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CTF Team Update | January 2020

Discussion in 'Teams' started by wintergreen3, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. wintergreen3

    wintergreen3 Delta Force Leader | CTF Archer

    May 17, 2015
    Sup CTFers!
    Not a whole lot happened this month unfortunately, but I did wait until this weekend had passed to post this thread because we (the CTF staff team) held a Q&A session on stream! You can watch it here; it's only around 30-40 minutes long so make sure to take a look at it.

    As a side note: I wanted to say that if any of you had any suggestions of what I could do to make the team updates more interesting, let me know! Admittedly, right now it's mostly a monthly copy/paste with one new paragraph at the beginning of every thread... because there isn't much to report on teams, even when they are more active as they have been recently. So, I'm not sure what I can do to improve the thread that much. You can PM me on Discord (wintergreen3#7154), or even just reply here if you have any ideas!

    New Official Teams -

    Disbanded Teams -

    Player/Team Strikes -

    • (2) NorthXtreme - Can play inmatches.
    • (3) Skarm - Is banned from ALL matches/CTF Teams. Cannot be a part of any roster, no exceptions. Alts included.
    • (2) Vezenite - Can play in matches.
    • (2) ByzakaByzantine - Can play in matches.
    • (1) GeeAiJo - Can play in matches.
    • (1) UncookedRice - Can play in matches.
    • (1) dukeisawesome12 - Can play in matches.
    • (1) ahaha - Can play in matches.
    • (1) TheCoca111 - Can play in matches.
    • (1) Evan19119 - Can play in matches.
    Non-Strike Restrictions -

    Official Teams & Reps:
    Annihilation (Anni) | [​IMG] Miskey
    (CX) | [​IMG] Flaze__
    The Crusaders (TC) | [​IMG] ArcticGalaxy
    Delta Force (DF) | [​IMG] wintergreen3
    (DLG) | [​IMG] Kayrex
    (RNG) | [​IMG] MrBubDub
    The Roxerces
    (ROX) | [​IMG] bar1234
    Renegades (RNG) | [​IMG] Recovs
    (OLYM) | [​IMG] Lceman502

    Cardonation [​IMG]
    Foodcourt [​IMG]
    Nohox [​IMG]
    puhdgy [​IMG]
    Swit2427 [​IMG]
    Versions [​IMG]
    wintergreen3 [​IMG]


    Happy Capping!

    ~The CTF Team Committee [​IMG]
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