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Idea /oldschool or /os

Discussion in 'Raid' started by TheMel0n, Jun 20, 2020.


Should this be add to the gamemode?

  1. Yessir!

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  2. Hell Naw!

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  1. TheMel0n


    Mar 19, 2016
    Backstory why I think this would be needed:
    As we all know there are alot of servers that have been coming up and tried to compete with brawl by using the original McPvP plugins. And every time a new server rises up and tries to compete I try to get the other servers players to join Brawl and play on here instead which I sadly have not been able to do because they don't like how brawl recreated the plugin and made it better (in my opinion).

    What it does: Basically what /oldschool or possibly /os would do is make all the plugins look like they did in mcpvp.

    What would we need to add/change.

    Warps: How the warps looks.

    Teams: How the teams look.

    Scoreboard: Make it look like old mcpvp scoreboard.

    So basically make a command which makes every single aspect of the game look worse because it will look familiar and nostalgic to the old players.

    Edit: I don't know what a red thread is and this feels really messy but I hope you guys understand what this is about.
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