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Mercy and Medic, two healing classes

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by abrakadabrax, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. abrakadabrax

    abrakadabrax Member

    Jun 8, 2018
    These ideas are far from fleshed out or viable/balanced. Just ideas I had that I desperately need feedback on before considering if it's worth fleshing out. The main point is that the healing and restoring is a lot weaker, probably. Maybe some aspects could be implemented at some point in a new class or a rework??

    Mercy is a support class with a bow and a staff. Her bow heals allies instead of damaging them. She gains steak from dealing damage and can give that steak to allies by shooting them with her bow, under circumstances. The staff grants health and health regen through guardian beams. She has feathers that give her a lot of jump boost for a while.


    chainmail helmet
    gold chestplate
    chainmail leggings
    gold boots, Feather Falling VI (nano boots)
    gold sword
    bow (biotic bow)
    gold hoe (rod of asclepius)
    2 feathers (valkyrie)
    4 steak

    The Butchering

    Every heart of damage input that Mercy deals, fills up the experience bar with 1/12th. Upon filling the experience bar, Mercy is granted a steak.

    Extra information

    “damage input”, meaning the damage before armor is taken into calculation. 3 fully charged bow shots grants 1 steak.

    The Fattening

    If a fully charged Biotic Bow shot hits an ally with full health, Mercy gives them 1 of her own steak.


    Right-clicking the feather grants Mercy Jump Boost VI for 5 Seconds. Maximum of 2 feathers at a time. A new feather regenerates every 15 seconds, similar to the current speed of assassin.

    Rod of Asclepius

    While holding the Rod of Asclepius, it will target the nearest ally with a guardian beam. When the guardian beam is fully charged, it will end abruptly and grant the ally Absorption II and Regeneration II for 10 seconds. The Rod cannot be used on the same target for 10 seconds.

    Extra information

    Currently the total health this grants is 4 hearts through absorption and 4 hearts through absorption.

    This item is especially useful when your arrows are getting bodyblocked by the enemy.

    It could be tricky trying to stay in range for the entire duration of the charge up, especially because walls block the beam and getting kbed and jump boost might prevent you from staying close enough. Would be quite useful for healing soldiers and elves.

    Potential way of coding: have squids on the heads of all allies. guardians target squids. squid dies. death of squid triggers effect given to the player in the immediate area. squid respawns in 15 seconds

    Item: Biotic Bow

    Allies hit with the Biotic Bow regen health instead of taking damage, corresponding to the damage it would have dealt.

    Extra information

    “full health” as in 10 hearts total, be it natural health or absorption.

    Charging time Health Regen

    0–0.2 s (no charge) 0.5 heart

    0.3–0.9 s (medium charge) 3 hearts

    1+ s (full charge) 4.5 hearts


    gold helmet
    diamond chestplate
    gold leggings
    gold boots
    gold sword, Knockback I
    4 steak
    5 snowballs
    3 noteblocks


    Throwable cobwebs, they disappear after a few seconds. They max at 5. Allies can break cobwebs instantly. Enemies can break cobwebs at normal block speed. Unchanged from current medic.

    Drop the Beat

    Once placed, a noteblock will give enemies slowness I for 20 ticks, like beacon, in a 4 block radius. Whenever Medic tunes it (right click), allies in the radius gain half a heart. At 24 clicks, the musical cycle has reached it peak. The next click will cause an explosion and restores up to 50% of the items of allies in the radius. Medic regenerates 1 noteblock every 10 seconds.

    extra information

    the noteblock can be destroyed like any other structure, it can be destroyed in 0.2 seconds by a pyro and in 1.25 seconds by anyone else.

    simply holding rightclick, the noteblock will fully charge in 5 seconds.

    rightclicking with around 6.2 cps, lowers that to 3 seconds.

    a strategy could be charging a noteblock but not detonating it until later.

    “up to 50% of items”, meaning the following for an elf or necro:

    Before After

    0 steak 2 steak

    2 steak 4 steak

    4 steak 5 steak

    heavy elf and necro are at a disadvantage for having an uneven amount of steak, requiring 3 beat drops instead of 2 for pyro soldier and medic.

    comparison of current medic and idea medic

    On one hand, the noteblocks can heal faster than current medic, about 0.7 hearts per second more at 6 CPS. In addition, it has AoE healing. On the other hand, current medic a similar effect when clicking a few people right after each other.
    It requires the idea medic to actively tune the noteblock, which is fixed on a position. The restore is also less effective. unlike the unlimited healing touch of current medic, the noteblocks are quite limited.

    the healing and restoring basically is a lot worse. the ****ty idea medic healing is compensated by several things. a knockback sword for disengaging and knocking people out of the noteblock area. a dia chestplate for more tankiness, idea medic can also restore his own steak. it does have 2 steak less. noteblock healing can be stacked.
  2. NeoGer

    NeoGer Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2014
    This might be good if it gets tested but I think you've been playing too much Overwatch
  3. abrakadabrax

    abrakadabrax Member

    Jun 8, 2018
    My computer has problems with running overwatch since last week so I kinda need ctf to become a one on one copy of it asap. I just realised I copied moira's healing thingy... I swear it happened unconsciously! I did consciously use ow names and the biotic bow is basically the biotic rifle.

    I got the noteblock idea from the special bedwars mode on hypickle with the exploding noteblock. Jumpboost is just bc I want some way of disengaging ninjas as a healer that doesnt involve killing the ninja cuz webs do a really poor job!!
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