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CTF Summer 2020 Update

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by 915, Jul 31, 2020.

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  1. 915

    915 CTF Developer

    Jul 19, 2015

    Coming August 3rd...

    We're introducing a bunch of changes, geared mostly towards the competitive scene, ranging from gameplay to cosmetics to quality of life and more!

    ☰ Boosters

    Old Map Booster

    We've refreshed the maps to newer variants of the old maps, so you can finally stop leaving the server when someone buys one
    • Removed 40 maps, swapped out 10 of them, and added 17 more

    [xD] Map Booster
    Just like the Old Map Booster, except it queues April Fool's maps instead, so you have a new map booster to hate!
    • Can only be used on the weekends, and has a cooldown between usages. Cannot be used during Old Map Booster

    Color Booster
    Woo! New thing! Shiny! This booster grants you access to recoloring the teams and even maps once per match!
    • Comes with the /colorize command, a new GUI that lets you pick the colors (but not too similar colors, certified by our resident colorblind person!)
    • Also gives staff an /uncolor command, for during moments when it may be necessary to tone down the hype a bit

    ☰ Class Changes
    The moment you've all been waiting for!
    • Removed instakill We just removed the debuff and 2x damage multiplier against Chemist, which might feel like removing instakill for Chemist mains anyways

    Just as it was in testing!
    • Removed Medic restore of Assassinate
    • No longer regain Assassinate upon death/respawn
    • Assassinate cooldown decreased 20s >> 15s
    • Vulnerability period from Assassinate decreased 3s >> 2s to match Assassinate time
    • Gain Strength II for 9 seconds upon a successful assassination

    Also favored from testing:
    • Removed Resistance I and added Protection I on chestplate and boots

    Couldn't help myself here..
    • Made flying with wind element a little more reliable
    • Disable getting frenzied while in water

    Still not renamed to Demoman, but getting a buff..
    • Heal Aura now gives constant Regeneration III when held
      • "Activate Heal Aura" achievements modified to be activated when you switch to Heal Aura, but this only counts once per 5 seconds, so don't think you can get the coveted Bomberman tag in seconds by scrolling a bunch
      • A Heal Pulse fires every 5 seconds after the Aura is activated, removing Death Tag effect from teammates
    • Increased TNT cooldown 3.5s >> 6.5s
    • Replaced Knockback I on the pickaxe with Sharpness I instead

    Yeah.. we hate Mage mains.. what about it?
    • Increased Freeze Spell cooldown 5s >> 8s

    Yes, these were certified by a Medic main, believe it or not (sometimes I wonder how I got pudgy to agree to this)
    • If you are on restore cooldown, when hit by a Medic you receive a little notification in the actionbar telling you the remaining time
    • Removed the per-Medic restore cooldown, so now you can't be on restore for one Medic and get restored by another
      • Otherwise that notification above wouldn't be very meaningful, should also help stalemates
    • Can only have 3 webs active on the field now, if you throw more, the oldest webs vanish (sayonara, webspam!)
    • Can no longer heal the Death Tag effect off someone
      • We felt this would help motivate using other classes that perform this role

    Also as it was in testing (did anyone even notice?)
    • Decreased Revival Tag usage cooldown 20s >> 15s
    • Necro no longer regains Revival Tag upon death/respawn
    • Revive effect remains applied to teammate after Necro death
    • Skulls are now perfectly accurate

    Hope we didn't inadvertently buff Ninja, that'd be a mistake
    • Egg mana. I prefer my eggs scrambled, not spammed.
    • Disable pearling out of spawn. You can leave Blackout spawn like the rest of us, hmmph
    • Made Invisibility more responsive (how does instant sound?)

    Another déjà vu from testing
    • Medic can no longer restore Death Tag item
    • Death Tag cooldown decreased 20s >> 15s
    • Death Tag damage multiplier is now by class
      • (1.15x) Assassin, Ninja, Scout
      • (1.25x) Elf, Medic, Pyro, Archer, Engineer, Mage, Chemist
      • (1.50x) Soldier, Heavy, Dwarf, Necro

    ☰ Ping/Callout System

    Now you can stop trying to normalize excommunicating mutes
    • Now double-dropping (qq'ing) an item does more than just telling the wrong person to wait up!
    • Alerts your teammates to an enemy or a position in your line of sight, up to a 40 block radius
      • Note: they have to be in that 40 block radius
    • Comes with
      • Colored particle sphere to match your team color
      • Directional sound cues (CTF Marco Polo, anyone?)
      • Message with helpful contextual information about callouts and flag carriers
      • Arrow pointing to off-screen pings
    • Creative players can @everyone with a qq, helpful for referees
    • Spectators can ping other spectators, just double left-click instead!
    • Change settings with /pingoptions
      • Text must be in chat or actionbar (or both)
      • Can toggle sound
      • Can toggle arrow pointing to callout on your screen
      • On casual: Can disable pings altogether
    • New /fov command
      • Used for showing ping arrow
      • /fov shows your current set FOV in preferences (defaults to 70)
      • Input your Minecraft FOV with /fov <degrees> for best results


    Now you can find your way, even if your monitor is off! (ok, maybe not..)
    • New sign format to use on your maps!
    • Gives a name to a particular location of a map, up to 15 blocks in radius
      • Callout names are not required to be unique, so if you want to coat an entire area in the same name, you can
      • Optionally belong to team (name gets colored accordingly) or neutral (white)
      • Inappropriate names are not added to the map callouts
    • Quick commands that had location indicators now also use callouts (like /md Medic!)
    • Maps in rotation and a few often-used competitive maps have been given provisional callouts, if your map is in rotation, feel free to go mark it up however you'd like!


    ☰ Competitive Changes

    Match Server

    I don't know what joke to write here..
    • All classes free, except Fashionista
    • Timer locked by default and set to 15s
    • Disabled some problematic Quick commands
      • /L /gf /wp /ez
    • Ghost capping automatically disabled
    • Ninja caps limited to 1 by default
    • Locking/unlocking the timer notifies everyone

    Y'all are gonna get so nostalgic for the times you Ninja stole, then had to stop and hand the flag back
    • Disabled burning the flag post
    • Disabled webbing the flag post
    • Disabled Ninja pearling out of Mage ice
    • New /ninjacaps command
      • As a player: Will show information about the ninja capping rules and how many your team has used
      • As a spectator: Will show the rules as well as how many ninja caps each team has used
      • As staff: Will show all of the above, plus a help menu to help you configure a match
      • If your team has reached the ninja cap limit, a ninja can neither pick up nor steal the flag
      • If ghosting is disabled, a ninja cannot steal the flag without their pearl being in their inventory

    • New /limits command
      • As a player: Will show the limits as well as who is filling the roles. Cannot show other team roster
      • As a spectator: Will show the generic limits. Use /limits <team> to view the roster of each team
      • As staff: Can do all of the above. /limits -p will show the generic limits to everyone, great for pre-match roles! (Will also remind you if you forgot to set limits, you forgetful bunch!)

    Other New Commands
    Hopefully CMS can find a use for these or something, idk
    • /maps or /scores
      • Match server: Shows scores for all active or past maps, as well as the upcoming maps
      • Casual: Shows scores for all active or past maps, omits future maps so you can't dodge them
      • Clicking on a past game takes you to the stats page


    • /flaghistory or /fh
      • Shows the history of flag holders after a steal for each team (no history if the flag is at home)


    Staff Command Upgrades
    Yeah, I know you can't use these but I'm putting them here anyways
    • Classmanager
      • Now comes with a help menu, so you can learn all its functions
      • Limits parser now takes basically anything, so you can copy and paste with ease
        • You can format your PPM announcements however you'd like, even with emojis (go crazy, Hamza!)
    • Testing
      • Testing command now shows available keys with Tab and autocompletes them, so Necro testing will no longer get outshone by Assassin, sobbing noises

    ☰ Miscellaneous

    Flag Recovery Sound

    For the few of you who play with game sounds
    • You and your homies get an XP ding when your flag is recovered
    • Toggle preference available under /options or /flagsound

    More Credits

    Because you guys totally needed them
    • Doing /gg post-game now gives you 2 credits, once per map
    • Voting on a map with /y and /n now gives you 10 credits, also once per map

    Mage buffs are bad PR, so I made you wait until the end to see this
    • Projectiles (except Necro Skull and potions) now pass through teammates
    • Damage tick no longer negates Scout Swap or Mage Freeze ("1.16 backend" my [email protected]#$)


    They're back mid-match now
    • Projectiles pass through sprays
    • Sprays cannot be placed on Medic webs

    Bug Fixes
    • Wiping stats of a match no longer causes the server to crash
    • Can no longer bypass class limits pre-game or with default classes
    • Fixed "<Kill/Recover/Capture> as All Classes" achievements not completing due to having used experimental classes
    • Fixed team flags getting flipped sometimes when maps were added to the game

    Happy Capturing (or Recovering, if that's what you're into)!
    - The CTF Staff Team
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    #1 915, Jul 31, 2020
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2020
  2. BM5

    BM5 Member

    Aug 8, 2018
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  3. wulfi98

    wulfi98 Member

    Jun 9, 2015
    Haven't gotten around to test the changes in beta unfortunately but this sounds pretty amazing, thank you for the effort put in. Especially the ping system sounds great. Curious to see how medic is being affected by those changes and how responsive invisibility for ninja actually is.
    Not a fan of the [xD] Map Booster because due to the weekend limit it is basically guaranteed they will be run a lot - with weekends being the busiest days and the old map booster already having been quite annoying to the point it made one want to quit the game. But again, great to see an update like this.
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  4. TomD53

    TomD53 Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2015
    Is it spelt 915 or legend
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  5. Mnkynoodles

    Mnkynoodles Annihilation Member

    Oct 22, 2019
    Good work, however I won't be able to test these changes :slight_frown:
    Justin about to snipe everyone in the lobby with a diff projectile :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
  6. jaidenmital

    jaidenmital Member

    Jun 19, 2020
    Love the new update coming! Especially the ghost capping, it shows how many of each class there is and who is using it, and the ninja update.
  7. Miskey

    Miskey Leader of Annihilation | Former Media Manager

    May 17, 2015
    915 GOATED

    CTF patch notes go hard
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  8. Slingg

    Slingg Active Member

    Dec 1, 2018
    “Nah Sling being a dev would be too hard”

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  9. KinderschoolGrad

    May 20, 2015
    game not dead yet
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  10. JunkYardFox

    JunkYardFox New Member

    Jun 14, 2020
    Love to see the automation of so many things involved in ppm's. Because of the update we wont have the small argument in chat of whether or not red team ninja capped already. Thanks 915!
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  11. pestoo

    pestoo Active Member

    Aug 28, 2017
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