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WarZ Build Submissions are now OPEN! [New Map]

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by NMHRODMAN1SBEST, Jan 6, 2021.



    Feb 1, 2014
    Hey Zombies,

    From this point on, we are opening submissions for builds for the new WarZ map. We are looking for various types of themed builds from ANYONE in the community.

    Examples of themes we need are:
    • Nether, hellish environments.
    • Military builds themed for snow environments.
    • Wild-west type builds.
    • Desert builds. (notably red sand desert)
    • City/towns, nothing insanely massive.
    • Industrial/factory themed builds.
    • Random detailed structures. (Planes in the air, boats, crates, debris, broken or misc. structures that can be added anywhere)
    Below, you can find some screenshots of builds currently on the new map:



    Instead of only having a build credited to you on the live WarZ map, we are giving rewards for building the WarZ map. Simple or individual builds such as buildings will net you a month or two of VIP, MVP, or ELITE, whereas larger zones full of buildings will earn you up to 3 months of global ELITE. Along with these ranks, we will be creating an exclusive tag for all people who contribute to the map. Rewards will only be provided if your build is used on the map.

    Submit all your builds here:
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