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Build event month!

Discussion in 'Sponsored Events' started by Prouddyyy, Feb 24, 2020.

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  1. Prouddyyy

    Prouddyyy Assistant events manager

    Aug 22, 2014

    Build event month!

    Hey, Brawlers

    In March we will be hosting a Build event month.

    What is this event month about?
    This month we will be switching between 2 different events for the month of March, Guess the build and find the button event.
    Guess the build:
    In guess the build players will take turns to choose one of 3 options a staff member will give you, you try your best to build this accurately but quick and the others have to guess what you're building. Guessing right grants you a point but also you will receive points for the number of people that guessed your build.
    Find the button:
    This one is all about finding the button, there are 8 maps and you will start on the first map and when you find the button you will be teleported to the next map until you find the button on the last map. It's a race, meaning the first second and third to finish all 8 maps will receive prizes.

    When and where?
    The event will take place on one of the Minecraft build servers, (on which of the build servers will be made clear at least an hour before the event), on the following dates and times.
    {March 8, 3 PM EST}: Guess the build
    {March 15, 3 PM EST}: Find the button
    {March 22, 3 PM EST}: Guess the build 2
    {March 29, 3 PM EST}:Find the button 2

    Every week you can win the following prizes.
    -1st place will receive 1 week of global ELITE + 1 extra build map.
    -2nd place will receive 1 week of global MVP + 1 extra build map.
    -3rd place will receive 1 week of global VIP + 1 extra build map.


    -Guess the build:

    • Do not build anything inappropriate and/or offensive/racist.
    • Do not guess things that are inappropriate and/or offensive/racist.
    • Build the thing you chose to build, don't switch builds while building and/or build something completely different than one of the options you chose.
    • Do not write down what the word is in chat or by using blocks.
    • If you get an option, for example, a ladder, grass, or a button, don't just place down a Minecraft grass block, button or ladder. try to build a bigger version of it for example.
    -Find the button:
    • Do not try to switch game modes, if you do so you will be disqualified

    Further, all the usual build rules apply. and one of the more important rules is to have fun!

    We hope to see you there!
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  2. skyfalls10

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