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An economy system

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by BeastyBoo, Jan 20, 2019.


Should this be implemented for a short while, just to test its impact on the server?

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  1. BeastyBoo

    BeastyBoo Insert custom title here

    May 10, 2015
    Hey, before you start reading this thread, keep in mind that English is not my language by nature, and I'm not going to "google" every single word and check all the grammar.

    Alright, lets start by looking at WarZ from a further perspective, like a fly on the wall for instance. The gamemode didn't receive any major changes for a long time, which resulted in multiple different outcomes.
    - The playerbase didn't really increase over time.
    - The gamemode become less and less interesting.
    - The current playerbase "out-skilled" the gamemode itself, and will thereby leave if any big changes happens (Gun system, Looting system etc..)

    Therefore, as any reasonable intelligent person that knows the community can tell, we can't change any of the major features, unless you want the server to die out quicker. I dont honestly see any future where the server itself will increase their player count thru in-game updates, only keeping the current one for a while longer.

    Now, that I have stated my opinion on the " increase playerbase" topic, I wanted to share an idea I at least think might help the current playerbase to stick around a little longer.

    WarZ Economy:
    A new economy system implemented on all the old WarZ Servers, where you can Buy&Sell items too villagers, such as weapons, food and other essential items. Also allowing players to pay each other money for different events, such as helping them kill someone, temp teaming etc..

    I feel like it would not do any harm to the current gamemode, only giving it more features:
    - Players could get decent loot thru their in-game money without actually going to a zone 6 and loot the gear.
    - Giving WarZ another feature to keep it more interesting.
    - Would not impact the current way to play the game.
    - Allowing players to help each other get loot thru "/pay" when they dont have extra items in their enderchest.
    - (MAYBE) Adding another donation category to the brawl shop, where they can buy in-game money.
    - Creating a black market driven economy in the game, where they can simply buy guns of each other or other services.

    The buy and sell item GUI could be a copy of the voting GUI. This entire feature should be fairly easy to program. Only negative outcome I at least can see from adding this feature is:
    - Making the voting system less important, however to be honest no one actually uses that GUI a lot, and it is WAY overpriced.

    It would also potentially make the enderchest less important, as you can simply store the money instead of storing guns, although I'm positive that the smart staff team of Brawl can figure out some solution for that problem.

    Again, sorry for all my grammar mistakes, and wrong usage of some words.


    ===== NEW POST =====
    Just going to answer some questions which are going to appear:

    Is it not going to become pay to win?: Well, this could honestly go either way. Of course there could be people abusing and wasting a lot of money on loot to stack up their alts. But from my experience, they already can do that from before. They can buy ranks to people in exchange of loot, buy accounts of each other. I've been a part of that part of the community myself.

    And saying that this would make WarZ pay to win, is also arguable saying that WarZ already is vote to win. I dont think this would impact the game as much as some people might think. And sure, if certain players want to waste 500$ to stack up 3 accounts or something, be my guest. If anything, good for you for supporting Brawl staying up longer. And all of this could easily be determined by Brawl, and how high the prices in the shop are going to be.

    Is it unfair to buy loot in the middle of a fight?: No, that would be the same as saying that pulling loot from echest or buying loot from the voting GUI is unfair. At least in my opinion. And if not, I think it would actually lead to more interesting fights.

    Is it unfair for whitenames?: Well, the way I see it, they can now get loot easier. They will encounter players with good gear anyways if they potentially run up to a zone 6 for loot.

    Will it impact the looting system?: No, you will still need to loot items to be able to either store or sell them.

    Is this a good idea?: That is up to yourself to decide. And THIS IS NOT THE FINAL IDEA, as one player can not decide the entire future of a community. This is more like a template of an idea I've created. Of course things will need to be edited and changed upon what the entire community wants. We need to find the balance ~Thanos

    Should players be allowed to buy in-game currency thru the Brawl Shop?: This question I really dont want to answer by myself, and rather let the entire community decide. In my opinion, I want to say Yes, although I can't think of all the negative outcomes myself, which is why it should be a joint decision

    The way I look at this, at least from my perspective. This is just a more certain and individual feature than the loot and rare boosters. As in only impacts you. And I am not saying this idea is flawless, I'm just saying that you have to look at all the perspectives. From all I know, this idea could be the legit bull****. Which is why it is just an idea. WarZ already have a black market driven economy from before, only with REAL money. Why not make it more legit?
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