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Idea Spawn changes

Discussion in 'MC-War' started by Ice_Bear1, Jun 1, 2019.

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  1. Ice_Bear1

    Ice_Bear1 Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2017
    Ice Bear and JEM have come up with a few ideas to combat spawn camping.

    JEM's Idea: Moving spawns.
    Spawns will act like they are in CoD games. Spawns of teams will move around the map randomly if they are overrun. Example if the regular spawns have too many enemies nearby the blue team will spawn in a different area away from red. This system is completely automatic and spawns will be as far from the enemy as possible. To trigger a spawn move enough enemy players have to be inside of a team's spawn or the majority of a team must be dead. For example, let's say it is a 6 vs 6 and red is absolutely dominating. The red team are right in blue's spawn lets just say 3 red players are on blue's original spawn. Instead of blue team continuing to spawn there their spawn will be moved furthest away as possible from red team. This will make it incredibly hard and basically impossible to spawn camp because the spawns will just move if it happens.

    Pros: Basically ends spawn camping, try map from different angles,
    Cons: makes objectives difficult, changes the direction of where an enemy is coming from completely

    Ice Bear's Idea: Selectable spawns
    Ice Bear says each team will have 3 spawns that they can choose to spawn at. Ice Bear says at the start of the game each team spawns at their default spawn but when they die they can choose out of 3 spawns to spawn in.
    Ice Bear says for example after a blue player dies they can choose one of the three spawns and they will spawn within that area. Ice Bear says the main benefit is that they can use this to go to safer spawns. Lets just say a sentry is in one of the spawns so a player can just choose a safer spawn location. Ice Bear says, however, choosing your spawn will make your respawn time slightly longer. Ice Bear says you can spawn normally and go to the default spawn in 5 seconds (3 for elite) but when you decide to choose your spawn it takes 7 seconds (5 for elite). Ice Bear says how players would select their spawns would be easy. Ice Bear says when they die and are in spectator mode they have 2 blocks Block B for spawn point and spawn C for spawn point C in their inventory (Spawn A is the default spawn). If they click one of the blocks then instead of spawning in spawn A they will spawn in the spawn they selected after a 7 second delay (5 for elites). Ice Bear says that if they don't click any blocks then after their respawn timer goes down they will automatically
    spawn at the default spawn A.

    Pros: Helps against spawn camping greatly, can be used to get to objectives faster
    Cons: Does not completely solve spawn camping
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  2. Keksdeee

    Keksdeee Member

    Feb 2, 2018
    I like the idea, however it sounds like it will need some programming.
  3. Naughty__Nova

    Naughty__Nova Member

    Jun 14, 2018
    There's another CoD server that did the moving spawns concept very well, so it's not impossible.
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