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CTF Ideas Council Summary - February 2021

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Yamiiiii, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Yamiiiii

    Yamiiiii CTF Sub Manager

    Jul 29, 2015
    Heya offenders and defenders!

    First and foremost, it is @puhdgy's birthday today. Please spam her anywhere and everywhere to congratulate her. For those interested in getting her gifts, she loves Lunar emotes. She is also forcing me to mention on this thread that I have been promoted to CTF Sub Manager so there.

    Okay now lets get serious.
    With Season One nearly coming to a close, the update is drawing closer and closer as well. We've got most stuff sorted now, so let's go over the few things we have yet to cover.

    We have discussed the feedback and have decided to keep most of the changes we tested. The only exception to this will be the ninja pearl cooldowns; this will be reverted and ninjas will have no cooldowns on their pearls. We are aware that some of these changes have had a lot of debate about them, however we think they also have not been tested very thoroughly as by far most PPMs and match server events were without the testing changes on. We will probably force the next testing session we have to be used during all match server events with the exception of Season matches/Official matches to avoid this problem in the future.
    As for the concerns themselves that were mentioned about the changes, we feel as if they will be not as unbalanced as they are made out to be once people start playing around them. The scout death tag change for example is aimed to force the carrier to avoid damage actively rather than holding block in a corner for the entirety of the stalemate, hopefully making stalemates a more active and less boring thing overall than they can be currently. We want these changes to change the meta and we think they will do that just fine.

    Aside from the changes tested during the testing period we've also got some yet to be revealed quality of life stuff coming up.

    About necro; we are aware that, with scout's death tag being made irremovable, necro would probably not be used at all anymore. We want to avoid this from happening and to do so we will try to come up with a quick fix to necro's revival tag that will hopefully be part of the next update so it won't be completely useless. In a future update, we will be giving it a larger scale overhaul.

    And now a little more about that quality of life stuff; some of the recent liked suggestion from the #vote-suggestions channel will be added in this next update, too!

    One of them is the removal of free friday and replacing it with free class rotations! Basically, each rotation will last a week and for the duration of that week a player will have access to small group of premium classes alongside the 4 free classes. This will hopefully allow newer players some more fun by always having access to a few premium classes instead of having to wait for one specific day every week while still keeping premium classes something special.

    The other quality of life changes that will be added will be mentioned in the patch notes. Stay tuned, soon:tm:.

    "Insane" and "Competitive" mode
    Now that we're talking about some of the vote suggestions, this was also one of them. For this suggestion however, the short answer is that we're not going to implement this idea. While the idea itself isn't necessarily bad, we just do not have the resources currently to properly maintain 2 different versions of CTF.

    Not a lot of meetings this month, so that will be all there is to cover. Hope to see ya'll back here in March.

    Happy capping and recovering!
    -The CTF Staff Team:flag:
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  2. X_X_X_X

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    Jun 18, 2020
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    Jan 12, 2020
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