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Idea Jokes aside, the recent Spring Update is actually good

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by plat03, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. plat03

    plat03 Member

    Jun 2, 2015
    Yeah, as if we don’t know that this is an April Fools jo-

    *Ahem* I mean, I am here to state my opinion about why I think the class that the Spring Update brought is good and why it should be kept (what are you talking about buddy? It’s a permanent update of course)

    I honestly think that Paladin, Wraith and Mechanist are viable.

    Paladin. We finally have this guy who’s an a aura carrier which can take team pushing to a whole new level.

    Wraith has always been there but only accessible to mods. But I think it’s a pretty powerful class with the ability to appear in people’s face and blast them with his shotgun. I think this would increase the possibility either the offense and defense. It also provides counter to classes like archer, Heavy, Chemist, etc.

    Mechanist is the nerfed old Engineer. He provides good map control, but he’s stationary. But I like this concept as the concept of map control can provide new possibility to attacking and defending.

    Punch 4 archer as much of a joke this i- I mean... I feel like they could’ve made an entire new class base around the concept of Punch4 Archer. Maybe a class called Sniper? The mods can definitely reuse the Sniper Rifle plugin from Wars. Although the concept of a gun class might have too much impact on what CTF is.

    Other than that Shade is just a Ninja + Scout. Monke is a pretty clunky class to play. Weirdo, I don’t even have to talk about. We know Weirdo is the best and most powerful class.

    But seriously though, it would be interesting to see some of these class added full time.
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