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WarZ - Individual Staff Job Roles

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by Ritzy, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Ritzy

    Ritzy WarZ Manager

    Jun 14, 2014

    WarZ Staff Job Roles

    Sup Zombies,

    We're looking to give our community a much closer insight into what we all do individually rather than as a team combined. I'm sure you all may already be aware what we do as a team combined for WarZ, but do you know what our individual assigned tasks are?

    WarZ Manager - Ritzy
    • Keep track of server bugs and issues: required to watch the bug reports on all brawl platforms and report them to Paul to sort as a priority.

    • Keep track of huge updates and approve new ideas, use own judgement and ask community in most cases what they want to see. Then present to Paul and ensure they’re implemented.

    • Advise xxMineSheepxx on any WarZ staff applicants, and to also keep all WarZ staff members in line acting maturely.

    WarZ Developer - Paul
    • Work on constant improvements to the game and to stress test to be sure it is ready for the live servers.
    • Take input from the community and staff when working on projects and changes to ensure we are pushing content the players will enjoy.
    • Immediately work on active bugs that are present in-game and causing issues.
    • Be an advisor when ideas are brought up, giving opinions and timelines on how long plugins and mechanics would take and how they would work.
    Community Coordinators - Atum & Warrey
    • To manage all council members ensuring they’re representing Brawl well. Council members shouldn’t be breaking Brawl Rules on any platform. Make a clear way to become a council member.

    • Constantly inform council members with changes and get them involved with smaller staff projects.

    • To advise Ritzy on any potential new WarZ Council members. Must also plan Council meetings when necessary.
    • Manage community feedback and bottleneck the minor issues instead of going through the WarZ Manager.
    Map Coordinator - Ritzy, oobuck & Warrey
    • In charge of coming up with and pushing for small map updates and changes to keep the gamemode engaging. (This could be as small as adding a single room to buildings to change things up or as big as helping coordinate events with *events coordinator*)

    • To plan and coordinate retexture projects like Halloween and Christmas maps.

    • Ensure Map bugs are fixed ASAP.

    Events Coordinators - AURailing & Yupper
    • To brainstorm event ideas and make sure events are scheduled all year round. Whoever takes this on will make sure events are all planned ahead of time.

    • Make sure builds are completed before the event day deadline.

    • Communicate with Events Manager (Carno) when events are being held and also put them on the roadmap. Make sure an SMOD can attend to host it.

    Media Coordinators - Carsonn & Fenguin
    • To think of new exciting videos and media that could be uploaded to the Brawl Games youtube channel

    • If possible to edit the videos but can be given to Ritzy if needed.

    • Also would start hosting WarZ Top 10’s.
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