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WarZ Gun Changes & Testing

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by JayOG, May 8, 2020.

  1. JayOG

    JayOG Ex-wArZ MoD (ง'̀-'́)ง

    Jul 29, 2016
    Sup Zombies,​

    Let's get straight to the point, when it zomes to WarZ 20, we all know it can be a little buggy but a large majority of us still play it. One thing that catches my eyes for sure is the guns, although they do jam. It's not the gun's fault but it's cause of the lag of the server. So now focusing on main WarZ, you have better servers that can handle a change like this. Now I know a lot of people feel some type of way about the guns but I think there is definitely some constructive feedback in the air that can be thrown in due to the fact that 20 has been up for months and people have been able to play it. The main reason why 20 was even brought up was because it was supposed to be a testing server for these new guns but now we should try to get them implemented into the game. Now I'll start off with what I think needs changes the most.

    1. AK: The AK in the game right now is useless, it has a very high spread making it really bad for long ranges and has a decreased damage which makes it even worse to use right now. On 20 though, the AK is one of the most used 3rd guns due to it's high damage output and range. I think we struck gold when it came to the range because it was put in the right spot and made it so you would be able to still utilize it from far away like it should be. Although it may need a little buff in the range still because it might be a medium range weapon rn. Here's a little video of the AK currently works on WarZ 20 from all ranges:
    2. KB: I ranked the AK first due to the fact that it's damage is a little strong in my eyes but I definitely think that THIS is what people want changed the most. I think the guns can work flawlessly with the KB right now but if you eliminate the KB completely rn, I don't think it's going to be huge popular but I think the guns are designed for this amount of KB. So I suggest reducing the bullet fire on certain guns to allow some KB to still be in place, adjusting the amount of KB to still being NOT TOO MUCH but not being completely 0. Take the MP5 for example (Next in the list), a full spray can kill a diamond if you headshot but the issue is how fast it fire. If you add KB to the mix, you got something worse then my current enemy right now which is the Uzi. Here's a video for example:

      If the guns were added right now with the KB in place, they COULD work but since people want some knockback, then we need to lower this fire rate. You see that I don't even move but don't let that deceive you, if you eat you survive the entire clip easily and barely get damaged.
    3. MP5: Just gonna reput this here:

      This is a problem, a decently bigger one if we are gonna add this gun change to the game, a gun like this can't be in the game because of the reasons I suggested above. Now balancing it out, since it's a tier one, nerf the range and nerf the fire rate and clip size but buff the damage a bit to substitute what's being lost. That can keep the gun working fine.
    Now I just noted 3 major things that need to be changed but this isn't it, I noted the main ones but I know a lot of other people still have different feedback when it comes to other guns. But I do want to talk about the good things that come with this gun update. With these guns, you're able to update a bit more frequently. Currently Paul said he cannot update the Uzi because of how guns are right now, this is why I think moving guns over is urgent. It'll help the flow of the server by a ton and allow more versatility when it comes to guns. Guns that are my personal favorites are the P90, I think the P90 was accurately changed and is 100% where it needs to be add. Decent damage, good range for an SMG, and good fire rate. This allows for a useful third weapon that you can rely on in the open and in close quarters. You have more versatility when it comes to these guns as well, as the M10 is not used as much because it's a little less useful when it comes to these guns on 20. I feel like moving away from the M10 is the best route WarZ can take, learning the barret double shotgun combo is definitely harder than barret shotgun spray. The spray guns would be more friendly towards new player and allow them to learn the game easier. This is just my two cents of course.

    I think a testing period after some critical feedback is in place, I think the game is getting stale for a couple people again and it's slowly losing a couple of the players that it had previously gained. But I think this can easily revive some of the incentive to play WarZ again. I surely do like the amount of work being put in by the entire WarZ staff team, the new Elektro changes are great and many people seem to like them. With more content currently being pushed out, I think it's time to change some mechanics and metas to renew the game. Sure this is a long shot but I think it could work very well. Any feedback on this thread will greatly help out with balancing guns and hopefully we can get some steam rolling soon to help out @Ritzy
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