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Class Idea: Orc

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by cat_soop1997, Mar 27, 2020 at 3:20 AM.

  1. cat_soop1997

    cat_soop1997 Member

    May 25, 2019
    Name: Orc

    Class Symbol: Rotten Flesh


    •Green Leather Cap

    •Iron Chestplate

    •Green Leather Leggings

    •Green Leather Boots


    •Wooden Sword (Sharpness II)

    •4 Rotten Flesh (Replacement of steak)

    •Orc Charge (Redstone Dust)

    •Infection (Magma Cream)


    •Man Eater:

    Every time an orc player kills another player, he gets a piece of rotten flesh. The rotten flesh heals 3 hearts. The maximum cap of rotten flesh that an orc can have is 3, meaning when an orc kills somebody at while at max rotten flesh, they don’t get anything. Medics can replenish rotten flesh.

    •Orc Charge:

    Right clicking the redstone dust grants the player a speed I buff and a prevention against all knock back lasting for 2 seconds, however, at the end of his charge, the player gets a slowness II debuff for 3 seconds. The charge will also be seen as a sphere around the player, like the elf's projectile deflected but smaller, players hit by the orc while charging will also take 1.5 hearts of damage. This move has 20 seconds of cool down.


    This works similar to the scouts death tag. Tagging (right clicking) somebody with the magma cream places an infection on them, which will show up as a green tinged outline on the players screen like the scouts death tag. This infection doesn’t make the player take any more damage, instead, if the player with the infection is killed by the orc or runs out of time before he’s healed by a medic, he’ll turn into a zombie which will follow the orc, assisting him in battle. Getting rid of the infection can be done via killing the orc who infected you or getting healed by a medic. The attack has a cool down of 30 seconds and the infection death timer lasts for 25 seconds.

    This class is a highly offensive type class meant for rushing into battle and taking down enemies. It'll be a strong option for heading into heavily guarded flag rooms and very good for making diversions allowing for teammates to take advantage.
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  2. Dequoy

    Dequoy Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    With the way you describe the "Infection" idea, way back when Necro had zombies somewhat working and going after players (before they got glitchy and stopped working properly), it could've been a cool way to recruit zombies rather than planting spawners.

    With "classes" (races really) like Elf and Dwarf, "Orc" is a neat idea, but the attack style could almost be put into a replacement for the current Dwarf instead to make it a bit more high-speed-action capable (especially the Charge ability with its knockback immunity and the exhaustion/slow effect following its use). Although I know, you're suggesting an Orc, a new class, and not a change to an existing class...
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