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Possibilities of Pyro

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Cardonation, Jun 7, 2019.

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  1. Cardonation

    Cardonation CTF MOD | Assistant Events Manager

    Oct 8, 2015
    Hey there,
    Pyro is a controversy of a class. One thing I know for sure is that most pyro players do not enjoy the class much at all. Here are some interesting suggestions to consider if the class is ever to be tweaked in the future (keep in mind all of these suggestions are separate, mix and match however you'd like)...

    -Opponents on fire (solely by pyro abilities, not things like Flame Spell) lose their buffs until they are no longer on fire (helps against ninja speed II, buffed heavy crits, and chemist everything).

    -Burning on Pyro Bow last 1-2 ticks longer.

    -Flint and Steel loses vanilla ability and instead becomes a counter. When activated, a player that hits the pyro will catch on fire and be knocked back, also partially charging the frenzy meter. This lasts for a short time and has a significant cooldown, but a great reward.

    -Frenzy only charges when players on fire are hit to compensate for the longer fire time or Flint ability stated above (or just a balance change by itself).

    -Igniting the flag post is disabled...

    Pyros unite and leave a reply below with opinions and suggestions!
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  2. Spexon_O1

    Spexon_O1 Member

    Dec 3, 2016
    the flint and steel will take some getting used to, but everything else seems pretty solid. And for the love of god please make frenzy double right click to acticate!
  3. SoCool21

    SoCool21 7 Year McPvPer

    May 17, 2015
    Honestly, I think pyro needs a rework entirely. I've never been a fan of how it's supposed to be played (purely defensive), and it needs to be less effective in the flagroom and more effective outside the flagroom.
  4. Foodcourt

    Foodcourt Global MOD

    Dec 8, 2015
    This would help Pyro's sustainability but I still think even without buffs or speed II Pyro would still take a lot of damage and find itself going down often, especially in large offensive pushes.

    Because I rarely play Pyro I am looking at this from an offensive player's perspective. I think this would be a beneficial change because it not only slows down the player but gives the Pyro, as well as other defensive players, a better opportunity recover the flag. Given that a medic can heal off the fire tick at any time, I think it is fair that an offensive player spends a few more seconds on fire.

    This may be slightly overpowered, but you mentioned that it would have significant cooldown.

    How long is "a short time" (the ability is activated), and how long would the "significant cooldown" be?

    Definitely agree that this would be a good balance to the changes you proposed.
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  5. TheDCSportsGirl

    May 14, 2019
    So I wrote this super long and detailed multiparagraph response to the counter alone.
    And I accidentally deleted it.
    So I'm going to be "short" and sweet this time around.

    I like the counter, and I like removing getting frenzy on normal hits.
    But not together.
    The counter helps with a single person, but doesn't do anything about groups of people. Being able to get frenzy off of a normal hit is important to dealing with groups of people because you can set a carrier on fire with the bow, then turn around and get frenzy off of a heavy, chemist, or medic. If you remove pyro's ability to do something about groups of people and replace that with a single use ability on a cooldown that can only be used against a single person, you're lowering the overall power of pyro.
    As far as I'm concerned, the easiest fix is to change the counter so that it affects more than one player at a time. This can be done by activating it, then a short period of time later, having the effect go off on anyone who hit the pyro during that time.

    Good ideas, could use some polish.

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  6. scapezar

    scapezar Tzar of Scapes

    May 17, 2015
    tbh i like the fire tick increase and the frenzy only being able to be charged if the player is on fire

    i really really like that debuff ability, but i feel it may be better fit for classes that could be used on offense or at mid for support - like elf or maybe necro for example, esp since it's a very tool-like, technical support ability

    however i do lean more for a reversion back to w/e extent to an instakill ability

    (and ud think u cant ignite the flag post anymore xd)
  7. Northernlreland

    Northernlreland Active Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Personally I think pyro is ok. Yeah I wouldn't play or main it due to it being slightly boring, however it's not at all weak. A pyro can trade effeciently against soldiers/heavies. Personally I feel other classes such as elf/necro should be looked at first, then come back to a pyro rework.
  8. Choowie

    Choowie Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2017
    I agree that burning on pyro bow should last longer, and I really like the new flint ability since it could help a lot with recovery! But I feel like the frenzy change would heavily affect pyro gameplay because we wouldn’t be able to charge frenzy from medics. Medics would be able to freely attack the pyro without worrying about feeding frenzy.
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