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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by jctownsend, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. jctownsend

    jctownsend New Member

    Jan 12, 2020

    Here's a few basic ideas I had for a Dwarf Rework

    **I ask that if you do not like the rework as a whole,
    that you may consider implementing certain elements
    of this rework into the final rework when it comes time
    for its development - Thank You

    Hope some of these ideas are intriguing.


    Head : N / A
    Torso : Diamond Chest Plate
    Legs : Diamond Leggings
    Feet : Chain Boots
    *All Armour will increase in Protection via exp bar for every [ TBD ] level(s)

    Hot Bar:
    [ Diamond Pickaxe | 3 Steak | Anvil | Ender Chest | - | - | - | Compass | Nether Star ]

    *Diamond Pickaxe will increase in Sharpness via exp bar for every [ TBD ] level(s)
    *Diamond Pickaxe will increase in Knock Back via exp bar for every [ TBD ] level(s)
    *Diamond Pickaxe will gain Fire Aspect via exp bar at level [ TBD ]

    Anvil :
    The Anvil, when placed, will replicate the Elf's Earth Spell for a cost of [ TBD ] exp
    The height at which the anvil is dropped will determine its radius and damage output
    *Minimum : [ TBD ] Block radius ; [ TBD ] Damage
    *Maximum : [ TBD ] Block radius ; [ TBD ] Damage

    Ender Chest :

    The Ender Chest, when placed, will allow the dwarf to see a selection of player's
    heads from their own team. When a head is clicked, the dwarf will teleport to the
    location of said player for a cost of [ TBD ] exp
    *Dwarfs will NOT be able to teleport while they are holding the opposing team's flag
    *Dwarfs will NOT be able to teleport to players inside of spawn

    Movement :
    Hunger Bar will still be at three drumsticks, rendering the player unable to sprint
    -OR- Perhaps Dwarf can sprint, but doing so makes exp loss A LOT faster
    ( Similar to how a Ninja's invisibility works )

    *Player will be spending most of their time Crouching

    EXP Bar Gain:
    Not Crouching will still result in exp loss
    Crouching will still enable exp gain
    Crouching while Hitting A Player will result in additional exp gain

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  2. scapezar

    scapezar Tzar of Scapes

    May 17, 2015
    the more i think ab it, the more i like it

    _cough_ like good ol times with engie tp + a battle dwarf

    basically a better, more playable, more fun version of the current dwarf ... its max damage output and mana loss per second will need to be adjusted, along with your TBD values....but this is definitely interesting and viable

    i still think a "dwarf reworked" class should be worked on as well though, of which a lot of ideas have been going around, some of which foundationally already ironed out as a new class example ( @Northernlreland xd)