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Necro class rework ideas

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by roket333, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. roket333

    roket333 New Member

    Jul 19, 2019
    These are my ideas to make Necro a good class again
    Current Necro is totally broken in that minions, the big gimmick of the class, do nothing to enemies
    I remember reading somewhere that mobs would not be coming back, so these ideas will be based on other things the master of undead could do, so let's get right into it
    New inventory
    Necro has an iron axe sword, 5 steaks, a slot for powered blood, a slot for souls, and a book of souls
    For armor, iron helmet and leggings, gold chestplate, and a pair of team-colored leather boots
    The two red glass panes once again represent the class selector and compass
    reason for change: a sword would just be better, doing more damage and being able to block assassin attempts

    Powered Blood itself does almost nothing, but is obtained through damaging enemies and can be obtained up to 20, however, you will only get Powered Blood from damaging an enemy if you are not damaged for 1 second at 1 Powered Blood per heart of damage
    I say "almost nothing" because if you have one or more Powered Blood, it will reduce damage done to you at the cost of itself, but with a cap
    Each Powered Blood will absorb 1/2 heart of damage, with a cap of 5 Powered Blood, or 2 1/2 hearts
    After each time it absorbs damage, it will not do so again for 3 1.5 seconds, which is to prevent being able to tank everything with effectively double health, but this isn't it's only use...
    reason for change: 3 seconds is a little too long, but 1.5 seconds feels better
    Like Powered Blood, Souls do almost nothing on their own
    You get souls by killing enemies, but unlike Powered Blood, you get them even if you've recently taken damage
    You can get up to 5 souls, which can be right-clicked once every 15 seconds or so to recover 5 hearts, but that's not all it's good for...
    If you die with some souls, you will keep half of them, rounding down
    For example, if you have 5 souls and die, you will respawn with 2
    The Book of Souls is the Necro's most important item, and gives another use to Powered Blood and Souls
    The Book of Souls has 3 modes which can be toggled by shift-right clicking
    Mode 1 uses the Powered Blood, right clicking will give you regeneration 1 3 for 4 seconds, but left clicking a teammate will give them regeneration 3 4 for 4 seconds too, but if you left click an enemy, they will get wither 2 for 4 seconds, all the actions will use 5 Powered Blood
    Mode 2 uses Souls, right clicking will not do anything, left clicking a teammate, though, will heal them up to 5 hearts, and left clicking an enemy will do 2 5 hearts of damage true, all the actions will use one Soul
    Mode 3 also uses Souls, where only if you have 5, you can instantly kill any player except other Necros, who will have 9 hearts of true damage done to them, bypassing any Powered Blood they have
    Killing an enemy with mode 3 will not give you any Powered Blood or souls

    reason for change: regeneration 1 for 4 seconds heals 1/2 heart, so, basically useless, but regeneration 4 heals 6 1/2 hearts
    mode 3 was, admittedly, something i came up with on the spot, and it completely overshadows mode 2 while being underwhelming
    mode 2 was pretty weak; you do all the work to kill someone and get an item that does 2 hearts of damage, so it's been increased to 5

    Once again, that's all for my class rework ideas, and if you have any recommendations, or concerns or anything like that, let me know, telling me will give me a better idea of what people want, which will improve future class rework ideas
    If I had the option between this or Engineer first, I would say Necro, because he really needs it
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    #1 roket333, Jul 20, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  2. Admiral_Munson

    Admiral_Munson Dank Memer

    Jul 3, 2015
    did someone say... NECRO rework???

    good stuff my man. also congratulations on posting what is, I think, the 75th Necro rework posted on this forum. it's like a god damn anniversary :joy::joy::joy:

    Powered blood is basically LoL's bloodthirster mechanic (not that there's anything wrong with that - it's a good mechanic) but with a out of combat qualifier and it's kind of weak in general. 2 1/2 full hearts is basically 1 hit from a Heavy

    Soul mechanic is also fine and comparable to Soraka ult (I use a lot of League analogies).

    Book of Souls is where this gets a little weird... and I'd like to elaborate on that with general thoughts on this rework:

    Basically what you've got is a Necro with (basically) no damage or anything to do damage with - but at the same time all of his kit is dependent on him surviving fights (like a juggernaut) and doing damage. You only get blood from doing damage - with a shield which presumably allows you do do more damage. Souls only come from you killing enemies but they give no damage benefit themselves unless you kill 5 people.

    As for Book of Souls - mode 1 is extremely weak (regeneration 1 is terrible and provides minimal in combat benefit) and regeneration 3 heal falls in the same category. All other classes w/heals provide much better healing. The 2 hearts true damage from Mode 2 is completely overshadowed by Mode 3, personally I'd only use it for heals. And Mode 3 is an instant kill cookiemonster mechanic (HG's cookiemonster used to be able to run at people, right click them with a cookie, and instakill them) which is problematic for obvious reasons. Not to mention it's underwhelming because you literally have to kill 5 people to get an instakill which might not even happen at all (especially if you die) - and then you lose all the Souls you collected which prevents you from accessing Mode 2 or the heal. And this Necro could die to Assassin at any time

    Basically, this Necro has roughly the same survivability as Soldier with a stone sword. It can't do much without damaging things or getting kills but it has no way to consistently do either.

    I don't really have any suggestions, other than giving this Necro a lot more damage (and a sword so it can't be instakilled by Assassins thx).

    I think it'd be helpful to think about what this Necro's role is? Support, defense, offense, recovery? What is it good at?

    I feel like what you have is a quas-juggernaut who can heal, tank, and do damage (similar to Chemist) except it's bad at all of it - which could be fixed by removing the instakill and adding more baseline damage or whatever.
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  3. roket333

    roket333 New Member

    Jul 19, 2019
    Thank you for your feedback
    I know i'm far from the first person to request a Necro rework, but I had some unique ideas, so I made this post instead of forgetting about them
    You can see what was changed by looking at the now edited post, text in red and strikethrough are removed stuff
    Also, my idea of what Necro is is different depending on whether or not he has mobs
    With them, he's more of a defense class, but with my ideas, I think he would be more of a support class, because he can deal a good amount of damage and heal teammates
  4. Cardonation

    Cardonation CTF MOD | Assistant Events Manager

    Oct 8, 2015
    This is a very interesting and detailed rework, nice job! It's an interesting spin on a tanky regenerative class, but that raises 1 of 2 concerns for me. It feels like Chemist, in its current state, really plays the role that this Necro rework would play but better. If you added some sort of niche or gimmick that tied into the blood or souls, or even something that allows it to counter certain classes/playstyles, that would make it better. The other concern is the insta-kill, just because it's an instant kill and, imo, it doesn't work with the rest of the class. Other than these things, your rework has good potential.
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  5. roket333

    roket333 New Member

    Jul 19, 2019
    Thank you for the feedback
    for your first point, I see what you mean, and i'll think of something
    for your second point, the insta-kill was scrapped, hence why it's in red strikethrough
  6. SoCool21

    SoCool21 7 Year McPvPer

    May 17, 2015
    Just want to double check - do you get powered blood and souls from killing players (i.e, getting the kill) or dealing damage to them (without necessarily killing them)?
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