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Looking for Feedback - Chemist Testing + Map Fixes

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Ninsanity, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. Ninsanity

    Ninsanity Yoshi Legend and Medic Main

    May 18, 2015
    Hello CTFers!
    We need feedback for the chemist testing, and now is the time to give that feedback! Also, we have a couple map fixes for you.

    Chemist Testing Poll:
    The chemist testing has finished, and hopefully everyone was able to check it out. If you weren't able to, or in case you need a reminder, here was the change we were testing:
    - 5 health III pots swapped out for 10 health II pots
    - Chemist gets permanent resistance I
    - The amount of mana used per health pot is halved to 12.5% to account for the doubling of the number of pots and the halving of the HP gained per pot

    Let us know your thoughts on the idea in this google form:

    >> Poll <<

    Map Fixes:
    We fixed a few issues on a couple maps in order to make gameplay more enjoyable.
    Bazaar: The area in front of spawn is now restricted from structures.
    Blackout: We have finally made blackout symmetrical! If you didn't know, the little hut in front of spawn was a little closer to spawn on the blue side than red side, and another hut was slightly off from red side to blue side. Now, in order to fix this, we decided to copy it onto a new map ID and make the changes there in case we screwed up. Therefore, the new blackout map ID is no longer [424], but instead [420180].

    That's it for now, let us know what you think and anything you would like to see! We are still looking at necro, dwarf, and engineer, so any more ideas you might have on those classes, please let it be known.

    Love and waffles!
    The CTF Staff Team :flag:
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  2. CoasterHamza

    CoasterHamza Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2015
    I prefer share thoughts here so more people see and I get opinion. I like the idea to change chemist and make it more powerful, but I feel this update make chemist too much op. I think it is best for small buff (or small nerf to ninja like remove blindness) and test it, then continue to do small buff if people agree instead for one big buff that is seem a lot players no agree with or like.
  3. Snowleak14

    Snowleak14 Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2015
  4. Cardonation

    Cardonation CTF MOD | Assistant Events Manager

    Oct 8, 2015
    I would like the following to be taken into consideration.

    The testing for a chemist buff is a step in the right direction in my opinion, both for casual games and competitive. I feel like many people are voting "No" on this Chemist buff because of what the tested buff was (10 Health II and Res I). I do not agree with putting the version of chemist tested into the game. However, I do agree prominently with putting a modified version of this tested version into the game instead.

    My personal opinion on the route to take:
    -Keep Resistance I to help maintain a Chemist's advantage against a solo ninja and becoming a better counter to mage
    -Revert back to 5 Health III pots (perhaps 4 pots if the health pool becomes too massive with Res I)
    -Keep Health pot mana usage reduction

    Resistance I is the end all goal that should be desired above other changes to Chemist. It will improve its abilities as an offensive support role and become a more solid counter to the amount of ninjas present on casual and competitive scenes. 10 Health pots, albeit at less potency, is far too much, as a chemist with support or, even better, medic regeneration becomes near impossible to kill by damage alone. If 5 instances of health III is also too much, 4 instances could be a better solution due to Chemist's utilization of Regeneration III becoming a key factor with the Res I change.

    P.S if you have anything to say to me, you can contact me on Discord through DMs. This thread's purpose is to gather responses, not to ensue discussion back and forth. Thanks in advance.
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  5. mikye

    mikye Active Member

    May 17, 2015
    This is my personal take on the situation

    The health pot changes were horrendous. Too much health and too much flexibility with how to use the health potions. 5 health potions is perfect.
    Resistance 1 is alright but it is not a very good way to try make a class viable again. That's just making it OP and then leading it to be overplayed.

    Chemist is a special capping class. Like elf, it can use many of it's abilities to control the area around it, without the bull**** bit. Damage potions give greats amount of knockback and is a generally good counter for invisible ninjas as you can halt their momentum easily and it's the only way to actually damage them. Chemists don't usually use damage as a source of pushing people back because of the penalty of using potions: mana. Mana doesn't let you throw a lot of potions in one go, which often makes you decide between throwing heals and surviving or throwing damages and dying. Versus ninjas, you always have to opt for throwing heals, because the amount of damage they do in a second is too high to bother with damage. Giving damage potions less of a penalty will encourage chemists to use damage more as a source of control which works really well against ninjas, and if a class is able to counter the most stupidest overplayed recovery class then that said class is surely able to be viable in every setting
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  6. scapezar

    scapezar Tzar of Scapes

    May 17, 2015
    I really think the buff is good place for the class and game (buffs with less cooldowns in general for all classes and the game is a goal tbh) and i dont think it's crazy game-breaking OP at all esp compared to the enormous potential of other classes like archer, pyro, medic, buffed heavy, soldier...
    i feel ppl r just not used to its power atm altho classes can certainly and fairly counter it
    - this is in reference to the chemi change in the current game, altho i hope other classes can still get respective buffs as well

    Agreed on what i wouldve done different ----
    Smaller, more easily given buffs shouldve been tested first like damage/health pot mana reduction....
    Also agree that the foundation of this change is the resistance I, so testing of this shouldve then been the next thing to do....
    But i highly highly appreciate the resis addition (for me to want this as in saying "chemist is hard" is saying something... and i consider myself really good with the class having played it for like 6yrs lol ...effectively playing chemist IS NOT FOR NEW -and even most regular- PLAYERS which is a very big red alert no-no standard -for any class)

    Making chemist require less extreme health potting with now more pots is more noob friendly too so i like it (slightly more cushion/room for error), but other than that minimal factor, the health pot change wasnt completely necessary ...although bit of a lowkey additional buff

    Then again i played for a few hours straight on a single friday, so its not like ive gotten the most correct and complete opinion and perspective on the change....

    IN SUMMATION-- i like it all in this order of addition: resis I, mana reduction, pot # increased

    also sad jump boost wasnt changed to anything, kinda looking for an increase in jump potency level or reversion back to a higher level weakness pot... @any1 else thoughts on this?

    id also test @Cardona360 's opinion as another proposal
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  7. Salty_Ivan

    Salty_Ivan Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2015
    Don't really want to type up a paragraph right now but this just seems like a buff...
    Extra Resistance, same amount of health.
    Now you don't have to waste a regen or a health 3 when you're down 3 or 4 hearts and need to stay alive.
    Now you just have to double click instead of clicking once, but probably more likely to die to ninjas. But then again, the resistance!
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