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CTF Team Update | June 2019

Discussion in 'Teams' started by wintergreen3, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. wintergreen3

    wintergreen3 Delta Force Leader | CTF Archer

    May 17, 2015
    Sup CTFers!
    This month we held Map Wave XIV public testing, and a CTF Staff Q & A. We now have some questions following up the Q & A for you to answer. Read them here.
    We are also looking for feedback on Elf changes. Please give us your opinions on the class, because we feel it needs some attention.

    New Official Teams -

    Disbanded Teams -

    Player/Team Strikes -

    • (2) NorthXtreme - Can play in matches.
    • (3) Skarm - Is banned from ALL matches/CTF Teams. Cannot be a part of any roster, no exceptions. Altsincluded.
    • (2) Vezenite - Can play in matches.
    • (2) ByzakaByzantine - Can play in matches.
    • (1) GeeAiJo - Can play in matches.
    • (1) UncookedRice - Can play in matches.
    • (1) dukeisawesome12 - Can play in matches.
    • (1) ahaha - Can play in matches.
    • (1) TheCoca111 - Can play in matches.
    • (1) Evan19119 - Can play in matches.
    Non-Strike Restrictions -
    On 5/6/19, Aussi has been restricted for 2 months due to two of their accounts being banned. This restriction shall last until 7/6/19 unless their bans are successfully appealed.

    Official Teams & Reps:
    The Adventurer (ADV) | [​IMG] redslime
    Annihilation (Anni) | [​IMG] Miskey
    The Blue Flaggers
    (TBF) | [​IMG] EkkoFox
    CITRIX (CX) | [​IMG] chihaki
    The Crusaders (TC) | [​IMG] ArcticGalaxy
    Delta Force (DF) | [​IMG] wintergreen3
    (DLG) | Yami
    Resurgence (RSG) | [​IMG] Nakatago
    (O) | [​IMG] Lceman502
    The Jailors (TJR) | [​IMG] Ovaldiduval
    The Templars (TT) | [​IMG] Raging_

    redslime [​IMG]
    Miskey [​IMG]
    Nohox [​IMG]
    ningeek212 [​IMG]
    puhdgy [​IMG]
    Versions [​IMG]
    wintergreen3 [​IMG]


    P.S. u don wan mess!
    P.S.S. Sorry for such a late update this month. I had this written up a couple of days ago, but I've had a really tough time IRL and I basically just forgot. Next month will be better, I promise. <3
    Happy Capping!

    ~The CTF Team Committee [​IMG]
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