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MCCTF Special Gamemodes & misc Guide (Offical?)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by DeZilla, Mar 19, 2020.

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  1. DeZilla

    DeZilla wat

    May 18, 2015
    MCCTF Special Gamemodes & misc guide.


    by DeZilla

    apologies for terrible formating, this was copy pasted from a pdf, here's the link if you want the pdf version https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IfOQw9MvZGdefrnEaIFu3cgKNhjRLetu

    Zone Control

    The objective of the mode is for a team to capture all areas (zones). The gamemode is loaded automatically if the map is properly configured.

    • If a zone is captured, the name will take the team’s color.


    • Configs are pretty simple, place a {{zone}} sign on top of a zone.

    • The Zone has to be made of wool. Every block of wool that’s connected to the sign will become part of the zone.

    • Add an extra sign on top of the {{zone}} sign if you want to change the name or caping rate of the zone.

    • For the extra config, name goes on line 1 to 3 (if you have a really long name in mind), line 4 is reserved for caping rate.

    • The default caping rate is .012 (meaning 1.2% per seconds per player)

    • MAKE SURE you still configure CTF flags somewhere (I suggest the spawn box)

    • That’s it. Commit and play.

    Quick FAQ:

    • The more players that stands on point, the faster the caping will become.

    • If no one stands on an uncaptured zone, the progress will drop automatically.

    • If no one stands on a captured zone, the progress will go back up to 100% automatically.

    The message when a round starts:




    The objective of the gamemode is to take the package that spawns in the middle of the map (depending on the map) and take it to the team’s delivery spot. There is only 1 package so the 2 teams has to fight for it.

    • The regular package is a parcel named “Box”. During holidays the package will change (presents during Christmas, pumpkins during Halloween).



    • {{delivery x}} (where x = team) is where the team has to deliver the package.

    • {{package}} is there the package will spawn.

    • MAKE SURE you still configure CTF flags somewhere (I suggest the spawn box)

    • That’s it, commit and play. The gamemode will loads automatically.
    Message when round starts:


    One more thing:

    The package comes with it’s own rules. The CTF flag will poison you while the package won’t. BUT the package will give it’s carrier slowness. ANY FORM OF TELEPORTATION will also drop the package.

    Monster Mayhem

    aka Monster Event / Halloween Event

    The objective of the gamemode is to kill bosses and it’s minions. Each boss count for 50 points (split depending on how much damage each team dealt) while minions count for 2 points. You can also kill the enemy players for 1 point each.

    There are currently 5 bosses:

    • The rabbit of Caerbannog

    • The Ender Dragon

    • Nether Ghast

    • The Necromancer

    • The Magician


    • {{boss}} where the boss will spawn

    • {{minion}} where the minions will spawn

    • You can place multiple signs to spread the spawn points. I heavily suggest placing a decent amount of minions sign (around 15) so you don’t have them all spawning at 1 spot.

    • MAKE SURE you still configure CTF flags somewhere (I suggest the spawn box)

    • Commit and done. if a {{boss}} sign is found, the gamemode will load automatically.

    • SET A DECENT AMOUNT OF CAPS. I suggest 1000.

    The special event message:




    This mode can be loaded on any gamemode (CTF, ZC, Delivery and MM). Essentially loads 4 teams in ctf. Unlike the special gamemodes, this mode has to be loaded via command.

    Configuration is quite easy, just make sure that a map has config for 4 teams (4 spawns and 4 flags) (4 delivery spots if playing Delivery)

    Team 1 - Red

    Team 2 - Blue

    Team 3 - Yellow

    Team 4 - Green

    “/multiteam true” the server will load 4 teams upon reboot.

    “/multiteam false” just in case you want to abort.

    ...that’s it, lol

    A list of special maps:

    * 433015 - [ZC] (MLG) Snowstorm

    * 433081 - [ZC] Blackout

    * 433016 - [ZC] Cargo Bay

    * 432975 - [ZC] Forest

    * 432976 - [ZC] Fort

    * 433091 - [ZC] Inhabited Gully

    * 433096 - [ZC] Pac-man

    * 433097 - [ZC] Post-modern

    * 433094 - [ZC] River Cross

    * 433075 - [ZC] The Amphiseum

    * 433098 - [ZC] Towers

    * 433425 - [ZC] Winds of Change

    * 432917 - [ZC] Wonderland

    * 434250 - [ZC] Wonderland I

    * 435725 - [ZC] [4-Teams] The Amphiseum

    * 433697 - [Delivery] Blackout

    * 434698 - [Delivery] Discovery

    * 433799 - [Delivery] Divinity

    * 433888 - [Delivery] Giant Chests I

    * 433758 - [Delivery] Snow Fort

    * 433798 - [Delivery] Walrus Creek

    * 432701 - Monster Event

    * 432859 - Monster Event Blackout

    * 434091 - [4-Teams] Blackout

    * 379508 - [4-Teams] Woodcastle Arena I


    Not a mode or anything, just something fancy I added for map makers. Portals are quite simple, you walk in and instantly get teleported to the configured destination.



    • Make sure the sign faces the front of the portal specifically, or else it won’t properly generate the rest of the portal blocks.

    • Add {{portal}} on the sign

    • Add another line with x y and z coords (for destination)

    • Add another line with the yaw and pitch you want the player to face.
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