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Intro Review of new classes April 2019

Discussion in 'Intros & Outros' started by WillB88, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. WillB88

    WillB88 New Member

    Apr 15, 2019
    Hello I would just like to point out my review of the new classes which I posted in the thread where they were announced. However this was 1.5 months ago so I don't know how many people will see it. To make it easier I have pasted my review below.

    Engineer 2.0

    It's finally happening - one of the most controversial and disliked classes is getting a rework. Staff will be testing it over the coming week (starting from Monday, 11th of March), and when staff testing is done we will be releasing it to ranked (ELITE & MVP only) players for them to test as well. The rework will consist of a grenade launcher, a healing pillar, and a speed boost pad. Once mod testing has finished, we will make tweaks as necessary, give full details, and begin ELITE and MVP testing.

    Elf Wind Feedback

    We're looking at changing Elf's wind element. We have recently changed wind element and given it the vortex ability, and we're likely going to be changing it again based on your feedback. Please let us know what you think by voting on the poll at the top of the thread.

    The vortex tweak would include removing the restriction around the enemy flag, and the old wind tweak would likely be buffing its strength. This will be tested after Engineer 2.0 and the new content.

    I have been playing CTF on Brawl for a few years, I agree with the pyro and other updates not highlighted in the reply above. However being an elf player, I have found that the new wind element is not so good for captures and general usage. You can no longer push away enemies around the enemy flag to pick it up easier, and there is no way of pushing enemies, who are attacking you, away. I find the vortex is great for stopping enemies who are carrying the flag. Therefore I think something should be made that allows you to switch between the options or something e.g. by pressing shift to cycle between the pushing wind element and the vortex. Overall this would even out some of the major disadvantages of the elf bringing it back to be more of a multi function class.
    I used to really enjoy the earth element as it would deal some area damage too, which the elf can no longer do at all. Alternatively to the vortex bring back the old wind element and include the earth element.
    Other points to include:
    An extra 4 arrows, as I often run out when trying to capture, meaning I get killed as I have no arrows to use for wind element to push me away.
    Perhaps bring back sharpness 2 to the wooden sword. I am a better archer than swordsman so when it comes to close combat I rarely get kills.

    In terms of the engineer, I have not played him personally but playing against him is tiring work and the TNT often kills me as if it hits me accurately I loose 4 hearts. - 2 of them and a couple of quick successive hits from the player and I am dead. Perhaps just somehow nerf the damage of the TNT just a little bit. It doesn't need to be much as I know the elf has low armour so other classes wouldn't struggle as much.
    In my opinion the old engineer was more of a team class which gave more advantage to other players, something that is not really common in any other classes. This was the case because the engineer could set up a mini base and provide support for people by the regen cake and providing shelter by the turret. (I rarely see the cake regen skill being used anymore.) Also The portal/teleporter was more fun and strategic too.

    In conclusion I do not mind changes, however when they make things more unequal or less of a team involvement i think it is a shame.
    If you don't take into account my suggestions that is fine but it would be nice to see just a couple of changes, even if they are little.
    Thank you very much for taking time to read my review and opinions and I hope it is helpful
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