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Idea Couple o' Ideas

Discussion in 'Raid' started by Exaggeration, May 2, 2018.


Should these ideas be implemented?

  1. +1 to idea 1 only

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  2. +1 to idea 2 only

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  3. +1 to both ideas

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  4. No to both ideas (Explain why)

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  1. Exaggeration

    Exaggeration Raid | Team Envy

    Feb 10, 2018
    Hey guys i had a few ideas, wanted to see how everyone felt about them. One is raid specific and the other is more server specific, but here we go.

    1. Server specific: There should be a sort of a support channel in the discord. When you need to get in contact with brawl staff, the staff are usually very helpful. But getting in contact can be tough. A lot of the staff stays in vanish, and messaging them can be hard. I think there should be a discord channel for this in the Brawl discord, and I'm not sure how discord perms work entirely but ideally anyone can send messages in there but only staff can read it. This would make it easier to get in contact with staff without PMing them and bothering them on discord, just throwing in there "Hey, my base was xrayed and i could use a check, here are the coords" or "hey, this player is a bit fishy in PvP id appreciate if you kept an eye on them" etc. Obviously, you could use /support, but to me that doesn't feel as impactful.

    2. Brawl specific: reminder before deleting a warp. Similar to "Are you sure you want to override this warp?" when resetting one, deleting one is sometimes worse than that. I think there should be a notice like "do you want to delete this warp?" Before its done, making you re input the command. as a second measure, so people don't accidentally delete warps.

    Anyway, those are my 2 ideas, let me know what you think!
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  2. MoistMayonnaise

    MoistMayonnaise Retired Brawl Staff

    Apr 25, 2016
    I like the idea of confirming for a new warp, deleting, and overwriting one as I am a victim of losing a pretty nice exp grinder/ farm that I had, it would have saved me from loosing it but, all is fair other than that. It could also help when it comes to people complaining about people setting warps while in team fights and make kitting a bit more hardcore like it is more supposed to be.
    I feel that the discord suggestion should have been a different post as it is more of an in general needed rather than raid specific, as you stated. Maybe a set up of the support rooms like how it is in team speak could work? Meaning there are 2 or maybe more support needed rooms in the discord and staff could move them into a staff only channel and discuss with them their issues and try their best to resolve them. Discord is more used than team speak anyhow and it would be rather beneficial in my opinion so +1 on both of these ideas from me.
  3. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2015
    +1 on the first idea. Second idea could get annoying, would like it if it were toggleable.
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