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Looking for feedback - Necro, match terms and more stuff to test!

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Nohox, Jan 14, 2019.


Should abandoning a match result in a forfeit and an instant-win to the remaining team? (Section 3)

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  1. Nohox

    Nohox [MCPVP]

    May 17, 2015
    Hello fellow flag enthusiasts,

    For this weeks feedback thread we have five fresh topics for you to choose from:

    - Previous poll results
    - Plans for Necro
    - Clarification on match cancellations vs. forfeits
    - Testing Topic I: Chemist mana tweak 3
    - Testing Topic II: Flag carrier max health tweak 2

    Previous poll results
    We kick off the thread with the latest poll results, one Google forms poll about Chemist as well as a discord reaction poll about Chemist and the flag carrier health reduction change:



    As you can see, the Chemist permanent Resistance I addition was favored in both polls, while the mana reduction was generally disliked. The flag carrier max health reduction had a moderately better score but was still mainly criticised.

    Plans for Necro
    Among the most requested changes are major reworks for Necro, Engineer and Dwarf. The following is a proposal for a Necro rework, which is based on Chaos' popular suggestion. In short, you spawn with all three mob eggs (zombie, skeleton and cave spider) at your disposal, which you can use to turn into said mob, change your armor and inherit its traits and downsides. The three different mobs ideally represent three playstyles (defense, recovery and offense). You may change back into your human form using a book item before switching to another mob (possibly with a short XP bar cooldown inbetween to prevent insta-switching). While being a mob you may also spawn up to two of your respective minions as wingmen.

    Our main gripe with this is that it feels like cramming three sub-par classes into one, where you could go Ninja to recover, or Heavy to defend more effectively. You might already have voiced your opinion on this concept back then, perhaps you have anything new to add.

    Clarification on match cancellations vs. forfeits
    This topic appeared in the CTF Teams Discord chat, at which point an official match is counted as cancelled and when it is forfeited. The following is a proposal on which we'd like some of you more teams-savvy people to have a rant against:

    - A match is cancelled if both reps agree on it, before or during a game.
    - A match is cancelled if only one team drops out but the match has not yet started.
    - A match is forfeited by a team, if the match has started (20:00 min left on clock) and one team cannot meet requirements, the other team wants to keep playing however

    Cancellations do not count as a played match, a forfeit is an instant win to the remaining team. This means, you can cancel the match if it is scheduled for 2 pm EST and you drop out at 2:17 pm, but before the match has started. After this you forfeit the match if you can't keep your players on but the other team wants to continue playing.

    This was proposed to not have an entire team quit on the others and cancel it mid-game. This is a rare case but it helps against teams feeling betrayed if they have put time into gathering the team and can meet the requirements.

    Testing Topic I: Chemist mana tweak 3
    Considering the latest poll results, there will be another attempt at tweaking the mana cost for damage and health pots for Chemist. If you now are having trouble keeping track of all the tested changes to the mana amount (as we had most of the time), here's a summary. One full mana charge achieves:

    Original Chemist: 3 Damage/4 Health pots in a row
    Chemist-1: 7 Damage/7 Health pots in a row
    Chemist-2: 6 Damage/6 Health pots in a row
    Chemist-3 (new): 4 Damage/5 Health pots in a row

    The testing and ingame poll will end in two weeks from now.

    Testing Topic II: Flag carrier max health tweak 2
    Last testing included a slowly decreasing max health pool after 1.5 min of holding the flag by 1 heart per minute (down to 5/6 hearts max depending on your class). The following is an alteration that takes longer and does not reach as low as before:

    2 minutes - 9 hearts max
    3 minutes - 8 hearts max
    4 minutes - 7 hearts max
    5 minutes - 6 hearts max

    The timer starts when both teams have the flag, timer still runs if flag is dropped. This will affect all classes equally. The testing and ingame poll to this will also end in two weeks from now to allow for a more thorough testing and playstyle adjustment.

    We await your judgement,
    ~ CTF Staff :pompous:

    And no, no drinkable potions Abtruse
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  2. Admiral_Munson

    Admiral_Munson Dank Memer

    Jul 3, 2015
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  3. ExtremeEvoboost

    ExtremeEvoboost CTF Media Man
    Media Team

    Jun 28, 2015
    I like the idea for the necro.
    Other than the tweaks posted, it will be just like the rework entails? If so I think it will be pretty cool. (Its unfortunate the old style of necro didn’t work out, but at this point any rework for necro is better than nothing)
  4. scapezar

    scapezar Tzar of Scapes

    May 17, 2015
    To help make Necro a bit less sub-par in each form, perhaps it can still have a similar xp-leveling system where if it can spend its xp to level up its 2 mobs (atm, i love how upgraded mobs can take like 10-15 hits to kill, even tho their attacking/debuff ability tbh still lacks just a bit to effectively benefit Necro in fights - esp in relation to a default 1v1)
    Assuming the Necro would want to switch forms quite a lot, itd require strategic use of when to spend the xp since the mob levels wouldnt be saved or transferred for the different mobs, while still being an extremely straight-forward concept that wouldnt add any confusion - if u hit a mob with the shovel, then itd upgrade it until its max level or until theres no xp left
    - It's not needed, but itd still be cool to help keep its balance with mobs spawning in with default, reasonable power but still giving it the potential to slightly increase the power ceiling, which would hopefully help in distinguishing it from other classes/roles

    Looking back at my old comment, im still behind the idea of switching in a blaze form for the skeleton form (details on the original thread) - ik it's not really a mob associated with spooky halloween undead type thing, but being able to fly a bit and spit out fire balls as a mf blaze is hellllllllla cool and for being centered around range attacks (its respective form item or its attack shovel can turn into its fire blaster when in that form) and not melee PvP, itd be guaranteed that noobs will want play it/try it out ... $$$

    Also kinda sad that squishy classes wont keep +1 maximum hearts after reduction - teams only hope the flag carrier is a squishy class, for good reason, ngl, so helping level the flag capping playing field would be something nice
    altho it's hardly much of a change, itd still help while maintaining reasonable balance
    not sure how resis I chemist stands in relation to soldier for 'squishiness', but tbh chemi still squishy and at very least lacks soldier's mobility - elf has some mobility but still v squishy
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  5. Recovs

    Recovs Unknown Member

    May 17, 2015
    Personally, chemist shouldn't have resistance, or at least be buffed with the mana decrease per pot. It should be one or the other.

    Oh and I noticed people relying on damage pots a lot more than before. Perhaps if you test chemist again, try 3 damage/5 health.

    Also, I wouldn't mind having the fire resistance pot buffed, as in having damaged recieved while on fire deals less towards you and when someone uses frenzy, it doesn't effect you as much, so you don't get literally one/two shot. (In exchange for no perm resistance I)

    With chemist's current state in this test, it's acting more of an attacker rather than what it's intended to do, support. Pretty much a better heavy.
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