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The Fundamental Necro Guide to Success

Discussion in 'Guides' started by StormNox, May 14, 2018.


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  1. StormNox

    StormNox Active Member

    Jul 15, 2017
    Hello, StormNox here with a Necro guide that will definitely help all necro mains. This guide covers all of the basic necro positions, tips and tricks and how to cap with necro.

    Defensive position:

    I usually just spawn zombies near the flag when the game starts and lead them to the my team's flag.
    As people try to cap, you will get levels of xp. I give my buffs to a baby zombie so they can recover easily.
    Eventually, you will get a 5 killstreak from defending. That means you can get op skeletons.
    Despawn all zombies and spawn the skeletons instead and lead them to your flag. Buff all skeletons if you can but try to focus on giving the skeletons speed. The Bow upgrade prevents your skeletons from doing much damage so do not get it.

    Midfield position:

    Spawn your mobs near an area in the middle of the map where almost everybody has to go through to reach your team's territory. You should also stay in that area. When people come through that area, attack them and try to kill them/ prevent them from coming into your territory. Try to heal your mobs after a fight, too ensure their survivability and so that their buffs do not get wasted. If an archer decides to shoot you, Immediately hide or run.

    Support Position:

    Spawn all your mobs when your team's flag carrier is coming to / from the enemy flag when there is someone trying to kill them. When you go support, you are likely to die a lot of times, therefore killing your mobs and wasting their buffs, so get a medic to support you and the flag carrier. Your mobs serve as a good distraction so try to keep them alive for as long as possible.

    How to cap with necro:

    - Get at least a medic and a mage to support you
    - Spawn all your mobs when necessary
    - If there is an incoming assassin, spawn your mobs and block
    - If there is an archer trying to snipe you, strafe and spawn your mobs in their way to protect yourself.
    - Try to find the right moment to steal the flag, which is when there is a minimum amout of people in the flagroom to maximise your chances of a successful capture

    General tips and tricks:

    - Remember to heal your mobs during and after a fight to increase their survivability
    - You do not have much armor, so try to avoid getting into a fight without your mobs helping you
    - Giving your zombies speed, strength and an iron sword is very good, but try to keep them alive or the buffs will go waste.
    - Necro is best used to gang up on a single player, try to also attack a player while they are debuffed.
    - Try to buff baby zombies, as they move quickly and are very hard to hit
    - Keep playing necro, the more you play it - the more experienced you will get at the class and you will know exactly what to do in almost every situation.

    I hope this guide helped you!!!
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  2. scapezar

    scapezar Tzar of Scapes | Hack Test Manager

    May 17, 2015
    usually u give meme guides, so im not sure if i should be taking this seriously or not lol, but seems legit, thx!
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