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A guide to the updated MC-WarZ

Discussion in 'Guides' started by AimStick, Oct 10, 2018.


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  1. AimStick

    AimStick Member

    Jan 12, 2015
    I have noticed that there are no guides on how to play the game on the forum, so here you go: an up to date detailed guide on how to play MC-WarZ

    Places within the map

    The new MC-WarZ map is rather large, i am unsure as to how many blocks big it is particularly, but it is indeed big. There are three main towns, said towns are named NewPort, Westland and Centerville. These three towns are all safe zone areas, meaning that when you are inside of them you are completely safe as it is a PvP Disabled zone, but keep in mind that once you leave the permiter of the two you are in it is once again PvP Enabled, to remind you of when PvP is Enabled or Disabled text shows up on your screen when you leave and enter a town to alert you. Also in these towns you can buy a wide variety of things from weapons and armour to food and horses, as a result of these shops you need to gain money which I will talk about later on in this guide.

    The three mines of the new map are the place in which you do just that, mine. You do this to get ores in which you can sell to the trader situated within the mines or nearby to them. The three mines are named Copper Cliff Mine, Tilted Trench Mine and Jay Junk Mine. All mines contain the same ores that you can mine and make money from, by selling them, as I mentioned earlier, to the ore trader in your mine.

    Also, there are these things called Cartels of which there is three of them a lot like with the other places in the map, when you are in a team you can go to these cartels and take them over to gain 5% of all crop sales, though it is only the sale of the crop that the cartel you go to deals with. The cartel locations are Boomer Retail, Exile prison and Sandy Furniture all of the three cartels are marked with the crop that they produce/sell on your compass.

    There are three farm fields, in which you can farm crops. Each individual farm has a different crop that you can harvest, they are marked with the crop they produce on your compass. The three farm fields are named Carrot Field, Potato Field and Wheat Field. With the crops you have collected you can sell them to the farmer that is at the farm you are on in trade for money you can use to buy things with.

    Finally there are the infected camps, in these camps is where you will find the most loot, but they are crawling with the undead and also other players meaning that whenever you go to one of the camps you should take extreme care with what you are doing. In the three infected camps you will find the rarest of loot find-able in chests, things like Diamond armour and Legendary Weapons. The things you find in the infected camps that are not found anywhere else on the map you cannot buy from the shops, hence you have to go and find it for yourself or kill somebody else for it.

    Getting started

    Okay so getting started is a rather simple process, you pick your spawn location (My personal preference is Westland). After doing so you will spawn in with very basic things like a leather chest plate, 4 cans of beans and a wooden sword, so then you must in order to get the best loot go to one of the infected camps that I listed above, to find directions to these camps you can use your compass that you also spawn with. From there it is purely down to you as to what you do in your journeys in MC-WarZ just make sure to enjoy yourself.

    Getting money and how to use it

    So money is the currency you make throughout your journey in order to buy things from the many shops in the map, There are a few ways of making money, all are very different. The main and in term easiest way is through farming or mining, these two are fairly simple to understand, all you do is mine/farm the ores/crops in whatever mine/farm you are in and then sell them to the trader where you are. Keep in mind though in these areas PvP is Enabled so people will be able to kill you, so be on the look out for other players on the server. I personally suggest doing mining or farming when the server is quiet with few people online if not when nobody is online for maximum efficiency and safety.
    Another way of making money is through achievements, for every achievement you get you gain money respective to the level of difficulty the achievement is to get. So farming or mining for the first time will get you a achievement, as will killing somebody or their horse. The final and most risky way to make money is to find people with bounties on their head, and to then go and kill them and collect their head from their loot stash that is left on the floor and go to your nearest head hunter, in return you will be paid the amount of money their bounty is. Essentially when you make money like this you are some what of a bounty hunter.

    Team creation and teaming

    Team creation is really easy to do all you need to do is, when you are not currently in a team, type in /team create and then the name you wish to call your team, however keep in mind as a normal member you are only able to create a team name that is up to 5 letters, VIP are able to create group names with 6 and MVP are able to make teams with 7 letter words and then finally Elites are able to make team names with up to 8 letters. Joining a team is just as simple all you need to do to join a team is type /join team and then the name of the person whose team you have been invited to join, keep in mind you cannot join a team without getting invited.

    What you gain from donating

    Through donating to brawl for any donator rank on MC-WarZ you get specific things depending on the rank you pay for, though they are not that different from each other in terms of benefits. As a donator you get special things such as the ability to access the many ender chests littered throughout the map in various places. Not only that but in comparison to normal members who are only able to buy 5 horses you as a donator depending on your rank are able to buy more than normal people, and not only that but the horses that you do buy, new or old, you are able to customise them to your liking, you can rename them, recolour them and change their style. The big thing you gain however from buying a donator rank is the fact that you have access to /tpa which makes getting to places or getting back into combat way quicker through tping to your team mates, the higher your donator rank the lower the cooldown time on /tpa.

    The thing that distinguishes you the most from normal members is the tag you get next to your name in text chat and on the player tab, not only that but when you spawn in when you have just died you spawn with a gun and blue full leather armour along with the same things normal people have.

    An example of how you would like talking in chat is this: MVP YourName[​IMG]
    But this will look different for you depending on what rank you purchase, it looks the exact same when you have a look at the tab menu as well.

    Good luck!

    After reading this detailed guide on how to play you can enjoy the game to its fullest potential and with that I wish you good luck in your adventures in WarZ. I thank you for taking the time to read this guide as it is a great help to those who read it, as it is for new people to the game-mode after all.
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  2. tchuckraider

    tchuckraider Brawler

    Mar 2, 2014
    Nice work dude!
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