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Minigame Idea: Gold Rushers

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by JaxonCA12, Apr 30, 2019.


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  2. It needs a couple tweaks.

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  1. JaxonCA12

    JaxonCA12 Member

    Mar 18, 2019
    Gold Rushers is an idea I had for a fun gamemode that feels like it would fit in Party.
    Haven't built map yet, will get on that soon-ish.
    Here's how the game works.

    The Setup
    The game takes place in a walled Arena with a Floor made of Stone, Gravel, Andesite, etc. Basically gray non-ore blocks that spawn underground. Everyone has an Iron Pickaxe.

    The Game
    Blocks in the floor will become Gold Ore, with some yellow particles to signal their appearance. The first player to hit (Not Mine, Just Hit) the Ore will have a Gold Ingot added to the Ninth Slot of their Hotbar.

    Every once in a while, Cyan Fireworks will start up in an area of the arena. After a few seconds of Fireworks, a Diamond Axe will spawn there. The first player to pick it up has their Pickaxe replaced with the Axe for around five seconds (Don't know how long this time should be, may need testing). During that time, they have infinite Speed I and Diamond Armor, and can steal Gold Ingots from anyone they hit, but can't mine any Gold from the ground.

    How to Win
    After a few minutes of this, whoever has the most Gold wins!
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