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Safe Zones, Rogue Status, and Trading?

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by NodusMeSenpaiPls, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. NodusMeSenpaiPls

    Nov 1, 2015
    Hey, Warz
    Just thought of an idea that's straight out of Wild West and Warz 2.0 (DISGUSTING I KNOW). Basically the idea is to have some sort of sanctuary locations (A.K.A SAFE ZONES) to allow a place to actually be safe in the sort where newer players can hang out and just interact with other people on the servers without facing the threat of being brained by a Barrett Spas.
    • The Idea of ROGUE again straight out of Wild West is to give it to a team or a player that has recently killed another player or team to prevent them from getting into these SAFE ZONES so the opposing team can loot back up and try to fight again. Eventually, this ROGUE status will go away and you will be allowed inside a safe zone once again.
    • Other ideas like NPC's that have been brought up by other Warz Community Members would mesh well with SAFE ZONES since these SAFE ZONES would be a centralized location to interact with the NPCs and other players.
    • Another Idea that I would like to introduce is the idea of Trading items. So let's say you want to trade some Diamond for Guns or other goods there should be a way to do this safely if players want to do it. This again would mesh well with the idea of SAFE ZONES since you can't get killed while doing a trade. Although you cannot be killed in the safe zone for trading you should still be able to be killed in the Warzone portion of WarZ if you were to start trading carelessly.
    Id love to hear some feedback from the community. Some of these ideas are pretty simple like the trading one but its always good to bring change to the community even if its simple to keep it a bit fresh. :smile:
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  2. Warrey

    Warrey WarZ Staff

    Oct 10, 2019
    Definitely something worth bringing up, safe zones would make it so much easier for some people who tend to leave because they get stuck at spawn or are continued spawnkilled.
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  3. 90077

    90077 returned

    Jul 28, 2014
    lowkey fw it
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  4. lilmatsko

    lilmatsko Warz Noob

    Apr 29, 2014
    So warz 2.0 but with good guns?
  5. Ibrenecairo

    Ibrenecairo New Member

    Mar 29, 2020
    This is a great idea, this could also be a great way to introduce NPC shops or maybe trading certain rare items with NPCs?
    Im just bringing up ideas, but overall, fantastic idea IMO. :wink:)
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