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Idea Problems with the Current Meta and Ideas to Improve it

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by Yorei, Jan 7, 2021.


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  1. Yorei

    Yorei Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2014
    Current meta:
    1.) Barret + uzi/p90 spam that makes open fights aids, auto guns are far too accurate for what they are.
    2.) Barb in 1x1 buildings makes close quarters combat spammy and dumb.
    3.) Lack of any movement items makes the game very monotonous in terms of movement, large lack of creativity and fights usually end up the same way every time, in the same places.
    4.) Double barrets: these seem to have been updated somehow. Before, you weren't able to shoot someone at the *exact* same time, so now outnumbering opponents in the open is almost a guaranteed win and the lesser team is forced to camp 99% of the time.
    5.) Nades are way too OP. Full diamonds shouldn't be under much threat when facing nade spams.

    How to fix:
    - Uzi needs a large reduction in accuracy. This is an SMG that's meant to be used only at close ranges, not to beam someone across the map with little error. Shot speed can remain the same, but the accuracy needs to be decreased. P90 is mostly fine, but I also find there is very little bullet spread for it being an SMG. Perhaps a slight nerf would help. Either damage or accuracy.
    - Add back walls, but make them super rare. Today I ran from full teams alone and they would've helped a lot if I had them. Walls actually were fine, but their lack of rarity caused them to be abused similarly to barb in fights.

    Barb delay. It wouldn't drastically change gameplay (barb setups can still be built) and the small barb fights in tower can still happen but wayy less spammy. Perhaps a 2-4s delay would fix this.

    Some of you won't agree, but hear it out: add back grapples 20-50 uses. These were removed initially for two main reasons:
    - Speed-grappling (this was an issue when there was no grapple delay)
    - Large teams chasing down small teams and winning 99% of the time

    These two issues wouldn't be prevalent if they were added back with their current functionality.

    - Add 20-50 use grapples to inspire creative movement and change up fights from being stagnant and monotonous to unpredictable and allowing both sides of a fight to have a chance no matter what.
    - Maintain the current cooldown so speed-grappling is mitigated. This will also help with the second issue listed above, since larger teams won't have a greater chance of grappling faster due to having more people (universal cooldown)

    Adding back grapples will remove a lot of the boring aspects of the game. Right now many of the camping spots are more OP than they were designed to be because some features of the game were removed and the spots weren't altered to compensate. Currently, 1 use grapples are rare and aren't used much in fights, and are often wasted anyway.

    Further, revert golden apples to be like how they were before but with only slight nerfs. We can all agree golden heads are mostly useless, and they are also glitchy in terms of stacking so the item doesn't even work as intended. Add back the golden apple item with slight tweaks to how it originally was. This would help to eliminate camping issues in places impossible to rush.

    I know for a fact the way double barretting is now, it's not the same. I don't know if this was fixed because you couldn't shoot someone the instant they took fall damage before, but doubling is far too common even if both players hit the shots. It seems more fair to be like this, but running from a large team is next to impossible especially with the lack of support items (walls, grapples).
    We need to either revert this if it was directly changed, or find a way to prevent them from happening as often.

    - Nade cooldown.
    - Reduce chance of a nade destroying barb within radius (or however it was coded).
    - Increase token price of nades in /rewards.
    - Reduce damage of nades onto players. Full diamonds shouldn't have to spam pasta at all costs while being naded.


    Nerfing grenades means camping will be even more OP. However, adding the original gapples back will help to balance this. Adding grapples will make camping spots that shouldn't be OP a little more manageable. Adding walls back will help smaller teams escape larger ones; grapples will also accomplish this if the smaller team uses them to avoid shots or reach camping spots faster. Reducing accuracy of the SMGs will help teams fight in the open. Adding a barb cooldown will help stop the largely repetitive gameplay in 1x1 towers, since WarZ has a ton of them.

    I believe adding these changes will help freshen up WarZ. Arguments surrounding skill gap between new players and experienced ones aren't really valid since these changes won't impact it much. Either way, the new player is dying to the experienced one.
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