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Guide to Forleb

Discussion in 'Guides' started by GoodJobBud, Nov 28, 2019.

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  1. GoodJobBud

    GoodJobBud Member

    Apr 16, 2019
    I've decided after a long while that the best way to approach a new player is with hard information, instead of immediately farming them until they rage and log off (no @ :smile:). Thus I bring to you a full run-down on the way I work, and what to do in various scenarios of encountering Forleb.

    hi lol
    First thing's first: I'm not your friend or your enemy; You decide that for me by either being friendly or hopelessly feeding me kills until logging off and calling bs. I'm always tempted to give second chances, such as newcomers attacking and then deciding to be friendly; but don't pull anything you know I'll aggro for.

    Oh Really?
    I've been playing Brawl since 2014; had an old account that I lost the password to, so here I am I guess. I've made dozens of friends/allies in my time on Capture the Flag, which is pretty neat. I used to be just like most of the players that I'm sending this thread to: Horrible at the game and hostile, otherwise known as a bot. So, this particular bot by the name of Emerald388 decides to stick around despite these adversities, and along the way learns that you really don't have to attack every single player in sight to impress the 8 people on this server that actually care about stats. A funny and true story: I stuck with the name "Fallen" for a number of years until one day, a friend of mine got higher than my headshot death count and spammed my named in a very distorted manner to get my attention; among this gibberish, "Forleb" stuck out to me for some reason, and i've been known by this name ever since.

    Now i'd like to run through some of the most common occurrences you may experience while in my presence.
    - Scenario 1, "bot.exe": A good number of the people I send this to will fall almost perfectly into this section, so don't get mad if you really aren't the god of Minecraft you told yourself you were. The funniest part of finding new hostile players is when you try for agonizing minutes on end to kill me, eventually succeed after 8 attempts, and then "ez" or "L". This is dumb for a number of obvious reasons that I hope you have the capacity to accept. Please don't be dumb.
    - Scenario 2, "******** *** *******": If you feel attacked personally because the team of 13 people you've been attacking for the last 10 minutes oddly wants to kill you for some reason, whining about it in chat is no better a resolve than bending your fingers to the back of your wrist and conducting a colonoscopy on yourself. Fear not, as your life will surely not be ruined by a jobless teen killing you on Minecraft out of boredom.
    - Scenario 3, "but i TRUSTED you !": If you're relating to this section you should take a moment, look away from your screen, and just ponder on the events that have led up to this exact moment in your life. I'm not big on being a douchebag, but sometimes a little kick in the head can save both of us some headaches... hopefully. Acting chill and then attacking when you think/know I have low health or am at a positional disadvantage only proves you witty enough to find a bottle of water at the bottom of a freshwater lake. Your IQ is probably not 4, so don't pull anything that suggests the latter, even if it sadly is the best way you can think of to show how inferior I am to you.

    Welcome :grinning:
    Hopefully by the time you've read through this composure of years of permanent brain damage, you will learn that not being a bot has some cool benefits, such as:
    - Not having me farm you
    - Not having everyone else farm you
    - Being able to have civil, humorous conversations
    - Accepting that you are not the protagonist of every second of your life
    If this is the case, then all I can say is i'm proud that you've changed. It's quite scary what the people that don't make it to this part grow up to be in some cases. I don't think any of us truly understand how many brain cells we waste playing this game as much as we do, but I hope those of us that have learned to chill can make the best of our time before we inevitably move on, as adults with severe antisocial disorders and carpal tunnel in our right hands.

    Oh, and if you really know me, i'm one just one fleb away.
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