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[CTF] Class vs. Class Event

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by wintergreen3, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. wintergreen3

    wintergreen3 Delta Force Leader | CTF Archer

    May 17, 2015
    Hello CTF players! Recently we have decided it's time for another CTF Event so together we've decided to hold a class vs class event!


    What is the Class vs Class Event?:

    3 rounds of CTF will be played but with a slight twist. There will be 3 different rounds with the preselected class(es) vs class(es). In these 3 rounds, you will not know which of the classes you will be playing, and switching teams will be turned off, and of course, you can only play the class that was given to you. Other than that it's your usual game of CTF.

    The following maps + classes will be played:

    Round 1 | Airlock I:
    Chemist vs. Heavy
    Round 2 | Skyworlds I:
    Engineer vs. Mage
    Round 3 | Pagodas:
    Scout + Heavy vs. Assassin + Chemist

    When and Where?:

    The event will be held on Sunday, 1st of September at 3PM EST on one of our CTF servers.

    Are there Prizes?:

    At the event, we will be giving away 2 random cosmetics that are worth up to 5 USD, to have a chance of winning just be at the event! They will be given away at random times, so make sure you are there for the whole event, so you don't miss it!

    We hope to see you there for a great event and most importantly a lot of fun!

    -CTF Staff Team
    -Event Managers - Prouddyyy and Carnotauros
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  2. ningeek212

    ningeek212 Yoshi Legend and Medic Main

    May 18, 2015
    :sob: why skyworlds :frowning:
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