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Proposed Changes

Discussion in 'Raid' started by Carnotauros, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. CalledRainer

    CalledRainer Well-Known Member

    Jan 9, 2016
    It certainly killed iron pvp. If you make a iron 1 v 1 with refills the iron armour is completely broken to the point where it is no longer a "reward"
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  2. Warrey

    Warrey Member

    Oct 10, 2019
    What I said, keep working like this @Carnotauros because these changes sounds great and will hopefully make people interested in playing more! You’re a great staff and gotta keep on working like you do.
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  3. Colonel_Graff

    Colonel_Graff http://www.brawl.com/games/ctf/lookup/188857/
    Wiki Team

    Jun 16, 2015
    Hey there- I have a couple of suggestions from a number of sources that might make Raid more fun. A lot of folks contributed, and they are listed below:


    Stone renamed to Cobblestone Ore
    Grass block renamed to Dirt Ore
    Obsidian renamed to Tracker Ore
    Gravel renamed to Flint Ore

    New advancements:
    'Creep': When the player watches 2 villagers breed
    'Mr Stark I don't feel so good': Renaming a spider 'Spider Man' instanty kills him and he drops gunpowder
    'Hindenburg': Killing a ghast with a flame bow
    'Global warming': Adding a full stack of coal to a furnace
    'You're part of the Problem': Adding a full stack of coal blocks to a furnace
    'Sea level rise': Using 10,000 coal in furnaces on the map; also, all ocean and river levels increase by one block
    'Hyperinflation': For every 10,000 gold collected from Zombie pigman, this is acheived. Also, gold balanced reduced by 90%
    'Elon Musk': build a redstone component with at least 100 parts
    'Jeff Bezos': put at least 100 times in the shop
    'Mark Zuckerburg': Post 100 times on the forums
    'Mugshot': taking a screenshot from behind iron bars
    'Grow Operation': Plant 100 grass
    'Ripoff': Selling a gold ingot for more than 1 gold
    'Sucker': Selling a gold ingot for less than 1 gold

    Loyalty: applied to hoes. Players complain the hoes ain't loyal.
    Fortune, Silk Touch, Power, applicable to TNT. When TNT is used Fortune drops more loot, Silk touch drops the source blocks, and Power increases explosion range
    No cap to enchanting, and combining two equal enchants in an anvil results in the next enchant level. Example: combining 2 Sharp 5 swords gives a Sharp 6 sword; 2 Sharp 6 swords gives a Sharp 7 sword, etc.
    Sticks enchantable with Knockback.

    New crafting recipies:
    Bedrock: 8 stone and 1 bed
    Skeleton: 206 bones
    Iron Apple: 8 iron ingots and 1 apple
    Enchanted Iron Apple: 8 iron blocks and 1 apple
    Dragon Egg Block: 9 dragon eggs. Cannot be reverted.
    Breadrock: 9 bread

    New kits:
    Trump kit: 1 red leather hat called "MAGA", with curse of binding and vanishing; 256 gold; 6 stacks of Cobblestone wall; and a block of ice called 'ICE' that, when it hits villagers transports them beyond the southern barrier
    Mod kit: Makes you invisible, adds flight ability, and teleports you immediately to players that are hacking

    New Commands:
    /CountryRoads - takes you home
    /WhatIsLove - gives resistance 1000 for 5 seconds, so player can't get hurt no more
    /EilsOn - Disables all hack client activity

    New mechanics:
    Dispensers dispensing enderpearls will teleport
    Food items dropped on the ground despawn after 5 seconds
    Creepers on fire explode immediately since they are walking explosives.
    Gunpowder in active furnaces make them explode like TNT
    Inventory stacks increased from 64 items to 69 items (thanks team Wrath)
    Ranks remove server wide ads: VIP removes purchase notifications; MVP includes VIP and removes notifications about other gamemodes; Elite removes all ads.
    Standing on a sapling when it grows into a tree tosses you in the air
    Equipping a horse with Elytra turns it into a Pegasus
    Nether portals are made from Netherrack and not obsidian
    Diamond golems can be crafted with 3 diamond blocks and a pumpkin
    Killing a cat drops 8 totems of undying
    Crafting tables have durability like Anvils (Crafting Table, Slightly Damaged Crafting Table, and Very Damaged Crafting Table)
    Hitting a spawner with a Dragon egg turns it into an Enderdragon spawner
    Giants spawned by bans can be captured. Eggs can be used to create Giant spawners.

    World generation:
    All lava in the nether is covered in a layer of obsidian for faster travel
    All diamond ore spawns with a lava block either immediately above or below it
    America biome: While there, healing items become 2-3 times expensive; player has a risk of developing status of 'diabetes'; McDonalds generates as a structure; Wal-Mart also generate as a structure; and Enderman renamed to Enderperson
    Savanna and Jungle biome may give status effect of Ebola
    Building above 200 blocks gives player damage from cold and lack of oxygen
    NetherNether: reachable using a NetherNether Portal (itself made from Soul Sand), it is a world where 1 block of travel there is equal to 8 blocks of travel in the Nether and 64 blocks overworld
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