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Top 10 - kit classes

Discussion in 'Hardcore Games' started by xGhale, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. xGhale

    xGhale HG‘s Doom guy

    May 18, 2015
    Going on from this thread, my man @DeadRhos asked if I could make a top 10 for all the classes, this includes all of the current kits, both retired and available. This isn't with any kit changes from the update yet. These aren't in any particular order, they're just the 10 best, really. Remember that kits can be in multiple categories.

    Hunting kits:
    1. Anchor - this kit is such a strong kit, even if you're mediocre at souping and refilling, just because of the immense versatility that it has in any stage of the game. It's great for stopping people from running away and making sure they're forced to fight, and if you catch someone unawares you'll be putting yourself at an instant advantage since they'll have to soup or refill to stop themselves from dying. You'll also be able to deal with teams quite well, since they can't boost each other away from you or stop you from targeting one of them as easily.
    2. Viper - out of the 4 effect kits this or Cannibal are the way to go. Viper has the advantage of not just dealing poison damage (which isn't mitigated by armor), but taking said Poison damage ticks will stop your sprint if you're affected by the effect - even better than Snail. It's also great in late-game fights since people with high amounts of armor will take the same amount of damage from the Poison effect.
    3. Cannibal - hunger being as high as it is, making players lose hungers even faster during a fight will, especially over a prolonged fight, give you a massive advantage. This kit is the king of late-game Feast fights, since you're forcing players to either use soup mid-fight to heal up (which, obviously, will get you into some trouble) or use food to top off their hunger bar - also not advisable in the middle of combat.
    4. Digger - it's hard to say exactly what this kit lacks, honestly, apart from mobility. This kit is so incredibly versatile that I'd honestly place it at the top of most of my kit lists. Dealing with a team? Create a massive hole, this will stop them from running away and will allow you to target one of the players much more effectively. If you're fighting a solo player, this kit can let you pull off some extremely cheeky strategies, such as these ones: View attachment 42759 View attachment 42760 View attachment 42761 View attachment 42762 View attachment 42763
    5. Ninja - even though I really hate this kit, it's still reasonably fair. That being said, Ninja is one of the best fighting kits available. Getting combo'd? Just teleport behind your attacker and get a few free hits off! Is someone running? Teleport!
    6. Magma/Fireman - I'm putting these onto the same slot because they fulfill a similar function - setting others on fire. And fire is an extremely vital tool when it comes to strategic play, since your fire will deal a good amount of damage earlier on as Magma and an insane amount of damage early on with Fireman. Late-game, Magma does shine a little more since you're not completely immune to lava immersion with Fireman. However, both kits are great for dealing with pesky early-game Fisherman-lava traps.
    7. Viking - another kit that I really hate with a passion. It's extremely strong and deals immense amounts of damage without a real weakness, and you get a free iron sword early on. Playing against this kit requires some serious skill or some smart big IQ playing, but it's possible.
    8. Boxer - before I say anything about Boxer, as of right now Boxer is broken and the state that it is in will (hopefully) be attended to before HG 2.0/the HG update comes out. Boxer's strengths lie in the fact that half a heart of damage reduction throughout the entire game is a huge amount of damage that you don't need to soup for, and will help you win fights very quickly. This kit is very powerful throughout the game and had the highest win-per-play ratio on MCPvP for a good reason.
    9. Thor - this was one of my favorite kits back in the day and is still a very fun and very versatile, yet powerful, kit. Firstly, you're able to farm wood much more quickly than other players are, granting you a valuable advantage early on that you shouldn't underestimate. Your ability to take on towers is also one of the strong features of the Thor kit, but the best part is being able to set people on fire very quickly and even deal a small amount of extra damage in the process.
    10. Poseidon - this kit was downright mad back in the day, but that doesn't mean it still is. The kit's power stems from the fact that water is available everywhere on the map with rarely any difficulty in procuring it. Strength 1 in water will make your sword swing so much harder, and considering that you're guaranteed water buckets in the Feast and buckets in minifeasts, you'll have a very quick route to victory when using Poseidon properly, especially with the amount of pools you'll find in early game fighting areas.
    1. Endermage - not much to say really - if you know how to use Endermage, traps will become a fun and relatively easy way to kill others. You're only stopped by your creativity - use lava, use end stone, use crafting tables, signs, anything, in order to make escaping from your trap as impossible as possible.
    2. Fisherman - again, it's about thinking, not about mindlessly charging into every fight. Use your rod to quickly hurl others down a deep ravine or Jackhammer/Digger hole, or into a tight spot to trap them into a wall, or into a quickly-built trap to stick their heads into obsidian, or into a lava pool - whatever. Using your ability to pull others to you quickly with a plan in mind will help you win games extremely well, but that doesn't mean that a quickly-conceived plan won't work, it'll just have to rely on your skill more than on the trap itself.
    3. Demoman - this kit is the sole reason for people not rushing at every player who's chilling in a cave or something. It's such a great kit for so many reasons, and can be used for hunting, but the main use it has is for trapping. It's all about mind games here - your opponent needs to think you're not trapping, needs to think you're a noob, and that you've not got anything up your sleeve, and that's why your mantra as a HG player always needs to be "expect the unexpected". If something feels odd about a situation, then trust your gut, and don't go blundering into it, unless you're a kit that can get away with it.
    4. Acrobat - the bane of trusting HG players around the world, this kit will let you irritate other players very easily at the start of the game, and then it transitions into very sneaky stuff - use any non-solid block you can think of (signs are especially effective), and let others think you're just innocently standing around with wood leading up to you over that deep ravine or that lava pit.
    5. Jackhammer - this kit is all about positioning. Use your environment to your advantage as much as you can, and make sure to conceal the deep holes you create, since people will become suspicious otherwise. Ideally you use this kit in combination with Switcher or Fisherman to ensure the maximum effect. You can also use this for hunting, but it's primarily a trapping kit.
    6. Switcher - another extremely versatile kit, you can use this kit to trap others in tight or potentially lethal spots, for example into a specially prepared hole lined with crafting benches with a slot at the bottom to allow you to hit the player's feet, as seen here: View attachment 42764 View attachment 42765 View attachment 42766 View attachment 42767 You can also trap others in tight corridors, switch them onto Demoman traps, switch them into a deep hole, you name, you can do it.
    7. Kaya - another kit that really makes you think hard for your trapping prosperity, but it will let your hard work pay off very quickly. This kit is also all about mind games - can you convince others that you're just a harmless farmer, and not someone waiting at the bottom of a very deep pit lined with crafting tables? Can you convince others that the dirt (yes, you can easily turn your Kaya blocks into dirt using a hoe on them, then jumping on the farmland to automatically turn them into normal dirt) bridge you're just across is harmless? You can use some of your acquired sneak skills by holding a snowball, or a fishing rod, to make it seem as though you're a different kit.
    8. Launcher - this kit has a lot of potential when it comes to trapping, but it's a bit more limited than Kaya is because, well, your Launcher pads, they stand out a lot, even if you place pressure plates on them. An easy solution is hiding them under snow, which will make them invisible to anybody not looking for them, which most people don't do. Launcher is also a great kit for towering, but it's honestly at its best when combined with other kits such as Switcher or Fisherman.
    9. Hulk - Hulk is a great way to quickly force someone into a wall/the ceiling of a cave or whatever, or throw someone onto a Launcher trap, or whatever - it's a more close-quarters version of Fisherman, honestly. However, as I said, it has the massive advantage of being able to hold someone in place in a wall, which Fisherman needs lava and water for to do himself. Hulk can be used well in combination with Endermage to "hulk" another player into a tight spot that, ideally, they can't get out of even if they sneak to leave your grasp.
    10. Kangaroo/Blink - "WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT" hear me out. Kangaroo and Blink can both be used in a very creative manner of trapping ways - for instance, wait for someone to come along, jump down a specially prepared hole, then get out using your kit, block the top off, and crit their feet via the special slot you (hopefully) left at the bottom. You can also block yourself in first using Blink, or even place lava onto your head, and then get out of the hole, which would ensure a safer trap.
    Tower (these are all fairly obvious so I won't explain them)
    1. Stomper
    2. Endermage
    3. Cultivator
    4. Launcher
    5. Grandpa/Archer
    6. Hulk
    7. Fisherman
    8. Grenadier
    9. Lumberjack
    10. Worm
    Mobility - these are ranked, with 1 being the best kit. There really aren't many true mobility kits around, so I'll just see how many there are and leave it at that.
    1. Phantom - probably my overall favorite kit, Phantom has a lot of power throughout the game. With a 60 second cooldown and 5 seconds of flight speed, at 1.8 fly speed, no less, your ability gives you massive and instant mobility that can be used in so many ways. For starters, you can use your ability to fly extremely far at the start of the game and get yourself a good distance advantage over other players. Your ability also lets you escape any other player (apart from a Gladiator), something that only Flash and maybe Blink can do apart from you. Your kit lets you chase players very well (better, in fact, than Kangaroo or Ninja), especially considering that you'll be dealing crit damage while chasing them, which gives you a good edge in damage. Reply with a picture of a toxic chemical below if you actually read this far. You can use your kit at the Feast to ensure that you reach the center chests first, then use an Enderpearl to escape, or use a pearl to get the center first and then Phantom away. You can also use your kit as a fall damage save - if you fall, fly and land on any block - it will stop you from taking fall damage (if you land within the 5 seconds).
    2. Kangaroo - another very strong kit, with a good fall damage limitation of 3.5 hearts maximum. The main limitation is the low 150 uses you get with no way to get these uses back in any way (currently :stuck_out_tongue:)
    3. Blink - probably better than most other kits in general, it has 3 uses of instant 7 block teleportation, with a 45 second cooldown in between teleports. The long cooldown is what holds this kit back, but it is currently the only way to break out of obsidian, End portal frame, or Nether portal traps if you do get stuck in them somehow. It's also good for some quick misdirection when fighting, and can be used for some very cheeky escapes.
    4. Scout - another one of my personal favorites, this kit gives you two Speed 2 splash potions (1:30) that grant you a reduction for fall damage down to 2 hearts maximum. These pots regenerate ever 10 minutes, making this one of the few kits currently that can still use its kit items after respawning/using them up. The Speed 2 lets you close any distance between you and another player very, very quickly, making this kit a fantastic kit for some sneaky surprising. A good trick when chasing someone is to not repeatedly and quickly swing at their backs, but only attack once every half a second or so. This will make them take less knockback than repeated swings, meaning you can constantly be hitting their backs, ensuring their demise if they don't stop to refill, which would force them to fight you, essentially.
    5. Grappler - this is a weaker version of Kangaroo, in a way. Firstly, you need to grapple blocks at head height or above in order to move around freely, which is problematic, to say the least, and can be fatal, at worst. Second, you don't get a free fall damage reduction like Kangaroo, instead you're better off trying to place a water source or cobweb below your feet after slowing your fall as much as you can. However, the kit still has great chasing potential and can be used to force players into a fight effectively. The limitation of the uses (150) is even more felt with Grappler than with Kangaroo, since interrupted grappling hook throws often count as completed throws and will subtract from your uses.
    6. Rider - a lot of people really hate this kit, but it's easy to deal with. You have a couple of options. First, kill the horse, it doesn't have that much health and rarely has armor. Second, the Rider himself will take damage far faster when on his horse than when on the ground - horsed players have lower damage tick intervals, and can therefore be damaged more quickly. Additionally, you can't shift-click items out of your inventory if you're mounted either, meaning that you have to either Admiral_Manson your way out of trouble, or switch refill - both of these are nowhere near as fast as normal refilling techniques.
    7. Flash - one of the weaker mobility kits for a number of reasons. First off, the high cooldown really hurts the player using it, and the Weakness makes chasing harder, not easier. Second, a Phantom or Kangaroo will be able to catch you extremely easily, and these kits are able to control their movement with their kit much more, whereas Flash is point, click, and hope you don't get stuck.
    8. Poseidon - yes, this kit is a mobility kit! Remember why? If you know, reply in the comments.
    9. Frosty/Camel - I'm counting these as one, and I'll be honest, they suck at being mobile. They're extremely biome-dependent, and especially Frosty makes little sense. Why stay in a biome that offers you no soup materials whatsoever? ;(
    Utility and mining, also sorted
    1. Toolmaster - this kit is downright overpowered late-game, for a very simple reason - none of your equipment, be it armor, your sword, any equipment you pick up, bows, tools, nothing takes any durability damage whatsoever, meaning you can get a strong enchant on iron gear and kill the Feast winner. I've killed Adventurer full diamonds with Toolmaster, Gambler full diamonds, everything and anything. In short, this kit is the best kit for utility, since it also gives you this fantastic Swiss army multi-tool that can be used to farm iron gear (that will not break then, remember) very, very quickly and efficiently.
    2. Specialist - another very strong kit, especially with the amount of EXP bottles around, since the only workable enchanters in the game are the ones at the Feast/bonus Feast. This means that if you steal both of them, you're the only person in the game (apart from another Specialist or someone who farmed lapis lazuli, which is an incredibly rare spawn I've seen literally once/found in a mineshaft (also rare)) who can enchant their gear - giving you a full iron prot 1+ set, which is stronger than full diamond. You can also get a strong early game power spike by getting a Sharpness 1 stone sword after a few mob/player kills.
    3. Adventurer - also a fun utility kit, but not as strong as others due to the fact that you need to travel 5000 blocks completely alone, this kit spikes in power during the late game, and has a mobility aspect on top of the indestructible armor due to having Speed I after getting your full diamond.
    4. Hermit - this kit only works once, and has no other powers. But that power, being teleported far away from others with a guaranteed soup biome as your destination right from the get-go, is what makes Hermit one of the most popular utility kits, since you're much safer alone or with 1-2 other Hermits than rushing to a swamp or jungle with dozens of others.
    5. Miner/Forger - I'm grouping these together since they're so often used together, and for good reason. Their insanely fast iron potential gives them the ability to have full iron gear (swords, armor, buckets, everything!) after around 2 minutes. This lets the kits shine through, and their potential, particularly Miner, only really loses out when you run out of resources, which is quite difficult to do on a casual HG map.
    6. Souper - didn't see this one coming huh? Souper's best features are, well, for farming soups (duh), but there's another important aspect to the kit that people tend to underestimate - soups heal a Souper for 4.5 hearts a heal, instead of 3.5. This gives you such a massive advantage over others just because of how much less soup you need, and it can help you deal with high-damage opponents (Vikings or heavily geared-up players) in a reasonable fashion.
    7. Shapeshifter/Chameleon - grouping these together since they fulfill a similar function - effective concealment. In my view Shapeshifter is slightly better than Chameleon due to people not suspecting blocks nearly as much as mobs, but they're both good for some cheeky sneaky.
    8. Checkpoint - Checkpoint's main power stems from the fact that your Nether brick fence can be hidden, unobtrusively, in the ground, or even in water. You can simply use Checkpoint to teleport back to an area of safety or an area with soup materials, but I don't count this kit under mobility kits anymore just due to the fact that you are unable to teleport for 10 seconds after being hit.
    9. Crafter - not much to say about the utility that Crafter provides - a free crafting table and furnace that can be filled and stays lit even when not held open.
    10. Kind of ran out of kits here since IMO the rest of the utility kits aren't worth mentioning in their current state.
    Anti-teaming kits (not sorted):
    1. Digger - as stated above - if you can use Digger's ability creatively and can tank reasonably well you'll be able to kill teams quite well with it, and ideally even trap the team in the hole with you by enlarging it at every chance.
    2. Gladiator - the epitome of anti-teaming, the main reason for solo players standing much of a chance. The kit gives you so many possibilities when it comes to dealing with teams and you shouldn't just be using your sword in the arena. Use lava, use water, block players into walls, anything you can think of to give yourself that vital advantage over a player who was, originally, in a team.
    3. Madman - this kit takes a bit more than just standing near a team to make it as effective as possible, but that doesn't make it useless in any way. You've got to stay in the fight and make sure you're in the thick of things at all times to really make this kit get up to the full potential that it can deliver.
    4. Tank - this kit is one of the weaker anti-team kits in my view, due to the fact that you don't get your effect until you kill another player - meaning that you have to take whatever damage is thrown at you and will have to deal with it until you get to kill one of the other players, but once you get a kill, you can take out massive teams much more quickly.
    5. Anchor - as dumb as it sounds, yes! Anchor can be used as a fantastic anti-teaming kit. Not only will teaming players find it hard to run away from you, but if you position yourself correctly the team will end up accidentally knocking each other into areas of danger (ravines, lava pools, etc.).
    6. Toolmaster - this is probably quite obvious, but Toolmaster doesn't lose any armor durability, meaning that in a prolonged mid-game or late-game fight, the Toolmaster won't be dependent on armor reserves but can rely fully on soup materials.
    7. Berserker - just like Tank, you need to kill a player to get the best effects out of the kit. But you can also kill a mob for some quick speed or some quick Strength, so play smart and stick around mobs as much as you can.
    Anti-trap kits (not sorted, pretty obvious in most cases as well):
    1. Gladiator
    2. Digger
    3. Blink
    4. Ninja
    5. Endermage
    6. Toolmaster
    7. Titan
    8. Turtle
    9. Tank
    10. Kangaroo
    11. Thor
    That's all for today folks.
    Also, people asked me what the ideal HG inventory is. Here you go, you greedy cannibalistic mongrels:
    (red glass is your kit item)
    (cocoa beans for faster recrafts)
    (blocks for trapping and ****)
    (spare armor if you're dealing with a team)
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  2. DeadRhos

    DeadRhos Blips, Drips And Strips

    May 17, 2015

    Nice :grinning: I need to try out some demoman traps ^^
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  3. MattM1PVP

    MattM1PVP Ex-HG Staff Member

    May 22, 2015
    Thank you !
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