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Looking for Feedback - Chemist Changes and Anti-Stalemate Idea - Episode 7

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Versions, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Versions

    Versions Ban and Appeals Manager // CTF Staff Member

    May 27, 2015
    Matt | Versions#5719

    We have recently tested a few chemist changes and an anti-stalemate idea, which ended two days ago (Sunday). After previously testing chemist changes, we gathered feedback, but most of the community were not satisfied with some of the changes. This time, we tested the permanent Resistance I, which was also tested previously, with mana reductions when using Instant Health and Instant Damage potions. We also tested an anti-stalemate idea (click here for more info about this idea), which removed the flag poison mechanic and introduced a maximum health of 5 hearts for stronger classes (Soldier, Heavy, Archer, Medic, Engineer, Dwarf, Necro) and 6 hearts for weaker classes (Ninja, Chemist, Assassin, Mage, Elf, Pyro).

    After posting a discord poll in the CTF Community Discord last night, it is clear to see that a majority of the community liked the resistance I addition for chemist with 52 votes liking it, 7 votes who are not sure, and only 2 votes disliking the addition. However, at this time of writing, a large majority disliked both the anti-stalemate change (flag carrier health reduction) and the mana reduction for health and damage potions. The votes for the anti-stalemate change were 26 people liking it, 3 people indifferent, and 43 people disliking the change. As for the mana changes, 40 people disliked the change, 13 people indifferent, and only 13 people liking the mana reduction changes.

    While gathering quantitative data is important, as shown in the discord poll, we need to gather qualitative data too to get a wider understanding of why people disliked the anti-stalemate change and mana reduction changes. Furthermore, we also need to know any suggestions or tweaks that can be made to the anti-stalemate change and mana reduction changes for it to be favoured by the majority of the community. As for these two reasons, there is a Google Forms link below, which I encourage only people who played during the testing phase and tried the changes out to take. Please do not fill out the Google Form if you do not know what is being talked about and if you have not tried out these changes during the recent testing phase.

    If you would like to also state your opinions on the changes that were tested for everyone to see, you can do so by replying to this thread or in the CTF Community Discord.

    Stay tuned for the next episode!
    CTF Staff Team :flag:
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  2. Cego

    Cego Active Member

    Jan 21, 2018
    I liked the chemist changes. I really don't care about the anti-stalemate stuff. I could go either way.
  3. Cardonation

    Cardonation CTF MOD | Assistant Events Manager

    Oct 8, 2015
    I will briefly touch on Chemist and what I think should be done with the mana/potions. I think damage should consume 20-25% of the bar while health consumes 0% (or a very low number). Damage pots are very potent (get it :joy:) and should be used wisely (not spammed), however I feel like a Chemist should be able to heal themselves at almost any given point considering the way a Chemist heals.
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  4. Slingeh

    Slingeh Tik Tok Famous

    Dec 1, 2018
    *cough* *cough* elf needed a rework before chemist but thanks *cough* *cough*
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Thread Status:
Please be aware that this thread is more than 30 days old. Do not post unless the topic can still be discussed. Read more...