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    If the server that you wish to apply for does not have a prefix option, do not apply for it.
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Application By Firedash5555

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Firedash5555, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Firedash5555

    Firedash5555 New Member

    Oct 1, 2020
    Brawl Junior Moderator Application

    Read over this thread: http://www.brawl.com/threads/14752/
    If you do not meet the requirements (active, helpful, must have Discord, etc) do not apply yet; it will be an auto deny.

    What is your in-game name? - Firedash5555
    Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? - Yes.

    How old are you? - 14
    What time zone are you in? - PST
    Are you multilingual? Can you speak multiple languages? - I know some French.

    What is your experience and knowledge of Brawl? - I know a lot about raids mode, since it is basically like factions if you have teams, I play a lot of these type of modes in other games, that is why I am applying for moderator in that mode, I think that I could help a lot in that mode, thank you.
    What is your experience with moderating servers, if any? - I have moderated many servers before, I think I could help the Brawl community, both in game and on the Discord server.
    Why do you want to become a moderator on Brawl? - The reason I would like to become moderator for the Brawl community is because, I love helping out the community and making sure no one is abusing the guidelines, I am strict against other players if they talk back, I really think I can help out the Brawl community, thank you.

    Have you ever used a hacked client before? -
    Have you ever been punished (banned, kicked, muted, etc) legitimately on a public Minecraft server? If so, why? - No.

    What do you consider your greatest strength? - My greatest strength is experience in moderating, I have been a moderator on many server before, I really think that I will help the Brawl community, also, I am very active, unless I have a big school project.
    What do you consider your greatest weakness? - School, school makes it so I am not able to be active for some time, that is the only weakness I have, I am still very active, but when I have a large school project, very rare, I could be away for up to 3 days, again, I am still very active since there are rarely large projects at my school, thank you.
    Which Brawl server(s) are you most active on? - Raids.

    How many Brawl staff applications have you made in the past? - None.
    What is the date of the last application you submitted? - I have never submitted an application before.
    Do you have Discord? Yes.

    Anything else you would like to state? - No.

    Please insert a Yes / No poll below.
  2. Visqe

    Visqe Member

    Aug 3, 2020
    In most cases I would usually be cautious when reviewing an app outside of CTF, but there are a few things here that puzzle me:
    - Not only is your forums account brand new, but you appear to have literally zero playtime on the network
    - Despite saying that you've moderated on several servers, which would require making several applications, this seems very brief and unthorough

    Additionally, your response to the 8th question indicates that your experience lies with much larger servers that don't necessarily have tightly knit communities like this one; Strictness is only viable to a point, and that holds especially true when an entire community knows you. Being helpful to the community requires more than just enforcing rules - you're expected to contribute to topics relating to your gamemode (and effectively the server) quite a bit, and that input not only requires activity on the forums, but a thorough understanding of your gamemode. Unless this is an alt account of yours, I can only infer from the aforementioned information that you are brand new to the server, and only have a preliminary view of its surface. This isn't to say you aren't adaptable or lack the ability to meet these expectations, but currently you're presenting a very thin layer of soil to a community of hills & mountains if you catch my drift. For me, it's a -1 this time around, but I wish you the best of luck.

    Also, you forgot to insert your poll. To do this, you'll need to:
    - Edit your message and scroll down to the poll section
    - Type something along the lines of "Do you think I should be staff?"
    - Give the options of yes & no; you can add an "indifferent" option (basically a +0) if you feel like it
  3. shahariko

    shahariko Member

    Aug 27, 2018
    I actually dont know what to say i mean, you didnt even play the server you got 0 playtime. kinda weird to apply
  4. Iqn_

    Iqn_ Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2017
    In my opinion your app is good but i dont even see you on. Neither forums. So -1 from me. I would suggest getting active more in forums and in game
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