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The Brawl News - August 2020

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Charlie_0014, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 Build & BT Overlord, Party Sub-Overlord

    Mar 19, 2016
    Volume II, Edition I ... No. 64 [​IMG] 1 August 2020 [​IMG] FREE
    Brawl News, what's this? O, oooo, o yeah, this is that thread that some random Mod filled my alerts inbox with every month. Well, if you are one of those people, my condolences because we're bringing it back, and we have some pretty dope changes, so if you're ever bored to death during e-school, give it a read. This new version will include some sneak peaks into the development of our game-modes, our biggest events, and highlight the work of our community members and content producers. We also want to give some stuff away. Without further ado, The Brawl News, August, 2020.
    Things Currently Happening
    Raid 2.0 - 1.16 Update

    If you live in a hole, you probably didn't know that Raid has been killed off upgraded to 1.16 on August 1. We are also supposed to call it McPvP, and don't worry because 1.8 combat will still exist, so don't bring out the end crystals yet! Left-click more here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76709/.

    Raid EOTM Winners
    1. Vernality - Winner / 1 Month Global ELITE
    2. NinetyThree - 9 staff kills / 1 Month Global MVP
    3. TheMel0n - 8 staff kills / 1 Month Global VIP

    CTF Summer Update
    I hate to say it but CTF's getting a big update! Other than @915's memes, some things it includes are:
    - 2 new boosters
    - 9 classes we changed/tweaked
    - Some QoL stuff on the match server
    - Some bug fixes
    Learn why you shouldn't leave because of a booster here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76745/.

    War Montage Competition
    Are you like @Collector and record every every game of Mc-War you play? If so, put em all together for the Mc-War Montage Competition to have a chance to win 2 weeks of Global Elite and 2 Boosters, plus your montage featured on Brawl's Youtube channel! Rage because you keep getting spawn camped here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76730/. Contest ends on September 1st!

    CTF Draft Tournament
    Since the CMS Tournament was such a success, a CTF community draft tournament was created! Though you cannot get in on the action, you can still follow the quaterfinals on the official thread: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76594/ and on the CMS Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlmK0OztKvnD-M6iqoTgLw. For those of you still without sports, this is the next best thing. They have a close up viewpoint on the action, professional commentating, pre-game, halftime, and post-game analytics shows, so even if you're just getting into it, it's easy to follow!

    Past Announcements You Should Know About
    CTF Tournament Winners

    We here at The Brawl News would like to formally congratulate The Baguettes on their extremely hard-fought and well-earned victory in the 2020 CMS Tournament! If you missed the big game and are out of Draft Tournament games to watch, have a look here:

    Media Rank Applications
    Ever wanted to do something productive on your way to the great Steve in the sky? (yes Munson, I stole from your app) Well, with some dedication, you, yes you, can become an official Media Rank! Just fill out this simple application: https://www.brawl.com/forums/371/create-thread, or make it hilarious like this one: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76555/. Just make sure you:
    • Upload Regularly
    • Have decent view and subscriber count
    • Are active on Brawl
    • Are mature
    • Are easy to work and communicate with
    Just like this thread that you're supposed to read beforehand says: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76260/.
    That's also how you can learn what a yellow name is.

    General Rule Updates
    A bit of older news, but we recently decided on some more clear role specifications and shortened the requirements and term for everyone's favorite part of the discipline system.
    Continuous Rule Violations (CRV)
    • 15 rule violations in a 3 month period.
    • These rule violations must be per account.
    • If less than 3 (that'd be 0, 1, or 2) of the 15 punishments are bans or kicks, it is a permanent mute.
    • If 3 or more of the 15 punishments are bans or kicks, it is a permanent ban.
    Disallowed Macros
    For a macro to be allowed, it now needs to fulfill the following criteria:
    • Only chat/command macros are allowed.
    • A macro must open chat. It cannot send chat/command without opening the chat bar.
    • The button/key used to trigger a macro must be pressed manually.
    • A single button/key can only execute 1 chat message or command.
    • A macro cannot automatically trigger, or alter itself based on data from the game.
    Use of Vanilla Minecraft Bugs/Glitches
    You can find a list of these disallowed bugs on the rules page. They currently include:
    • Pressing F3+A repetitively to see other players through blocks.
    • Freezing your client to give yourself an advantage similar to anti-knockback.

    Please note that if abusing such a bug and using a hacked client is indistinguishable for staff members, you can still be punished for cheating. Abuse of such a bug will not be accepted as an excuse.
    Learn how to get yourself banned here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/76483/
    Try to get other people banned here: https://www.brawl.com/report/
    Know what to get them banned for here: https://www.brawl.com/rules/
    Get yourself unbanned here: https://www.brawl.com/appeal/

    Contrary to popular opinion, Brawl is actually being worked on, and the team here at the Brawl News was able to obtain some behind the scenes information into the development of Brawl and share it with you!

    Bug Fixes
    Already Fixed:
    • Hit registration has been drastically improved
    • Explosives will no longer kill your teammates
    • Tag holograms in kill control will now always disappear as they should
    Upcoming Fixes:
    • Games not starting properly
    • Crashes not happening at bad times
    • /kill causing you to go into spectator mode
    • Resource pack not loading properly
    • Stats being reset randomly
    We have to stress that we can't promise that everything will be fixed. Bugs are unpredictable, and often bugs take a lot more work to fix than we expect. War will be in a much more stable state once we're done!

    New Maps
    The War Map Team Is currently working on several maps for a few future map waves! Here's a sneak peek of a couple of them:
    We have Urban:
    and Mini Cargo: This picture features the news crew's one and only resident lemon. If you find them, I'll congratulate you.
    Look forward to some more Legacy reworks!

    Kit Brawl
    Tired of that same old space map from May? Well...

    Minecraft Build
    :evil smile: oooo yeah, get hyped because Build is soon going to see its biggest update ever!
    Some things you may know about:
    • Voxel Sniper on the 1.8 servers
    • Builders Utilities on the 1.8 servers
    • goPaint on the 1.8 servers
    • Playmode on the 1.8 servers
    Some things you don't know about:
    • New, massive Build Lobby (its almost WarZ sized) (see below picture)
    • 1.13 server soon upgrading to, you know, 1.15
    • Ever wanted your map to have a red sky?

    Something new is coming to Brawl.
    We can't tell you much, but we were able to sneak in a preview picture!

    Instead of us just telling you about someone who did good this past month, we here at the Brawl News want to highlight all of out big community contributors and content creators. We are looking to showcase everything from game ideas to videos to resource packs to memes! See what we dug up below!

    Cool Things Around the Community
    Our Build Showcase is very large, and requires six tugboats. Well, at least it did 108 years ago. @north300 has spent numerous months recreating his life-sized RMS Titanic, as it leaves Southampton. The ship is complete interior and exterior, and it features tons of detail, everything from clocks on the walls to all the guide cabes. No summary can convey this masterpiece, so go check it out at /map 429652 and don’t hit an iceberg here https://www.brawl.com/threads/76115/

    What would it be like if Donald Trump became a moderator? Well, it would be great and bigly, if would be terrific, and it would be huge, no UUUUUGGGGEEE! Because he’s applied for CTF moderator, just incredible. He’s gonna be tough, he’s gonna be successful, and it’s gonna be great. So let’s turn off the fake news and it’s gonna be great, he has an incredible skin, so Keep CTF Great here https://www.brawl.com/threads/76351/ Let’s not have any Puttygate scandals, it's gonna be terrific.

    Ever want that yellow game menu message to say “Remove Necro” or thank Dezilla? Well here’s a resource pack that makes CTF look like what I imagine it would look like if it was a stand-alone game. @Tenshirox's CTF pack’s immense detail brings out more fantasy in every item, effect, and menu. Which, overall, drastically improves the experience of Capture the Flag. Remove Necro here https://www.brawl.com/threads/76109/

    Cool Community Videos

    by @Collector

    by @Alting

    by @xGhale

    Trivia Question
    Last month's question was: Which five (5) staff members are from Britain?
    The answer is CoCaptainBlue, Eil, Ritzy, SoCool21, and Versions. @Choowie answered correctly first earned a forums trophy!

    This month's question is: How many posts have been made in the Brawl Staff Discord in 2020 (January 1st through August 1st)?
    The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.

    Comment Giveaway
    Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in next month's edition.

    Last months winner: @tchuckraider, Congratulations!

    Top Reporters
    Here are the players who submitted the most valid rule breaker reports.
    June 2020
    • First: @Mnkynoodles (18 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @Warrey (14 valid reports) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @Exeadra (11 valid reports) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop
    July 2020
    • First: @Mnkynoodles (17 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @NinetyThree (14 valid reports) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @KnockbackSlade (9 valid reports) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop
    Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next month!

    Top Voters
    We congratulate the voters below for their support:
    June 2020
    • First: @KiritoGamer_ (151 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @OCEAN_F1SH (146 votes) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @BenoitPR (144 votes) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop
    July 2020
    • First: @Zarpin (175 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Second: @Lavaball3211 (158 votes) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop
    • Third: @wulfi98 (155 votes) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop
    Staff News.png
    June 2020

    @Atum - Global Senior Moderator (WarZ Sub-manager
    @Swit2427 - Global Senior Moderator (CTF Sub-manager)

    @Wario - Global Junior Moderator (WarZ)
    @NMHRODMAN1SBEST - Global Junior Moderator (WarZ)
    @LemonTheCake - Global Junior Moderator (War)

    @Fordale - Build Junior Moderator
    @Paddishly - CTF Junior Moderator
    @Industrious - KitBrawl Junior Moderator

    July 2020

    @TwisterPvP - Global Moderator
    @tupaq19 - Global Moderator

    @CoCaptainBlue - Global Moderator
    @NMHRODMAN1SBEST - Global Moderator
    @RyGuy - Global Moderator (Party Sub-manager)
    @LemonTheCake - Global Moderator

    @Paddishly - Global Junior Moderator
    @Industrious - Global Junior Moderator
    @Sour_Softie - Global Junior Moderator (Raid)
    @ibnc - Global Junior Moderator (Raid)
    @Collector - Global Junior Moderator (War)
    @Fordale - Global Junior Moderator

    @FR3SHPR1NCE - Raid Junior Moderator

    @Rejeqted - CTF Junior Moderator

    Monthly votes: 2,908 (674 decrease since June)

    Total mutes: 14,139 (358 increase since June) (2,863 increase since March)
    Total bans/temp bans: 127,264 (2,244 increase since June) (11,315 increase since March)
    Total players: 4,239,425 (22,618 increase since June) (85,429 increase since March)

    Forum discussions: 69,199
    Forum messages: 928,632
    Forum members: 44,751
    Due to a lack of recording from the previous news, forums increase/decrease cannot be calculated. They will return in the next edition.
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    Mnkynoodles ur mother

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    Who wants the store credit since I quit lol
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  3. Fista

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    Apr 17, 2014
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  4. Paddishly

    Paddishly The Australian

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    Hexivoid Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    So crashes will be happening at good times now?

    @LemonTheCake I want my prize now please thanks.

    Found You Lemon 2.png

    Trivia: ~17,488 +/-

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    Best edition of the Brawl News since back when I wrote them? :v
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    No no no, when I wrote them.

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