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Necromancer Buff (Ideas)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by PowerMoves, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. PowerMoves

    PowerMoves New Member

    Mar 5, 2019
    Hello, Today I will be sharing my ideas for a necromancer buff.

    All Ideas shared are of my opinion so please don't be mean :frowning:

    Necromancer needs a buff of some sort but honestly even if it gets a small buff no one will use it. The problem with giving it a large buff is that if that does work out and more people are playing it.. More People will be playing it. Meaning that those people will be spamming down zombies and offense will be a darn hard struggle...

    Anyways back onto the topic, My ideas:
    Main Buffs
    I saw this mentioned in another "Necromancer Buff" Suggest on the forums (@Swiftex),
    Buffing Necro's level increase per kill. Every kill the necromancer would get between +1 and +3 levels of XP. That means that Buffing zombies will be more effective and also means that Necromancers will have more of a reason to fight people.
    This might cause some hate but,
    Delete other mobs. No Skeletons or Blazes. This would work with some of the ideas coming up.

    External Buffs
    There are 2 separate ideas I have..
    (Buff the Class items, Buff the Zombies)

    First: Buff the Class (items)
    This is a minor one that honestly could be added into one of the other ideas as a less important feature but,
    Add sharpness 1-2 to the Gold sword (And or make the pick normal diamond or iron)
    Add 1 extra piece of steak (It's not a lot but having one extra piece feels nice)

    Second: Buff the Zombies
    This idea is more major scaled than the last
    The Idea is that you add more tiers to the zombies, currently after level 3 (XP) there is no buff to the zombies.
    What each level currently does:
    Level 1: Speed 2
    Level 2: Strength 3
    Level 3: Iron Sword

    My Idea is to completely rework this mechanic.
    Possibly we could have the levels go to 50.

    I'll give a list shortly but first I'd like to explain why I believe this is balanced.
    50 levels is very hard to get with Necromancers current load out and even with a buff where a kill could give 1 to 3 levels of experience, that doesn't mean that necromancer will be easily farmed, for one zombie.

    This List has some custom ideas implemented into it, so I'd like to say if this is ever used, sorry devs.
    Now on to my list of Levels:
    Level 1: Speed 1
    Level 2: Strength 1
    Level 3: Wood Shovel (Magnifies Damage)
    Level 4: Leather Helmet
    Level 5: Stone Shovel
    Level 6: Leather Boots
    Level 7: Iron Shovel
    Level 8: Leather Leggings
    Level 9: Stone Axe (And or Wood Sword / Diamond Shovel)
    Level 10: Speed 2
    Level 11: Leather Chestplate
    Level 12: Regeneration 1
    Level 13: Gold Helmet
    Level 14: Stone Sword
    Level 15: Gold Boots
    Level 16: +0.5 Block Reach
    Level 17: Gold Leggings
    Level 18: Iron Axe
    Level 19: Gold Chestplate
    Level 20: Strength 2
    Level 21: Iron Helmet
    Level 22: Regeneration 2
    Level 23: Iron Sword
    Level 24: Iron Boots
    Level 25: +0.5 Blocks Reach
    Level 26: Iron Leggings
    Level 27: Fire Resistance
    Level 28: Iron Chestplate
    Level 29: Stone Sword with Sharpness One (1.8 And Below Rule, +1.25 Per Level of Sharpness)
    Level 30: Buffs all Zombies around it (Gives Levels 1 through 11 to all Zombies within 10 blocks of it)
    Note: Honestly Don’t Know what to Put in this level 30 section of course you could make the zombie be up to level 40 instead of 50 but that seems to small. Feel free to be creative with this section.
    Level 31: ???
    Level 32: ???
    Level 33: ???
    Level 34: ???
    Level 35: Iron Sword with Sharpness One (1.8 And Below Rule, +1.25 Per Level of Sharpness)
    Level 36: ???
    Level 37: ???
    Level 38: ???
    Level 39: ???
    Level 40: Virus (DeBuffs Enemy Team (Weakness 1 + Slowness 1) Within 5-10 blocks)
    Level 41: Diamond Helmet
    Level 42: +0.5 Blocks Reach
    Level 44: Diamond Boots
    Level 45: Regeneration 3 (Depending on what happens in Level 30 Section)
    Level 46: Diamond Leggings
    Level 47: Strength 3-4 (Depending on what happens in Level 30 Section)
    Level 48: Diamond Chestplate
    Level 49: Diamond Sword with Sharpness One and Fire Aspect One (1.8 And Below Rule, +1.25 Per Level of Sharpness)
    Level 50: (2 Options)
    Option 1: Buff All Team Members with Resistance 1-2
    A. And or Regeneration 1-2
    B. And or Speed 1-2
    Option 2: Make Zombie Sorta Of Invincible
    A. Zombie gets Regeneration 5-10 And Resistance 2
    B. Optional Strength Buff

    After this point I don’t really have any other ideas, there are, of course, ideas like buffing the killstreak mechanic where you get a killstreak thats 3 instead of 5 and 7-10 instead of 15 kills per upgrade of units. But that idea is sort of subpar.

    At this point these are the changes that are most interesting for me and what I want to see changed.

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  2. scapezar

    scapezar aka Scape

    May 17, 2015
    either temporarily buff it or rework it asap - both could be optimal ngl
  3. StormNox

    StormNox Active Member

    Jul 15, 2017
    i like how the buffs for zombies goes up to 50, because i can get xp from hitting people in spawn and making op zombies.

    apart from that i think necro is fine.
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