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January Update

Discussion in 'MinecraftBuild' started by DeZilla, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. DeZilla

    DeZilla wat

    May 18, 2015
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    1.16.4 server is coming soon. The beta is open on test 28.
    I've seen a lot of confusion regarding reseting maps after the beta, so I'll make it clear here, ALL MAPS ARE KEPT AND SAVED, NO MAP WILL BE DELETED.

    January update:
    Features that was made available on 1.16 Beta is now on 1.8. Here's a list:

    New World Options:
    The option menu for your worlds has been updated, adding a handful of new options.
    Options added from existing features:
    - Rollback (/rollback)
    - Download map (/downloadmap)
    New Options:
    - Toggle Block Update (Allow you to block any and all block updates from happening)
    - Toggle Projectiles (Allow players on your map to shoot projectiles)
    - Toggle Visitor Interact (Prevent or allow visitors from interacting with your map (doors/redstone/etc..))
    - Toggle Chest Lock (Prevent visitors from opening your chests)
    - Entity (See below)

    New Entity Menu:
    A new menu has been added to manage entities in your world. But that's not all, options to toggle creatures has been added! There's also an option to toggle dropped items. This menu allows you to teleport and kill entities. A little side note: The entity limit per world is 40.

    Map Menu Changes:
    - The layout for the map menu has been changed.
    - A new recently visited maps options has been added.

    Create Menu Changes:
    - Fancy layout with glass panes.
    - Advanced Flat has been updated with new blocks. (1.16)
    - The CTF map option has been scrapped.
    - The Custom Terrain promised for the August Update is finally here. Custom Terrains are limited, make sure you select the ones you want! Custom Terrains by xxMineSheepxx.

    New Fancy Convert GUI:
    - Well there's not much to see if you're on 1.16.2, but yea it's a GUI for converting your map to the latest version (if you're on 1.8)

    - /elytra has been added. A simple command to quickly equip an elytra. (1.16 only)
    - /lastmap (alias /back) has been added for convenience. Teleport to the last map you were on. (1.8, to be added soon on 1.16)

    Stick around on https://discord.gg/YfggJm9 for update and support. (I don't really use forums to communicate)
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