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Mashiiiiiro's Junior Moderator app

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Mashiiiiiro, Oct 13, 2020.


Should Yamiiiii become JMOD?

  1. Yes (+1)

  2. No (-1)

  1. Mashiiiiiro

    Mashiiiiiro Member

    Jul 29, 2015
    Brawl Junior Moderator Application

    Read over this thread: http://www.brawl.com/threads/14752/
    If you do not meet the requirements (active, helpful, must have Discord, etc) do not apply yet; it will be an auto deny.

    What is your in-game name? - Mashiiiiiro (Formerly Yamiiiii)

    Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? - Yes, it is

    How old are you? - I am 18 years old.

    What time zone are you in? - CEST (Holland)

    Are you multilingual? Can you speak multiple languages? - Yes, I can speak English and Dutch fluently.

    What is your experience and knowledge of Brawl? - My Minecraft account was created in June 2013 and I joined CTF on MCPVP not too long after that. I’ve loved the game ever since I found it and when MCPVP shut down I joined Brawl in 2015. I’ve mostly been part of the CTF community for these 5 years on Brawl. I’d say I have a lot of experience with the game, as I have played both casual and competitive actively. I have been part of many teams in my CTF career; Majestic, Mock It, Unity, Insurgence, Unity 2.0, Diligence and I am currently a member of CITRIX. I have been council of multiple of these teams (Insurgence, Unity, Diligence) as well as representative of Diligence. I have also been part of CMS for a while in 2018.

    What is your experience with moderating servers, if any? - I am currently a moderator on a server known as BCNR. I have had this position for about 7 months now and it has taught me the basics of player management when it comes to punishing rule-breakers and helping newer players out. However, this is a very small server and so although it has given me some experience, I do expect Brawl to be a different cup of tea.

    Why do you want to become a moderator on Brawl? - I have two main reasons. Firstly, I wish to help resolve the issue of there not being too much staff online in the EU hours of the day. I am from Europe myself and I am very active on casual CTF, both during the early and late EU hours. Second, from my understanding there are times that the staff team can be unorganized. I believe I am able to help with this, as structure matters a lot to me personally. I can put a lot of dedication into keeping things clear for myself and have also put a lot of time into coordinating certain things for others in real life and so believe I have enough experience with structuring to help out with this.

    Have you ever used a hacked client before? - I have never used a hacked client.

    Have you ever been punished (banned, kicked, muted, etc) legitimately on a public Minecraft server? If so, why? - The only legitimate punishments I had on Brawl are the 2 warnings on my record; I do believe this was me messing around with some friends of mine, although I probably still used words I should not have used regardless of what happened. Unfortunately I do not remember precisely what happened as it has been over a year. The ban and 2 automatic bans in my punishment record are false. I do not recall ever being punished on any other server.

    What do you consider your greatest strength? - I’m very analytical. I often see things others tend to look past; this is because I am less focused on the big picture and more focused on the details. It allows me a perspective on things that is very different from the perspective of most others. This has been extremely helpful to me when it comes to things such as reviewing suggestions or general decision-making.

    What do you consider your greatest weakness? - I have a significant anxiety/confidence problem, especially when talking in front of bigger groups. This can make it troublesome for me to communicate properly at times and can make me doubt my own decisions if the opinions on said decisions are heavily split; I end up being uncertain regardless of how strong I considered the arguments for my decision when I made it.
    This is also the reason that I am not great on usage of the forums and am unfortunately not very involved with the community when it comes to discussing ideas; I much prefer to bring up what I want to say with a person I am familiar with, or a small group I am mostly familiar with. (As an example, I have discussed the assassin changes with @Swit2427 while they were being tested).
    I am aware this is an issue for a staff member, as staff are often expected to communicate with other players. However, I know a decent part of the CTF staff team and small groups of CTFers, so I do believe I can still get my point across to them, and they could in turn help me get my point across to the rest of the community. Talking in front of bigger groups has been something I've struggled with in the past, but I've learned to use my other strengths to make up for my shortcomings.

    Which Brawl server(s) are you most active on? - I am most active on Capture the Flag. I sometimes play KitBrawl as well.

    How many Brawl staff applications have you made in the past? - I have never made a staff application in the past.

    What is the date of the last application you submitted? - N/A

    Do you have Discord? Yes, Mashiro#9752

    Anything else you would like to state? - Yes. I am diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this is the reason for a lot of my personal traits. I have already listed the most important of these traits earlier in my application under the strength/weakness sections, but I wanted to add this for clarity. If anybody has questions about this, feel free to message me.

    Please insert a Yes / No poll below.
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  2. oofmonein

    Sep 15, 2017
    Having a defensive player's perspective on the staff team would be great for balancing issues. Being on the staff team might even boost your confidence. Good addition in my opinion. +1
  3. Kayrex

    Kayrex Ex JMOD

    Apr 14, 2017
    In my opinion, I am quite sure that you are the most qualified applicant in the history Brawl. Being as close to you as I am, I feel comfortable enough to say that I am 100% certain you will live up to what you say, and that you will make en excellent staff member. You’re versatile, hard working and very, very mature. You have proven to me over and over again that you are very capable of handling situations you come across with a variety of different methods, which is a crucial skill to have as a staff member.

    I know that accepting you is the right choice here, and I know, that if you are given the chance, you will prove your worth as a staff member.

    Easiest +1 I have and will ever hand out.

    Best of luck!
    #3 Kayrex, Oct 13, 2020
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2020
  4. Daveeeeeeeee

    Daveeeeeeeee Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2015
    Not mature, doesn't know how to handle situations with different people. Never seen you attempt to try and help someone out as well as having very little interaction with community. Whilst the server is in need of mods, I don't think you are deserving of the position at all.
  5. Visqe

    Visqe Member

    Aug 3, 2020
    While communication and input on certain topics may be your weaker card at the moment, I think having this position would work wonders for you; The team has gathered up some very chill & friendly people over the last year, and they'd absolutely be there to help. The fact that you are moderating a different server & applying here shows that you're already confident in your ability to overcome your weaknesses, which will go lengths for you far beyond Minecraft staff apps. You'd be filling in a very dry time period of the day, which would be innately helpful on the in-game side of things, so that's a big +1 from me personally. I'm impressed by the professionalism in your writing; Being a concise thinker has many benefits that can directly apply to positions like JMOD. My only concern is your initiative side; I can't remember the last time I've seen you type something in any chat, so opening up socially will have to be a priority if you want people to rely on & trust you. I'm going to give you a +1 in the hopes that we get a potentially amazing staff member, and that you have the opportunity to grow & further overcome your hindrances. Best of luck!
  6. Rejeqted

    Rejeqted CTF JMOD & Annihilation member

    Jul 7, 2016
    You are mature, active and have a great knowledge of the game.
    Your application is well written.
    I believe you're fit for this position.
    +1 Good luck Yami!
  7. quarterpan

    quarterpan CTFer

    Oct 25, 2017
    A good addition to the staff team, especially as a defensive player who can represent another perspective of gameplay onto the table. Yami would do quite well as a JMOD, +1 :smile:
  8. TheFatalBest

    TheFatalBest Member

    Mar 31, 2019
    Yami would help the staff team a lot as I have had first hand experience of how helpful Yami is on BCNR, Yami has clearly shown how he can adapt to all situations as mod and interact with the community very well. You have had a great impact with this community especially with the assassin changes giving feedback and suggesting many ideas.

    Most qualified mod I've seen +1
  9. Foodcourt

    Foodcourt Ex-Staff

    Dec 8, 2015
    In-Game/Discord Activity: I have not seen you play casual CTF in quite some time. In the past I used to see you online periodically throughout the day. Secondly (correct me if I am wrong) you were not in the CTF Community Discord until very recently. This is a concern to me because it tells me that 1) You have not been able to engage with the community via Discord by discussing ideas and getting your name out there and 2) You have not participated in PPMs, which is again a vital part of being connected with the community. I am happy to hear that you are giving your feedback by messaging staff members, but I think a lot of what a staff member must do is engage with the community and get your voice out there. I think you need some improvement with both your in-game activity (casual gameplay and PPMs, as I only see you play officials now) and your presence in the community via Discord. -1

    Application: Checks all the boxes for me. Nothing I see that has been left out. Appreciate the honesty with sharing some things you did on this application, I know it is not an easy thing to do, props to you. +1

    Maturity: I have no doubt you are a mature person, I believe you are definitely mature enough to hold a staff role. Our conversation recently, although very short, proved to me that you have a good outlook on things. +1

    Forums: Activity is not consistent and you do not have a whole lot of posts either. I do not personally mind if an applicant's forums activity is a little sparse, but I think you definitely need to work on this because, besides Discord, this is the best medium for all players to engage in discussions and you need to have a solid presence here. I know it can be hard sometimes given the forums can have dry periods, so while this is not a major issue at all, I think you could do more in this area. -1

    Overall my vote at the moment will be a -1. Although I did +1 you in two of the four major categories above, I think the first section of activity is what needs to be the strongest part of an applicant. There is no substitute for being involved with the community and being engaged within it. I know you recently reached out to join CMS which is a step in the positive direction, but overall I really would want to see you put some time into talking on Discord and spend some more time in game. Another thing that many people overlook that the Staff team will surely like to see if hacker reports on the website. Your time-zone is one where not a lot of moderators will be online. So if you see a hacker, record and report it. It is a good way to prove both in-game activity and dedication to making the server a better place to play.

    Best of luck moving forward!
  10. Mashiiiiiro

    Mashiiiiiro Member

    Jul 29, 2015
    Thank you all for your comments :innocent:

    I believe we do not see each other in casual often due to time-zones; I am not around much after 4pm EST on most days. I am at the time of writing this #20 on the leaderboards of monthly playtime which I believe is very active.

    What you said about PPMs/Forums is true, and both are related to the issue I listed under the "greatest weakness" part of my application. Sadly I do not enjoy PPMs a lot because of my anxiety since I grow uncomfortable quickly if I do not know anyone on my team. This is why I used to only play them if a friend invites me to join them in one. I am trying to invite my friends myself to play with me sometimes now.
    Forums, as I stated in my application, I do not use because the entire community being able to read my messages is too many people for my liking. This also makes me uncomfortable and so I stopped using the forums long ago. The same thing applies to discussing things in the community Discord. This is why I talk directly to staff or friends instead about my ideas as a workaround; the smaller groups are manageable for me and the people I discuss ideas/suggestions with can voice for me if necessary.
    The state which my anxiety issues are currently in is seemingly not going to change anytime soon; I have had intensive therapy for it a few months ago to no avail. Talking to smaller groups of friends/staff members about my suggestions, while not optimal, is currently the best I am capable of. I am doing my best making up for this in other ways, the main one being in-game activity.
  11. darkhellmet

    darkhellmet Brawl Build mode-er

    Jan 28, 2015
    I'm gonna give you a +1

    Sadly I haven't seen you much on this server a whole lot so my vote won't have as much weight to it. That's mostly due to the fact that I'm not on ctf as frequently as some of you. From what I've gathered from your application, you're kind, honest, and committed, all the personality traits of a good staff. If it was up to me though, I'd give it to you. But that saying, this role will probably be gonna be a step up to the other server you're on therefore you may come across some situations that may not comfort you. But I know you'll be fine, that's how you learn.

    I know you'll make a good JrMod , I wish you the best of luck. :thumbsup:

    Being anxious shouldn't be something that's taken into account, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Obviously working on a server at this size, you're gonna be forced to meet a lot of different staff members that you do not know. Eventually you'll grow in the team and you'll be more or less comfortable with the other people around you.
    #11 darkhellmet, Oct 19, 2020
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2020
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