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CTF Winter Update 2021

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by 915, Feb 21, 2021.

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  1. 915

    915 CTF Developer

    Jul 19, 2015


    We're back with another update, with class tweaks and reworks from our previous testing, as well as quality-of-life (QoL) updates. Many of these changes come from the community (you guys!), so we hope there's something in here for everyone!

    Weekly Class Rotation
    Press F for Free Friday, we're scrapping it and replacing it with a weekly class rotation that works as follows:
    Every player gets set to one of 5 groups (randomized), which determines where they are in the class rotation, and every week the premium classes they can play change.
    • Group A: Assassin, Necro
    • Group B: Scout, Mage
    • Group C: Engineer, Pyro
    • Group D: Ninja, Chemist
    • Group E: Dwarf, Elf
    You can see what your week's classes are in the /class menu. However, we elected to keep the old system intact around Christmas (12/22-12/25), so you can play all classes then.

    CTF Map Stats
    Turns out, we've been silently collecting even more of your data like the NSA for the past 2 weeks. There is now a dashboard showing the stats of various maps in casual and competitive CTF. You can access a particular map's stats with /map in-game, or you can visit the page here. Map data is logged for 8v8s and higher. Go have a look!


    ☰ Class Changes

    Minor QoL stuff
    • Sniping a flag carrier now alerts the enemy team, as well as spectators
    Making space in the hotbar
    • Merge Fire Resistance & Speed pots (x5) with 3:00 time
      • Buff pot doesn't take any mana
    Minor QoL stuff
    • Elf Arrows can now be moved in the hotbar and saved with /saveinv
    • Not sure why it was disabled, so if it starts producing glitches, we will lock them again
    Major rework from testing (just like /engineer2)
    • Heal Aura
      • Click-activated, no passive holding ability (5s cooldown)
      • Gives 1 steak/heal pot to teammates in radius
      • Applies Regen III to teammates for 5s
      • Global per-player cooldown on receiving steak to prevent Engineer teaming
    • Speed Beacon
      • Throwable, deploying structure
      • Gives Speed II for 5 seconds to teammates
      • Self-destructs after 10s
      • Obeys standard structure restrictions
    • Miscellaneous
      • TNT destroys enemy webs
      • Change pickaxe for equivalent sword
      • Reduce TNT cooldown 6.5s >> 5.5s
      • Buff leather armor Prot I >> Prot II
      • Can see steak/instant heal pot count of everyone
    Minor QoL stuff
    • Freeze Spell
      • Cooldown on Mage freeze spell reduced 8s >> 6.5s
    • Heal Spell
      • Left click: Mage health potion instantly breaks inside the mage
      • Right click: Regen spell is thrown like normal
    Minor buff to Revive Tag
    • Revive tagging a player gives them Resistance I for the duration of the tag
    • Rotten flesh heals 4 hearts like steak
    Try to remove Regen IV Ninjas and 414
    • Egg Mana
      • Egg mana does not refill while the ninja is invisible
    • Medic Healing
      • Medic healing a ninja stops the regen once ninja is at max health
      • Pearl damage negated for 4s during the regen
    Should be better at helping end stalemates
    • Swap Mana
      • Swap mana with 1.5s refill time
      • Hit targets (including those on cooldown) restore mana
      • Scout can see swap cooldown above heads of players
    • Death Tag
      • Death tag effect can no longer be removed
      • Decrease effect duration 15s >> 8s
      • Everyone receives an announcement when a flag carrier is tagged
      • Amplifier on flag carrier increases from 1.2x -> 1.75x over 5 minutes of the scout's flag being gone
        • 1.2x for non-carriers
        • Enemy team receives an announcement after 5 minutes
    • Automatically switches to your sword after Death Tagging someone
    • Holding the Death Tag shows the current damage amplifier for flag carriers
    • Miscellaneous
      • Removed Thorns from armor

    ☰ Support Credits

    Now you can get more credits for helping your friends out!
    • Captures give 75 credits
    • Necro gets 10 credits for a successful revive
    • You get 4 credits for a kill around your flag carrier
    • /gl also gives sportsmanship credits like /gg does
    ☰ Quick Commands
    More credits means more things to spend credits on.

    Essential (500 Credits)
    • /ib I'm Buffing!
    • /gota Get on the Archer!
    • /ba Block, Assassin!
    • /otm Off the map!
    • /cdt Carrier death tagged!
    • /rr Respawn, recov!
    Fun (1000 Credits)
    • /mb My bad!
    • /brb Be right back!
    • /ygt You got this!
    ☰ Match Server

    Class Switch Notifications

    Now you can tell when your teammates switch classes
    • Toggle receiving them with /classnotifs
    • If you don't like getting them, there's also a button to stop getting them. Can't do anything about broadcasting, so your teammates will still be able to know when you throw

    Overtime Mode
    Due to its popularity, overtime is now a thing.
    • JMod+ can execute /overtime, which then activates overtime on all maps
    • If caps are tied, the timer will go into negative numbers forever until one team captures the flag (and we do mean forever)
    • Strategically placed alerts make it practically impossible to not know what's going on
    Ninja Caps
    Everyone receives an alert when a team uses a Ninja cap.


    ☰ Bug Fixes


    Ninja pearls no longer count towards damage taken/damage received stats

    Some of you thought you were clever and could invade PPMs by going in the void. Not anymore.

    LabyMod users should no longer be able to see invisible Ninjas.

    ... annnddd yeah, I think that's it.

    Happy capping (or recovering)!
    - The CTF Staff Team
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  2. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Bans, Reports & Appeals Manager | 10 Year McPvPer

    May 17, 2015
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  3. Foodcourt

    Foodcourt CTF JMOD

    Dec 8, 2015
  4. gamren

    gamren Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2015
    The long wait is over....

    Engineer 2.0 is here!
  5. Zernaa

    Zernaa Member

    Aug 21, 2016
    Excited for this!
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  6. X_X_X_X

    X_X_X_X Member

    Jun 18, 2020
    bro thank god scout was fixed
  7. Mnkynoodles

    Mnkynoodles ur mother

    Oct 22, 2019
    ninja change is bad
  8. X_X_X_X

    X_X_X_X Member

    Jun 18, 2020
    invalid opinion
  9. Codebastian

    Codebastian Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2015
    Aye yo! Where is my personal request for Pyro to get headshot ability!?

    Nvm.. make it up to me by adding 4 more steak to it so I can counter assassin! Or actually.. give me the thorns instead!

    Solid Update :sunglasses:
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  10. ExtremeEvoboost

    ExtremeEvoboost CTF Media Man

    Jun 28, 2015
    Might just be the short term intrigue by reg’s in engi right now and there are just so many atm, but engi definitely feels kind of busted. Sure its fairly easily focused down by high dps classes, but it definitely inflates the already bulky chemist, med, & heavy even further especially with the steak+regen
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