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Complete Slate I

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by puhdgy, Jan 14, 2020.

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  1. puhdgy

    puhdgy ♡·⋰˚× ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄ ᴍᴀɪɴ & ᴄᴛꜰ ᴍᴏᴅ ×˚⋱·♡

    May 17, 2015
    CTF Map Submission

    Map Name: Slate I
    Map ID: 427620
    Style: Rework / Tried to stick with whatever theme the original Slate's theme was
    Creator(s): puhdgy, with help and motivation from Recubs.
    Time of Day: Twilight
    Configured (yes/no): Yes
    Number of Caps: 3 (could change if testing proves it needs more)
    Entire Map



    Midfield (Bottom Level)

    Midfield (Second Level)

    Midfield (From Afar)

    Farside / Opposite Spawnside

    Critique is always accepted and appreciated. Thanks for viewing and thank you to everyone who helped and gave feedback! Changelog is below.

    - General Changes
    > Made Map Smaller. So, one of the major issues I found with Slate OG was that it was so big and getting across it took a while and gave defense a lot more opportunities to keep killing you on your way to the flag, however I did keep defense in mind and I do not think I made it offense OP, or at least I tried not to. The original Slate was 218 blocks in length and 160 blocks in width. My rework is 181 blocks in length and 123 blocks in width.

    > Sponge Additions. In the picture I took of the entire map shown above, you can see that there is a 'Z' and a sponge on the corner of the map opposite of spawnside. This tosses you towards the middle of the map, which gets you closer to the archer that is probably on top of the mid building, but also brings you closer to their spawn than you would be if you didn't take the sponge. Near spawn you can also see that there is a sponge when you walk out of spawn, this sponge will take you closer to mid to speed up gameplay a tad for offense. I realise sponges can make or break a map, I did think these through a lot though and I hope they play well!

    > Redid Mid Buildings. I think I will have a very hard time trying to word how I changed the buildings, I suggest you go on the map and look or just look at the pictures above, but I connected buildings and disconnected another part and redid all of mid. Yeah, I explained that so well.

    > Taller Walls. Another thing I wasn't a fan of with Slate OG was that it made one of the best capping classes.. not one of the best capping classes. I think it's surely interesting when other classes are made more useful with maps, but I felt that Slate originally had made soldier pretty useless to play. I did a few things here and there to try to give soldier more purpose so all the capping classes can enjoy the map. Taller walls, especially for the building at mid were the major things I changed to make soldier better. I also made the top of the middle building pretty good for archers to balance out the fact that I made soldier better. At the same time, archer is not as OP as it was on Slate OG, hope I (over)thought everything out good enough....

    > Aesthetics. With all my reworks, I try to keep the aesthetic similar to what it was on the original, but hope to also add detail to that aesthetic, that's what I tried doing here.

    > Tunnels. I did not touch the farside tunnel that the opposite team's offense usually comes from, but I did change the tunnel on spawnside. This tunnel was one of the 2 places people with the flag would sit in a stalemate, I made it more headshottable for risk factor and more awareness when holding the flag and also added what I call the 'Recovery Tunnel'. It has a sponge from middle that brings you to the flag carrier faster if the flag carrier is in the spawnside tunnel. This shouldn't be that good for offense I don't think.

    - Flagbuilding Changes
    I really like the flagroom on Slate, so I kept it very similar to the original, only adding detail really. I cannot say the same for the flagbuilding, though.
    For this, I'm gonna make my life easier and have a comparison image to refer to. [HERE]

    > Removing Farthest Back Entrance. On Slate OG, there were two side entrances, I felt this contributed to making the map long and felt it was unnecessary, so now there is just one entrance. While doing this, I decided to just have one staircase but also made it bigger.

    > Changed Hole At Top. The hole that went from the roof of the building to the main floor always felt like it served such little purpose, so I changed that around so it's an efficient exit rather than a weird staircase, it's also a pretty good escape for soldier. :smile:

    > Front Of Building. On Slate OG, the front of the flagbuilding took up a lot of space while also making it possible to headshot pretty much anywhere in the flagbuilding, so I changed it, pushed it farther back.

    > Adding Walls Inside. I added a few walls on the main floor in my flagbuilding to prevent archer from being able to headshot anywhere in the flag building from middle.

    > Removed Sponge. The sponge that was directly outside the flag building near the back entrance as shown in the comparison image made it easy for anyone to follow a soldier up to the roof, I removed that sponge so now enemies trying to chase a soldier, or elf for that matter, are slowed down a bit.

    > Flagpost. The old 2x1 flagpost is now a 1x1 flagpost, and 2x1 flagposts are actually illegal, contrary to some people's understanding......

    - Spawn Changes
    > Spawn Location. I felt spawn was a pretty big issue on Slate OG, it was probably the best stalemate position, just hiding behind the spawn, so now spawn is connected to the wall, no space to hide.
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    #1 puhdgy, Jan 14, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2020
  2. ikemulti

    ikemulti Former Build Mod

    May 17, 2015
    I like the way you reworked this map, changing essential things while also staying true to Bird's original.
    But the way you changed the mid of the map is probably the one thing I dislike about this rework, I get that you were trying to adapt it to a faster gameplay style, but opening up the front of the mid building makes capturing (especially for ninjas) just way too easy - in my opinion - and it also removes the purpose of all the other routes that were greatly reworked.

    I would suggest to close the front entrance of the mid building completely (the two entrances left and right of it should be enough), or at least to replace the sponge/drop down area with something that makes it impossible to just walk/pearl through - similar to Blackout's mid.

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  3. Schokie

    Schokie Member

    Nov 1, 2013
    This edating really gets out of hands
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  4. Forleb

    Forleb Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2015
    New length of 180 should prove to be more enjoyable than the original 220. Mid needed the most work, and it's evident that you did quite a bit there; This provides new routes, as well as archer posts & covers. The spawn sponge may be a bit too powerful, as a Ninja could theoretically steal within the first 5-7 seconds of the map. The new upper layout of the flag room should function much better, although the room itself does seem to favor defense quite heavily now. Also those massive tunnels branching from the sides will inevitably host camping archers but yaknow. 7/10
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