people i trust, Now its just one :grinning:.

    And thats it! Thanks so much if you read to the end, and feel free to ask questions / have discussions about the post in the comments. Or just tell me it sucked and i suck, that works too. Cheers!

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  2. Colonel_Graff

    Colonel_Graff http://www.brawl.com/games/ctf/lookup/188857/

    Jun 16, 2015
    Those are good points...

    I'd add some of the following:

    1) The first person you gotta raid is yourself. Sell absolutely everything you don't need. I do not have an enchant vault, resource vault, or even a tracker- I sell everything.
    2) Keep moving around the map, killing all mobs and raiding everything you can. Learn how to read the signs that bases are nearby. Re-raid bases, learn how to use horses and boats for fast travels. Sell everything.
    3) Add value to stuff. An enchanted pick with Eff4, Unbr3 and For3 sells for way more than it's components. Having a villager farm also helps, taking low value junk (string, rotten flesh, coal), trading for XP and emeralds, and using that XP to enchant top items and emeralds to by top enchanted books.
    4) Look for deals on the shop and exploit them. If an idiot is selling gold for .5 a bar, snap it up and deposit. If someone is selling something abnormally cheap (let's say .6 for diamonds), buy it. I buy stuff sometimes just to jack up the price and make a profit.
    5) Odd crap, food, soup, pots, and enchant sells.
    6) The lowest seller always wins the sale, but don't undercut yourself. If someone is selling something for .6, I'll turn and sell it for .5.
    7) Personal (outside of shop) deals can make you a lot of money. Be friendly, flexible, and helpful to anyone who approaches you directly for goods.
    8) Mine all ores for XP, gold, trading materials (coal), and enchanting. One easy way of getting XP is to mine coal (getting XP from mining), trade the coal for more XP, then trade those emeralds for top books (even more XP). I see tons of mines where no one has even touched coal; this is why my coal ore ratio is crazy high- it gives me a lot of XP in the long run.
    9) Have and use enchants that give you the most resources. I have a sword with looting 3, a pick with fortune 3, and an axe with silk touch and eff 5. The pick gets me the most XP and resources from mining; the sword gives me the most XP and resources from hunting; and the axe lets me break anything I would want to silk touch (glowstone blocks, sea lanterns, mooshroom blocks, glass, etc).
    10) If you must buy from the shop, buy from yourself. You get an 85% discount for buying back from yourself. This is very nice if you completely flood the shop with your stuff; I have a ton of food in the shop atm, and if I need to get it back I can for very cheap.

    Anyways, my post got a little long too but there's a lot of ways to get rich.
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  3. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Jan 9, 2016
    Another tip if you want to get rich:
    Think big. Dont start out with building one autobrewer or a 10by 10 farm or whatsoever. Make a 10stacked autobrewer a 100by100 farm brew thousands of pots at once and farm a dub of wood at once. This is a lot more efficient. Getting your op axe to farm a stack of wood every time is a higher risk for your vault to get tracked as well.
    Same when you enchant. Once you have the 27 lvl you should enchant a ton of stuff at once. Farming up to lvl27 every time is a pain.

    And the best thing i can recommend for getting rich are boosters. They are just insane.
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  4. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2015
    Very nice guide, I had a good time reading it since a lot of the points are used by so many players, myself included. Overall, fantastic job.
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  5. RoboticHunterYT

    RoboticHunterYT New Member

    Jan 27, 2018
    WOW all this stuff is helpful for me. I didnt' know how people would get that rich or about tracking or anything. You wrote alot Exaggeration! good job
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