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Idea Cryo Revamp

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by yemiiii, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. yemiiii

    yemiiii New Member

    Jul 12, 2020
    Alright so I saw some of the issues with the Cryogenicist previously, but I am now considering ice spikes would require Frost Walker from 1.15, or coding like the old earth element for elf. So ima try to revamp this class only once, hopefully it get's added? :wink:

    The first name for the class was Cryogenicist but since it's too long, especially when you would want to swap classes. Like "/nerco" or "/pyro" (some people maybe too lazy to spell), it should definitely just be Cryo for short. So it's less of a mouthful and time consuming to type.

    It's armor should be
    Helmet - Pumpkin (FIRE PROTECTION 3) [It could possibly seen as an issue since the pumpkin "limits" the sight of user, but you can just go into 3rd person point of view to counter this. Especially since assassin exists (sadly). Because an ice type class that looks like an MC snowman looks pretty damn rad. Giving a cool aesthetic]
    Chest piece - Diamond
    Pants - White Dyed Leather (FIRE PROTECTION 3)
    Boots - Baby Blue Dyed Leather (FIRE PROTECTION 3)

    Frenzy does 7 hearts per hit I believe? I think it should be 2 less damage on Cryos.

    Items in inventory-

    Item Slot 1 - Its weapon should be a diamond shovel (SHARPNESS 2)
    Item Slot 2 - 4 steak
    Item Slot 3 - 3 Potions of Slowness (To Slow Down Pursuers)

    -If possible it could also be a class like the elf or soldier, and it can capture the flag. But it only seems possible with helpers to back you up. But the potions of slowness can help in many sticky situations.

    Ability- SHEER COLD

    Just like the pyro when it activates FRENZY, and the particle affects of a blaze pop up. During SHEER COLD the user gets a particle affect of a charged creeper (If the coding for this one is like the old Earth Element and its wack don't add it), and snow particles surround the user for 4/5/6 seconds. (The beautiful brawl staff can decide how strong or nerfed it has to be).The people who are fighting or chasing the wielder of the Cryo class will experience symptoms of hypothermia, just like people who die while climbing Mt.Everest, or those who don't bring proper equipment to Antartica. The enemy team experiences blindness, slowness, hunger, nausea, during the time use. Allowing for bizarre gameplay mechanics.

    Achievements: 「」

    「The Fire Fades 」- Kill 10 Pyros (5 Credits)
    「Honey Where's My Super Suit?」- Recover 15 Flags (10 Credits)
    「Happy Feet!」- Capture 10 Flags As Cryo (10 credits)
    「7/11 Slurpie」- Kill 100 People with Cryo (5 Credits)
    「Frostbite」- Kill 100 People with SHEER COLD (10 Credits)
    「Neapolitan Ice Cream」- Recover 5 Flags/Kill 5 people/ Capture 1 Flag In one game (15 credits)
    「LET IT GO」- Kill 500 People with SHEER COLD (10 credits)
    「Snap Freeze」- Kill 500 People with Cryo (10 Credits)
    「Santa is giving coal!」- Kill 50 Pyros with Cryo (10 Credits)
    「Ice Ice Baby!」- Recover 500 flags with Cryo (15 Credits)
    「ICE AGE」- Complete All Cryo Achievements

    I have no idea on how this will affect the meta, but I am trying to make it as balanced as possible. I hope it can make it on to the server!

    PS- If Cryo takes to much damage per hit, protection might need to be added to the boots.
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  2. Mnkynoodles

    Mnkynoodles Member

    Oct 22, 2019
    the main problem i would see with classes like these is that it would be too complicated to either code or play. CTF is meant to be a game that is supposed to be simple and requires hard team work. Sheer Cold as an ability wouldn't really be fun, especially with how difficult it is to play offense already. It seems to be made as an offensive class, but as it can not block, can be killed easily by assassin (with the upcoming changes basically just feeds assassin strength 2).

    Thats just personally my take, try to keep it simpler and make it fun to play. casual is full of 20 man defenses already and somehting giving blindness or hunger is only going to make things worse.
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