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3 unrelated CTF display suggestions (Map name, Ninja pearl, FC snipe)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Dequoy, Mar 26, 2020 at 1:10 AM.

  1. Dequoy

    Dequoy Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    Quick simple suggestion trio:

    1. Map name and map designer display during each round of play: Between rounds, the name of the map and its designer is displayed, but then that info vanishes while actually playing the map. I'd like the map info to continue to show during the CTF rounds as well. Some players may wish to know the map info since (some of them at least) are not super common in the rotations, and the window of time to learn the map names that aren't yet known is pretty brief between rounds. Also, games might be joined that are already in progress. Having the map info easier to learn and remember would especially help if a map selection perk for donations is offered at some point...but that donation idea is addressed in other forum posts from myself: https://www.brawl.com/threads/74558/ and more recently Spades_: https://www.brawl.com/threads/75335/

    2. Ninja pearl death kill credit: I've noticed that when respawning or falling off the map, credits are rewarded for the most recent opponent who attacked -- but if fighting against a Ninja, they can "suicide pearl" and no kill message displays. I'm not sure if no credit is awarded as well, but it would be fitting if this kind of death would display a message that acknowledges the attempted pearl escape gone wrong, and display and award the 2 credits earned from the kill for the player who was attacking the Ninja most recently when they suddenly pearled themselves to death.

    3. Displaying who killed the enemy flag carrier: When I'm playing as an Archer especially, and I snipe the enemy flag carrier, I'm not always the one who retrieves the flag. And I admit it's primarily for purposes of displaying snipe credit, but it's also to give away when there is a snipe threat and who that snipe threat is (which already happens plenty I'm sure for people who play and chat on Discord and say "Ugh. I got sniped by so-and-so!"). I'd like it if a message would display to everyone that says something like "Archer_Player_Name sniped Flag_Carrier_Name to help recover the flag." On this note, if it's better to announce who killed the enemy flag carrier regardless then perhaps instead of just a snipe announcement a message could display acknowledging ANYONE who kills the flag carrier saying something like "Player_Name killed Flag_Carrier to help recover the flag." I might expect some complaints about this, because it's already displayed that a certain player returns the flag when they do, and this could've easily gone into effect ages ago. I just don't yet know why it hasn't happened if it was ever suggested in the past.

    I've decided not to add a poll since direct feedback messages are more thorough and ideas can be brainstormed more easily that way. Also, it's easy enough to reply with the numbers and either a +1 or a -1 next to each. :stuck_out_tongue:
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