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WarZ Raids

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by tallscot, Mar 15, 2020.



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  1. tallscot

    tallscot sceptiiiiiii

    Aug 4, 2013
    With PvE becoming more prevalent in WarZ, think it would be a nice idea to implement "raids" into the server. Essentially, there would be large areas/cave systems around the entire map (will refer to them as dungeons) where a raid could take place (they would take place randomly & naturally, similar to how airdrops used to work).

    As an example of a dungeon, I'll use a cave system location. A raid would spawn, and it would be announced across all the WarZ servers that "A raid is beginning on server #! Hurry to the [location]!" (could be tweaked obv). When this message is sent, the raid starts. A bunch of chests would spawn at the end of the dungeon, in this case, the very back of the caves. The chests would contain T4 guns, diamond (enchanted or not), ammo, food, etc. You could also make it to where it would spawn one random T5 gun (minigun, RPG, etc) with half a stack of ammo for it depending on the gun (obviously the RPG would have less). The T5 thing would be optional. To go along with the chests spawned, a ton of mobs would spawn inside and throughout the dungeon, so players are presented with a challenge when progressing through. Each dungeon could feature different things, such as parkour etc just so all the dungeons aren't the same old thing.

    Once the raid begins, players would have exactly half an hour to complete the dungeon and claim the chests (the raid would end once every chest was opened. Each time a chest is opened and all the loot is taken out, the chest would disappear). Once 30 minutes passes, the chests despawn along with all of the mobs, ending the raid.

    One separate idea I had for this could be optional, but I would honestly prefer it this way. Regarding teams, the dungeons themselves would be EXTREMELY hectic with the amount of mobs that spawn alone, so having multiple teams fighting eachother along with the mobs wouldn't be a great experience. I think making it to where only 1 team claims the raid/dungeon and can complete it would make the most sense. This would essentially start a race to the dungeons, and place fights around the outside of each dungeon all around the map. The first person to enter the dungeon (not sure how this would be implemented) would claim it for their entire /team, to where only the people inside the /team at the time could pass through. Once the raid ends, however, anybody could pass through and fights would continue. This concept/idea could REALLY benefit and change fights entirely.

    As an example, let's say two teams are fighting at big city. One team loses all but 1 player, and a raid spawns near the fight. That player could then run to claim the raid for his team, getting them loot back (should they make it through to the end successfully).

    That's the general idea, feel free to leave feedback.
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  2. Ritzy

    Ritzy WarZ Manager

    Jun 14, 2014
    I love this idea, I'll write up an entire script on how they would work and we can sort it out :smile:
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