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Story Kill Confirmed

Discussion in 'Literature' started by SoullessAngel_, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. SoullessAngel_

    SoullessAngel_ Ex-Mod | Writer | WildWest

    Aug 23, 2015
    Just a short story I came up with

    The electronic lock on the door to the warehouse clicked open almost silently.

    Nate was in first with his MP7 held up. Ryan followed with his suppressed Glock 21.. He had a Remington 870 Tactical shotgun slung on his back, with a suppressor and laser/flashlight mounted on the side. The tube held nine shots, every two was buckshot and the third was a slug. He swept left and Nate checked right.

    The warehouse was half full of shelves as high as the roof stacked with supplies, the other half a few vehicles and several reinforced metal crates. The shelves were in Ryan’s section, on the left. Nate had the open area on the right.

    There was a quiet coughing as Nate fired a triple tap with the MP7. Ryan fired twice as a man wearing black leather stepped out with an AK, and Ryan double tapped him. He dropped. He holstered the Glock on his right leg and swept up the AK, which was a modernized model with an M4 stock and decked out with tactical upgrades. He checked the chamber and continued moving.

    On the right Ryan heard the MP7 stutter out a magazine, as well as the silent clacking of AKs. Ryan dropped two more guys with the AK on single fire. He heard a yell and more suppressed gunfire.

    The full blasting of unsuppressed gunfire came, and more yelling. Ryan flicked on the AKs flashlight and swept into another aisle, firing the AK on single at another target. Ryan hooked right towards the open garage area.

    Five more guys were spread out across the area, with Nate pinned down. Ryan sprayed the last of the AK’s ammo towards them before sliding behind a metal crate. More loud gunfire sounded, and Ryan heard shots ricochet off the crate.

    He drew the Glock 21 and shot one three times. More gunfire replied sharply.

    Nate produced a flash bang and tapped Ryan. Ryan swapped magazines on the Glock and nodded. Nate yanked the pin and tossed it over the crates. Several thousand decibels of noise and a bright flash came and they rushed.

    Ryan fired the Glock six times, taking down three. Nate sprayed the MP7 again, and there was no sound except for police sirens in the distance again.

    Nate grabbed one of the men who was wearing a ski mask and jerked it off his head. Ryan slid back his left sleeve and held it up, where a forearm sleeve held an ID card. He held the card up next to the face of the man and nodded at Nate, who dropped the body and grabbed his MP7.

    They moved to a door at the back of the warehouse with an exit door. Nate tried the handle, but it was locked. Ryan unslung the Remington, cycling the pump two times to load a slug, and put it through the lock. Nate opened the door and cleared outside while Ryan pocketed the buckshot shells where they had fallen.

    Out back a black van was parked. Ryan popped open the back while Nate hopped in the driver seat. Ryan banged a magazine into a G36 with a suppressor as the van’s engine turned over.

    Ryan aimed the G36 on the door they had exited as the van’s transmission shifted into drive. Two more men came out the door, and Ryan disengaged the safety, dumping the magazine on full auto at them as they sped out of the alley.

    Kill confirmed.
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