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Searching for people to play with

Discussion in 'Groups' started by RedDragonLP_, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. RedDragonLP_

    RedDragonLP_ Active Member

    Oct 26, 2013
    Hello Brawlers,

    its been years since I've played warz. Now that I'm back I'm searching for people to team up with.
    When I left warz I was pretty decent and I think I can get back into this, just need people to play with.

    Things I dont need (because I grew up): squeekers and people which are investing more time in betraying than playing with a team. Also I dont want to play in a big team, just a group of 3-4 players.

    What I am searching for:
    Players which are atleast 16 years old.
    You should have fun playing warz.
    Players which have a good amount of experience (which I have because I've been playing this since 2013)
    Players which are friendly to each other and not toxic. Toxcity destroys every team or group.
    I would prefer people with atleast VIP.

    Hit me up if u are interested. You can pm me or try to hit me up ingame (PM is the better choice probably)

    I also have discord and teamspeak, which I will give you when ur interested.

    best regards,

    P.S (I'm from germany and I'm 19 years old)
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  2. Yupper

    Yupper The limegreen Yupper! <3

    Nov 16, 2014
    Good luck finding some people! :grinning:
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