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New Class Idea: Farmer

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by cat_soop1997, Mar 26, 2020 at 12:43 AM.

  1. cat_soop1997

    cat_soop1997 Member

    May 25, 2019
    Name: Farmer

    Class Symbol: Wheat

    •Blue Chestplate
    •Orange Leggings
    •Iron Boots

    •Iron Hoe (Sharpness III)
    •3 Steak
    •3 Seeds
    •Iron Shovel


    Starts game with 3 seeds. Right clicking on ground (excluding spawn blocks, barriers or flag fence) with seeds plants them. After 15 seconds the seeds will be fully grown, which turn into bread after harvested. Teammates of the farmer can harvest the wheat and eat it. Seed(s) can’t return into the hot bar until a wheat plot is harvested. Ex: If all three seeds have been planted, they won’t regenerate into your hot bar until a piece of wheat has been harvested, then one seed will show up in the inventory after 15 seconds. Medics cannot regenerate seeds or bread.

    Really similar to the engineers TNT launcher, but instead of launching TNT, it launches a block of dirt. This block of dirt deals 4 damage, and has a cool down of 7 seconds. Upon contact with the enemy, it gives them Slowness I for 1 second.

    Recovers 2 health, max amount that can be held is 3. Bread is acquired from the aforementioned seeds.
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