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Kill the Wither Event

Discussion in 'KitBrawl' started by yairster, Mar 26, 2020 at 7:44 AM.

  1. yairster

    yairster Kitbrawl Manager

    Sep 5, 2016

    KitBrawl Event - Kill the Wither
    Hello Brawlers,

    In the past, withers were spawned in the FFA arena multiple times (for fun) and you guys seemed to love it, so for the pleasure of yours (and ours), we're going to push our new update with this particular event.

    ☰ What

    The Kill the Wither event will take place on a custom made map, where you, players, will fight off the withers spawned by the staff members.
    Your goal is to clean out all the withers from the arena as fast as possible, so the wiser choice would be to target for the withers and not the players.
    In this event, there will be unlimited respawns, so you can fight however you'd like (risk-taking, sacrificing ect.).

    ☰ When

    Date: 27th of March
    Time: 2 PM EST

    ☰ Prizes

    In this event, there will be no specific winners. Prizes, ranging from tags to boosters, will be randomly given out to participants, so make sure to participate for a chance to win some goods!

    ☰ Conclusion

    We hope to see many of you attend the event, and have fun.


    ~ Brawl Staff Team
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