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Elf Defence

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Northernlreland, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Northernlreland

    Northernlreland Active Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    I am going to demonstrate my two ways to play elf defence effectively;
    - Actually defensively
    - Far roaming stall

    I am going to explain both in detail.

    This guide requires a basic amount of skill with hotkeys.

    For starters, i would advise people to use the far roaming stall strategy over the actually defending strategy.

    The actually defending strategy is used around the flagroom. I would use this for casual, instead of PPMs/Officials. The main objective here is to use the wind element as mobility. Use your mobility and sword to knockback defenders off the flag. This type of defending is usually more of a support for a pyro. You can use the pure element to slow down offenders and you can use the water element to give your pyro resistance.
    The most important thing you have to do during the actually defending with elf stategy is shooting wind at the flag carrier. This holds the flag carrier in place so recov has time.

    The classes good with actually defending with elf against are;
    -Soldier (Map dependant)

    -Buffed heavies jump critting you.
    -Ninjas on offence. This can be a problem but not really as ninjas on offence would probably target the pyro instead.
    -Soldiers on offence. Soldiers can wall climb and evade pure damage shots very easily.

    The far roaming stall stategy is very effective if done correctly, and can crumble any offence.
    This strategy goes alot more in depth, but is far more effective. This strategy should be used in PPMs/Officials instead of casual. The main objective is to stall the opposing medic offence. Stalling the opposing medic offence means the opposing offence has no medic, or has to kill you first before they can actually offend. Please take note this stategy is highly annoying, and can anger alot of people easily.

    Here, what i am doing is roaming far (near their spawn) and knocking back their offensive medic.

    Hotkey to your bow (5) and wind backwards.

    *important* while winding backwards draw the bow. This means by the time you land, you can shoot the bow at the medics feet. (The shot doesnt have to hit the medic)

    Straight after you shoot the vortex, draw a slightly charged pure shot and shoot it straight in the direction where the vortex lands. (NOT the medic)

    By the time your pure shot hits, you will have your next pure shot fully charged and ready to fire. (with vortex ability still active)

    This will stall the medic while dealing 6 hearts of guarenteed damage.


    After your 6 hearts of damage, combo the medic straight after the pure shot. This will make them spam steak and waste health.

    -Continue the process- until the medic gets passed you.

    Once the medic gets passed you;
    1 Simply wind the medic
    2 Run ahead of the medic
    3 Combo with sword
    4 Start the process again

    This strategy is good against;
    -Extremely good against medic
    -Soldier (Map dependant)
    -Pressuring archer
    -Basically any class
    -Anyone that tries to get you off the medic

    Weakness of this strategy
    -Defensive ninja
    -believe it or not, elf

    Elf should win in every 1v1 with an offence class (apart from mage...) Elf defence is also very map dependant. Try to go elf defence on anti-soldier maps, and more maps such as -airlock, metro.
    The main objective is to be a rage builder. This strategy works even more effecient if the opposing offence does not communicate with eachother, and often leaves their medic alone. You also want to go elf defence whenever you can rely on your ninjas. You can basically stall a whole offence by targetting the medic, allowing ninjas to keep coming back for damage, and not allowing any offenders to get close to the flagroom. Even if they do, they have no medic.

    This is my guide for elf defence.

    Also.. If you need help countering against this strategy as medic. You can always ask @ArcticGalaxy or @puhdgy !!! :sweat_smile::rofl::yum:
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